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Google's Display Ad Campaign

Updated on October 30, 2010

We all know that Google is already the biggest name in Online search and Advertising. But only recently has Google began to dabble in display advertising a.k.a banner ads. The search giant is now launching a campaign to show case it's new take on the banner ad and the future of google's advertising empire as a whole.

Display ads have long been a huge chunk of online advertising. And while google only recently entered the game, it's making sure that everyone understands it's commitment to be ahead of the game in the future. Google is new campaign with the catchline "watch this space" represents google's new take on the old and often maligned banner ad.

Google has stated that it's getting ready to roll out new technologies and strategies to make banner ads not only more profitable but also more interactive and useful for the user.

Here is google's take on the future of display ads.

Re-branding Banner Ads

At the launch of the "Watch this Space" campaign which features a full length ad display in times square, google's President of Product Managment Neal Mohan and Managing director of media platforms Barry Salzman explained how within in the company, the big buzzword's to describe the future of display ads were "sexy" and "smart." This is a far cry from the perpection of most internet users. Display ads have long been seen as anything but smart and sexy. But google's new campaign and approach to display and banner ads is seeking to reverse this stigma.


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