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Updated on April 5, 2011

The question of how to make money blogging has always been one of our favorite topics.Making money with your content you can spend a long time, working seriously and with a good niche topic. But for many people understand how to begin, how to generate web traffic, using SEO techniques, choosing the best blogging platform and the monetization opportunities are very complex tasks. Fortunately, there is a simple service that takes care of all these elements and allows you to turn your passion into a livelihood. There is no doubt that we can make enough money with blogging so much to live when you have time to master the skills and services that will transform this passion into cash. But those who are now beginning, and have only a few hours during the day to devote to this activity, have to work very long before the profits of the ads reach more than a handful of dollars a month. To achieve good gains you have to think of search engine optimization, building RSS feeds, newsletter, design of the site, its usability, a careful placement of other contextual advertising and monetization options. All this before you start writing good quality content optimized for the web. Although the new-concept platform for online publishing HubPages not turn you into a millionaire in one night, however, could be a great way to start writing their own content, while the platform takes care of all the details of which we discussed previously. If you want to be taken by the hand through the process of assembling the articles for the web, to have multiple options for monetization of content, and get a good traffic HubPages may be the right way to enter the world of online publishing.


HubPages is an online portal for online publishing, which makes it easier for users to contribute their own content, or search for and locate specific items of interest. While a blog provides a single publishing platform from which to write articles on various topics, HubPages revolves around the creation of 'Hubs'. These hubs can be grouped into following, and readers can subscribe to various items produced by a particular author.From the end-user perspective, HubPages makes it easy to find articles by popularity, category, tag, author or by date of publication. As in social news sites like Digg, visitors can add their vote to an article to increase its popularity, and bring to the attention of other readers, adding a competitive dimension and interactive publishing and the reading experience.Since the articles of the contributors are voted at any moment, their appreciation in the community can grow or fail.Contribute their own content to the community is very simple, and goes hand HubPages you in putting together media items that can include text, news, RSS feeds, photos, videos and links. In addition, HubPages allows you to monetize your content through the most popular programs of online advertising.


When you create an article called 'Hub' is added to a portal for easy navigation in which users can search in many ways.In addition to the obvious search bar to search articles by keyword, you can also search the content via a simple navigation menu at the top of the page. The first and most obvious ways to search for is 'Hubs', and here are three options available. You can search by:


·         Hot Hubs - items that have been very busy lately

·         Best Hubs - items ordered according to their Hub Score, a score given to an article based on a number of variables in relation to the creation of regular quality content from an author

·         Latest Hubs - Articles sorted by date of publication


Moving along the navigation bar, you can also search through the contents of the authors, known as 'Hubbers'.The authors of the articles are listed either by their status within the community, based on a reporting system, or in order of most recent publication.It 's very useful to be able to search for articles by subject, by broad categories such as food, or art, and you can also search through the tags generated by users. After reading the article, you have a range of options including the ability to:


·         Share an article using the popular social bookmarking services.

·         Assessing an article with a system similar to Digg approval or disapproval.

·         Marking an item you think goes against good taste.

·         Click through other related articles, or tags.

·         Subscribe to the RSS feed for the author.

·         Join the fan club of an author who will benefit as the e-mail notification of new articles of the author.


For the reader, then, offers many options HubPages and social interaction. Also, if you feel inspired to start creating content, but are not sure where to start, there is a useful bank of ideas generated by users themselves and full of arguments.



Create content with HubPages is very simple. Once registered you are ready to start putting together their first 'Hub', and this directly following a wizard.Ad each step are given tips and advice, from choosing the catchy title and optimized for search engines to the publication of its hub. Once you have chosen the title, URL, and tags, start the process of creation, and this can be done using a simple drag-and-drop.The first thing you do is make some basic choices about the items. You are encouraged to decide to set the advertising to a level high, low or no, depending on how you want to monetize their content. Can also add a text summary of the article, or let HubPages to create a synthesis automatic for us.Then, you can create a new group or add the article to an existing group if you have already created other items. This gives the opportunity to create a series of related items.With these meta-data system, you can start adding content, and this is done using the menu 'Capsules'. The 'Capsules' are types of content that can be added to an article, and soon may include:


·         Text - to be edited using a word processor as a text editor.

·         Photo - is loaded from your computer that Internet.

·         Video - to be captured by the video URL on the web, from services such as YouTube.

·         Link to other sites - added either manually, or by looking through the interface.

·         News feeds - that can be created by searching for keywords and may be limited in the number of items that appariranno.

·         RSS feeds - is allowed to manually import your RSS news feeds, and select how many news you will mostrate.Commenti, which allow visitors to leave their opinion on the article.

·         ad units optional eBay and Amazon, which can be configured to display ads that are best suited to each article.


Can choose to edit each capsule from the main interface, which will open an editor in a pop-up with various options for the' capsule 'particular that is being edited.The text-editor will allow the rapid formatting of the text as a word processor, and each editor is simple and versatile dish.In addition to editing the content units, you can decide in what order they will be shown by the arrows that are located in the main interface, which will quickly determine the layout of the article, directly or by dragging the dishes in a menu.It is possible within a few minutes to have an article formatted and ready for publication media, and if you're not convinced, you can see it in preview or save the article without publishing it, to be sure to publish corretto.whole process could not be simpler, and makes the creation and publication of articles instantaneous when compared to the need to use at least a little 'HTML code in the traditional process of authoring a blog.


Where HubPages really excels is in providing a solution step by step to web publishing, and helping you through a process of authoring wizard. HubPages also provides a useful forum to ask any help from other Hubbers and tips for improving your Hub.Among the advice given, you have suggestions on how best to titrate the article, how to select a good URL for it, and even how to make an effective tagging their work to help in positioning on search engines. Everything is well made, and these tips can also be used beyond HubPages.Questa is a guide that we wanted for a long time. It 's funny to see how many blogs are using generic or default URL for their post, for example, rather than descriptive web address to search engines, and this is just one of the lessons are learned by now is more than HubPages.HubPages a simple publishing platform, and also serves as a guide for those who want to learn the basics of blogging.



Certainly one of the main elements of the charm of HubPages is the fact that facilitates the monetization of their content. HubPages offers three different options that can be used simultaneously or individually. They are:


·         Google Adsense - The platform for contextual advertising that is currently the most popular source of income for bloggers.

·         eBay affiliate program that allows you to choose ads to promote eBay in the articles and profit from the popular program vendite.

·         Amazon, which allows you to select ads to be promoted in the articles on the Amazon page HubPages.


This means that you have different sources of monetization. One of the key benefits of publishing through HubPages is to already have a large potential audience can read your content and click on the ads. But what earns HubPages? Basically, it takes HubPages part of earnings, and its terms seem much more expensive than those offered by other popular blog network as 451 Press, which offers publishers a percentage of 40% on advertising revenue. HubPages instead operates on the basis of alternate ad impressions, so that 60% of all ads placed on article makes 100% of all revenue earned, while the remaining 40% goes to HubPages. Considering the infrastructure, traffic, content authoring and hosting provided by HubPages, this offer is truly advantageous. Moreover, introducing new writers to HubPages, you can claim 10% of total impressions for their articles, and sending traffic to other articles (or 'Hub'), is entitled to have between 9% and 12% of total impressions . Since HubPages currently has 2.4 million unique visitors per month, with a growth rate of 150% per month, and is making use of a technology for optimizing the placement and colors of the publicity that has seen an increase of 43% in the collection of ads per page, now is the opportune time to take advantage of these services.



In addition to tools for content creation, HubPages also provides tracking capabilities for the success of the articles, allowing real time control of their own 'Hub Score', comments, page views and options of membership, in addition to the possibility to set an audible alert whenever the traffic has increased. HubPages This makes a complete platform for publishing, accompany the whole process of blogging in all its aspects. Where other solutions need to keep open many tools and services, HubPages gives a unique solution and that in itself is aimed at those who want to start making money from their content.



Although it is so easy, because the whole community of bloggers does not move all on HubPages? In summary, depending on the control, from branding and revenues. A serious blog with valuable content and established a solid base of readers and a strong reputation, it is better to proceed alone, even if it means a considerable amount of work in specific content such as blog .Un Master New Media takes time to build its audience, attract advertisers and to establish a presence and a reputation in his field. But once you overcome the initial obstacles, you can choose the ultimate monetization platform to publish reviews and interviews scoop due to the reputation achieved and to refine and optimize both the content and the public.HubPages works well because it simplifies all this. It guides you through the process, and automates the publishing and monetization of content. It 's a great way to start without spending too much time, but if you want to bring things to a higher level, not good. Many people are certainly making good money with HubPages, and it was verified that the top publishers on the site currently earns $ 1800 per month, and others around $ 1000 per month. It 's a very nice extra income if you can, but even the nearly six-digit number that can be earned by blogging. Everything depends on your aspirations, the goals and the amount of time and patience you'll want to invest to build a career as a blogger. Of course it is certainly not use both at the same time the personal blog HubPages.


HubPages is an excellent way to begin to monetize your content online. If you want an easy platform for publishing me take you by the hand in the creation of a sector-specific content, optimized for search engines, and that contains multiple options for monetization, HubPages is a great solution. While it does not give you the flexibility of a blog owner, you will provide:


·         A process of content-authoring wizard that helps you through step by step in the process of adding text, RSS feeds, news items, photos and high-traffic portal video.

·         growing at an impressive rate and now has 2.4 million unique visitors.

·         automatic monetization that use optimization algorithms to provide appropriate advertising to readers and increase revenue opportunities.

·         tips direct from the community of readers.


In summary with HubPages earn with blogging is definitely easier.


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    • daffodil2010 profile imageAUTHOR


      7 years ago

      thanks for your comments

    • travel_man1971 profile image

      Ireno Alcala 

      7 years ago from Bicol, Philippines

      Points well-taken. Congrats!!!

    • sarclair profile image


      7 years ago

      2.4 million visitors is a bunch! This is a good hub. Thank you for sharing.

    • crystolite profile image


      7 years ago from Houston TX

      If this is the trick you use in making money online, i will be following you along. Thanks


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