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Green Cleaning Concept-Some Ideas

Updated on May 7, 2011

Green Cleaning Concept-Some Ideas

** Important note : The following information is not a ground rule or regulations for janitorial cleaning contractors.

These are suggestions and recommendations only, if anyone is interested in considering going with the green cleaning concept.

Building outside Grounds & Trees Grass cuts and tree cut chips can be used as compost. If your City or State provides green(trees, branches, grass,etc) waste pick up service, please utilize this service.

Use fertilizers that are made from natural products, such as chicken manure and etc.

Do you have to use weed killers? Use Green Solutions. Make sure to wear a mask and protective clothing and gear. Do not use any weed killers during windy days. Particles can travel a long distance in a windy day.

Lawnmowers, grass trimmers, tree trimmers, leaves/trash vacuums/blowers should be used only during the time allowed between the day time period by law. It is usually 10:00am to 3:00pm. Please check with your local State and City & County laws concerning noise pollution regulations (see " Green cleaning concept" page for more information you can learn more about noise pollution).

Do not pour out any grease, fuel, any solvent based waste products into the ground, streams or storm drains.

Do not dump any trash, plastics such as plastic bags, trash bags, etc. into the storm drains.

Watering should be limited to early morning and late afternoons.

Use green glass cleaner or bio-renewable glass cleaner. If you are cleaning the building with a pressure washer or using any cleaning solution, use green all purpose cleaner.

Parking lots: Use manual sweeper or propane, battery operated sweeper, or auto scrubbers, if you have a choice.

If you have to use any cleaning solutions, consider Green Sealed cleaning solutions.

Do not dump any waste water into storm drains. It should be properly dumped in the sewer drain.

If you use a pressure washer, do not let grease and dirt go into the storm drain.

If you are using any cleaning solutions, prefer to use green sealed all purpose cleaner or degrease.

If you are cleaning small area oil spills, use green all purpose cleaner, oil absorbent powder and pick up with dustpan and broom and dump it in the trash dumpster.

Walk ways: If you have to use any cleaning solution, use green all purpose cleaner.

Trash dumpsters: Trash must be properly disposed. It must be arranged with trash pick up companies to pick up on a regular basis and dump them in the proper designated landfills.

Trash cannot included following items: Refrigerator with freons. Old batteries. Any chemical containers with chemicals inside. Any toxic waste. Any bio-hazardous material must be disposed properly by bio-hazardous material handlers.

Learn more about the laws on landfills, Click right: Landfill laws

Trash dumpsters should be cleaned with green all purpose heavy duty cleaning solution, if needed.

Recycling program should be implemented to recycle papers, bottles, plastics, rubber tires, etc.

Swimming pool Swimming pool area can be cleaned with green all purpose cleaner. Do not waste water by properly managing the water in the swimming pool. Check with your local swimming pool suppliers for any green cleaners regarding maintenance.

Storm drains: You cannot dump any trash, toxic waste, runoffs from parking lot cleaning along with grease, oil and etc.

You cannot dump anything that will be harmful to nature, environment, ocean, and living things.

You cannot sweep or blow the leaves and cut grass into the storm drains.

Building inside: Dusting For manual dusting, use microfiber duster to control dust from flying. Use dust mask when dusting.

You can also use Back Pack vacuum with HEPA built in vacuum.

If possible, damp wipe. This method creates less dust. Dusting frequently will make it easier to control dust. When using vacuum, use HEPA built in vacuum.

Glass/windows Use green sealed glass cleaning solutions or bio renewable glass cleaners. Walls, fixtures Use green sealed all purpose cleaning solution. Minimize the using of aerosols, if possible.

Floors/hard floors: Use all purpose green neutral cleaning solution for daily mopping.

If strip and wax is needed, consider green sealed stripper and finish.

Consider using mops that are made from natural products such as cotton or renewable products.

Elevators and escalators Use green all purpose cleaner.

Use water based aerosol stainless steel polisher, if needed.

Carpeted floor. Use green pre-spray solution. Use green extraction solution. Use green pre-spray solution for carpet spotting.

Restrooms Use green neutral disinfectant cleaner for everything except the glass. Use green glass cleaner for mirrors and etc. Use green restroom cleaner as optional cleaners for restrooms.

Note: If you have no choice but need to use something very strong, consider bio-degradable products, or bio-renewable products.

Tools Duster Use lambswool or microfiber duster. Will have better control on dust flying in the air. Wear dust mask when dusting.

Dust mops Use microfiber or material made from recycled materials. By using microfiber dust mop head, you can eliminate dust treatment solution.

Handles Consider handle are made from bamboo or recycled materials. Mop Heads Consider using mop heads that are made from recycled material.

Mop Handles Consider using bamboo, or handle made from recycled materials.

Magic Eraser/ Sponge This microfiber product does wonders in cleaning without any cleaning solution. Equipment Vacuums All vacuums should have HEPA filters. If you do not have a HEPA vacuum yet, try purchasing with multiple filters for better control of dust.

Consider using vacuums with low noise.

Auto scrubbers: Consider using ones that are designed with eco friendly scrubbers, such as using less water, and etc.

Check into new innovative products, such as using electrically charged water for cleaning solutions, instead of using cleaning chemicals.

Consider using green cleaning solutions in the solution tanks, if you have to.

Dirty water must be dumped in regular sewer line drain, not in the storm drain or in the grass area.

Extractors/carpet Consider using green pre-spray solution and green extraction carpet cleaning solution.

Dirty water must be dumped in regular sewer line drain, not in the storm drain or in the grass area.

Ground sweepers: Consider using eco-friendly ground sweeper, such as efficient dust control system built in and which is less noisy.

Consider using battery model, propane or diesel fuel engine sweeper.

Pressure washers: Pressure washer water runoff must be controlled if it has any grease, chemicals, soil, etc.

Many States have a strict laws concerning runoff waters from parking garages, etc. Please check your local city and county and state laws concerning this.

The water must be either recycled or dumped in the regular sewer drain. Check with the local city and county or state regulations on noise pollution law as to what time period you can use such machines that produce loud noises.

High speed burnisher Check if your propane burnisher meets your state regulation requirements for noise pollution and emission. If possible use electric burnisher.

Cleaning solutions: Check with your local janitorial distributors and see what green cleaning solutions they carry. If their selection is limited, please request them to expand their line.

When using any cleaning solutions, use green seal products. If this is not available, consider using bio-renewable products that are made from corn, soy, fruit, wheat, and etc.

You should be able to find following items either in green seal category or bio-renewable products: Green all purpose cleaner.

Green Industrial heavy duty cleaner: Green disinfectant cleaner (disinfectant cleaners do not have green seal certification).

Green neutral disinfectant cleaner.

Green glass cleaner.

Green floor finish.

Green stripper.

Green restroom cleaner.

Green pre-spray carpet solution

Green extraction carpet solution

Green stainless steel cleaner.

Green deodorizer 100% made from nature.

Green insecticide made from natural products.

Bio graffiti remover

Bio brass metal cleaners.

Green category sanitizer made from natural products.

Green laundry soap.

Green sponges.

Green mops.

Papers and Liners Reduce using paper towels by installing air hand dryers.

Use recycled papers.

Use recycled liners or bio-degradable liners.

Learn more about going green and educating our children about it. Click right:

Learn more as to what we can do individually to contribute going green.

Go Green !!


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