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Handmade Valentine Gifts - Making a Valentine Bag Charm for a Sweet Guy

Updated on January 29, 2017
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Jean has a passion to create beautiful artwork, jewelry and home decor items which she sells online. She also loves to teach others how.

Theme bag Charms for Men

The theme for this particular bag charm is fishing, although it could be anything - football, computers, video games, beer, and so on. It is definitely more personal to make something that is relevant to that special guy.

You can buy little trinkets and charms at craft and dollar stores quite inexpensively and when you connect them with little jump rings, you can have a personalized gift in no time.

Even DJs can Like Fishing


The Supplies you will Need


The Supply List

For this tutorial you will need:

  • 1 fishing lure
  • 1 glass fish
  • 1 fish charm
  • 1 fishing spoon
  • 1 No. 6 Bead in coordinated color
  • 1 head pin
  • 2 inches medium fine chain
  • assorted jump rings
  • 1 medium lobster clasp

The Tools you will Need

Round nose pliers on top, flush cutters in the middle, needle-nose pliers on the bottom
Round nose pliers on top, flush cutters in the middle, needle-nose pliers on the bottom | Source

Tools you will Need

  • 1 pair round nosed pliers
  • 1 pair needle-nose pliers
  • 1 pair flush cutters/wire nippers

The Techniques To Make A Bag Charm

In this tutorial we will be using several techniques, unlike in the hub "Handmade Valentine Gifts - Making a Valentine bag Charm for a Sweet Lady" where we made nine identical dangles, then linked them together. We will be using several different items linked together. This bag charm is quite simple but, depending on the guy, can be made fuller with more items linked together.

How to Open and Close a Jump Ring Correctly

Put a Jump Ring on the Fishing Spoon and set it Aside


Insert a Jump Ring Into the Loop on the Fish and set it Aside


Put the Green Glass Bead on the Head Pin


Put the Fish Face up or Down on top of the Bead


Use the Round Nose Pliers to Make A Loop in the Wire


Making A Loop

The technique I use in most of these beginner tutorials is to use the round nose pliers to make a continuous loop with the pliers. To accomplish this you will:

  • Grip the tip of the wire with the round nose pliers.
  • Holding the wire below the pliers, twist the pliers away from you to make a round curve in the wire.
  • Remove the pliers from the loop and flip them over.
  • Replace one nose of the pliers back into the loop and continue to twist away from you.
  • You will notice as you twist the pliers, the wire keeps hitting one nose of the pliers, preventing it from continuing to loop.
  • By removing the pliers, turning them over, then re-inserting them, you are able to twist the wire into a continuous loop, all the way down to the fish.
  • Now take your pliers and pinch the sides of the loop to compact it and neaten it up.
  • Insert the pliers into the loop again and bend the tip of the wire flush with the loop so there are no protruding sharp edges. It can be easier to do by opening and closing the pliers as you walk them around the loop.

Insert a Jump Ring Into the Loop on the Fish


Hook the end Loop of the Chain Onto the Jump Ring and Close the Jump Ring


Insert a Fairly Large Jump Ring Into the Lure, Hang The Glass Fish Onto it, Then Close the Jump Ring


Hang the Spoon Onto The Chain by Opening the Jump Ring And Looping it Through the Chain.


Your Artistic Eye

Whatever you choose to use for your bag charm, most of the placement is what you think looks good. If you hang something and it doesn't look right, change it.

This is a simple, no-frills bag charm because some guys are just like that. You can add more items, just use your best judgement as to where they should hang.

Hang the Fish Charm, Pick up the bag Charm and see how it Looks


From Another Angle


Attach the Lobster Clasp, Ready to Give it to one Lucky Guy!


Other Themed Bag Charms for Men

Fishing | Source
Fishing from another view
Fishing from another view | Source
Penguins | Source
Penguins from another view
Penguins from another view | Source
Metal Coins
Metal Coins | Source

Step by Step

Taking a project one step at a time makes it do-able for just about anyone. I encourage you to try some of these projects and have some fun.

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