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Updated on March 14, 2012

Where to land on the Topic Tree?

Where to land on the Topic Tree?

It is awesome to see such a vast list of categories and topics as those listed here on Hub Pages. Infact I am sure there is no other platform where such a variety of subjects are displayed. This makes it kind of difficult to know where to place ones humble offerings. Being a novice one is scared of looking foolish and opting for the wrong place. Perhaps the decision will become easier with some more experience. Until then I hope I don’t make any mistakes.

Before trying to contribute to Hub Pages, I read many articles about the process of writing and how others had started. One site I use is called 750 and is an ideal place to hit the keys and write privately about anything at all. It basically encourages people to get used to writing regularly and experience the joy of letting the words flow across the pages. The site keeps data on ones progress and output and it is really successful in establishing the habit of sitting and producing a daily output.

At the start it is quantity one is striving to achieve. Therefore the motivation is to hit the target and increase the number of words each day. The site awards you with badges and encouragement and has a fine community spirit, but the writings remain personal & private. One notices that after a while the quality itself also improves. It is a useful place to make drafts or outlines for more ambition writing projects in the future.

So to come over here to Hub Pages and actually publish stuff that others might see is a whole different ball game! Okay, so everyone seems very friendly and truly helpful, the fact remains that one’s efforts are open to scrutiny and will probably be pulled to pieces by experienced writers. Hey, who am I trying to kid? It is hardly like writing for a daily paper . . . anything I post will probably never be seen, end up tucked away somewhere, lost forever. So if it is never read, even more unlikely that anyone would read it, let alone comment on it right! So what’s the fuss . . .why the first night nerves?

Decisions and Choices:

So with some trepidation and a certain amount of stage fright, I continue with this attempt at a Hub Page, unsure where it will find a suitable nest. Write about what you know is the advice most often given. Well, I have been blogging here and there so am not entirely a virgin in that regard, but this is totally different right. Social media is great but it is a work in progress. Like tweets on Twitter, they are short and sweet or not. Constructing something over here worthy of becoming a Hub Page, requires more planning and sustained thought. Altogether a different approach. In addition to merely writing stuff worth reading, one becomes exposed to the different techniques used these day to attract readers, drive traffic, links, SEOs, back tracks and so much other stuff to learn about.

The fact remains, it is exciting, adventurous and almost addictive to meet the challenges. How interesting it would have been had Hub Pages been around when Shakespeare, Dickens, Hemmingway & Bronte been penning their pages. How fortunate we are that places like this exist for us to float our little paper boats on the ponds and pools of prose flooding across cyberspace.

Seriously though, the choices are just so mind blowing, that I think I had better toss a coin or go and lie down somewhere shady and wait for that lovely lady the Muse of Blarney. Happy Saint Patrick’s Day!


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    • christollesseb profile imageAUTHOR


      6 years ago from UK ME ASIA

      Dear brsmom68,

      Again you are more than kind to comment on my little offering. It really does encourage me to persevere and follow your sterling examples.

      Were that there are more hours in the day . . . lol!

      Many thanks,


    • brsmom68 profile image

      Diane Ziomek 

      6 years ago from Alberta, Canada

      Congrats on another great Hub! You seem to have it all together, and are obviously not "green" to the world of writing. Voted up and interesting!


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