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Green Cleaning Method-What is it?

Updated on May 5, 2011

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Green Cleaning Methods-What is it?

What is Green Project and why a hot topic today?

Due to recent awareness of increasing damages taking place on earth's environment, many agencies, private or government sponsored have been set up to monitor the worsening situations, to educate and promote many ideas to control and reduce the damages that are being done.

Go green involves many aspects of conserving the resources, reducing the agents that cause damages, and even to protect the nature, environment, resources and etc.

With this thought, anything, any ideas, projects, that helps to reduce energy resources such as fuel, water, and reduce the damaging effect on our environment such as water, air, soil are considered green projects.

In line with this trend, many new regulations are being considered and put into effect already by many government sponsored agencies and many of its regulations and ideas are directly affecting janitorial cleaning aspects of it.

We will discuss how it effects janitorial cleaning/maintenance area: What you need to know, why go green, what obstacles in going green, and what is the future with green cleaning concept, etc.

What do I need to know?

As a janitorial cleaning contractor, janitor, operation director, supervisor, maintenance director/supervisor, you should be keenly interested and aware as to what is happening with the green cleaning movement and what options you have.

As of today, green movement is in high gear so to speak. In few more years, if you are behind in the green cleaning concept, you will be left behind and it could even affect your business. Many new regulations from EPA (Environmental Agency Of USA), and other sponsored agencies, or government regulations directly affects cleaning industries.

Therefore, anyone or businesses who are in the janitorial maintenance business must be aware of what is happening and need to adjust their business aspect in conjunction with the green movement in the areas of green cleaning ideas, products, training, equipment, tools, and how the cleaning or maintenance is being done, etc.

So, please read and educate yourself and your employees, concerning green cleaning concept.

Start now, if you do not have any program/s put into this area of going green, and please consider doing it as soon as possible in the near future. Do not think it is still years away to affect your business with the green movement. It is sooner than you might think !!

You can learn more about this green movement by visiting these websites and other websites by using search engine such as Google or Yahoo, etc. Just enter a word "green" or "green products", you will get a host of information about going green.

Helpful websites: What is Green Seal? See more information on Green Seal Products, what it is.

What is VOC?

Volatile Organic Compounds

What is LEED?

What is noise polution?

Learn more about it.

NPC Green Purchasing/gov Learn more about it.

The Office of Federal Environmental Purchasing Green Janitorial Products.

Why go green?

Ultimately, to reduce the damaging affects to our environment, to humans, animals, and all other living things. If all can contribute in this regard, we are helping to reduce the damages that are being done right now at this moment. Another reason is that is good for business.

In the very near future, many businesses must comply with new regulations that will affect their way of doing business and how it is being done with the green laws. With this in mind, go first and be in front of the pack, instead of trying to catch up.

Keep in mind that many large institutions, manufacturers, businesses are in sync with the new green movement and making adjustments in their business decisions.

So, don't be left behind !! What is total green clean concept? See page below "Total Green Cleaning" for ideas.

These are only ideas and suggestions. There are many new products and ideas available with green cleaning ideas. Please take a look at the ideas, suggestions, and consider, if you would like to implement any of these ideas into your janitorial services that you provide.

Green cleaning is a method of cleaning. Not only with cleaning solutions, but tools, equipment, how we do clean, and etc, can be modified to meet the green cleaning concept. It also involves recycling programs, waste management, VOC, noise pollution, hazardous waste, indoor/outdoor air pollution and much more.

So, please take a look at it with an open mind and consider what you could do individually or as a company.

What obstacles to overcome in going green?

As you might have already tried the idea of going green and found out that it is not an easy thing to do. Many are concerned that green products are more expensive in price, less effective, and difficult to implement. People are not used to the idea and do not want to change the way of doing things. It is true in some green products, that price is slightly higher than conventional cleaning solutions, due to being a new product and not being produced in great quantities.

It is also might be the case with capabilities of the cleaning solutions that certain product/s might be little less stronger than conventional cleaning solutions.

It is also true that people normally do not want to change habits.

Note: Most of green cleaning solutions do not add fragrance in the solutions and this has caused some cleaners to refuse using green cleaning solutions. Many people are accustomed to using cleaning solutions with some fragrance and cleanness is somewhat subconsciously connected to some fragrance.

This is more than a little obstacle to overcome, but with proper education and training, cleaning crew can be easily converted into using green cleaning solutions. Let them know how they personally benefit from using green solutions.

However, considering the benefits that comes with going green this will more than compensate for all the obstacles one has to go through.

Where can I purchase green cleaning products?

Check with your local janitorial supply distributors to see what products are available. You can also check the Internet and see what other products are available to go green.

What if I cannot find the green product to do the job that I need to do?

Just make sure that whatever solution you use that contains conventional cleaning chemicals is properly disposed into the sewer drain, not in the storm drain. Make sure to wear protective gears when using toxic chemicals.

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