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Have You Left Space on Your Hub For Google Ads?

Updated on October 20, 2012

Do You Know Where Your Google Ads Are?

Up until recently, I had left no room on my hubs for Google ads. This wasn't done intentionally, I just failed to pay proper attention to my hub layout. When setting up your hub layout, ask yourself, have I left room for my Google ads? Failure to do this can minimize your Google adsense earnings.

The Right Hand Side of Your Hub is Google 'Real Estate Space'

Google will always try and place their ads on the right hand side of your Hub. Usually it will automatically start searching for adequate room from the top of the hub. If the right hand side is full with capsules such as polls, text and images, there will be little room for Google to place their ad so the google ad might be placed somewhere right at the bottom of your article.

How Will I Know If I Have Left Enough Space For Google Ads?

Before hitting publish on your hub select the done editing button. This will reveal a grey shaded box titled advertising space . Adjust your capsules until you get this adverting box in the position that you want.

Best Position For Your Google Ad

I have noticed that many long time hubbers tend to have their Google ads right near their introduction text. I am not always so strict on this, as I do like using an introduction image. However, I do try to always ensure that my Google Ad can be seen by my readers without them having to scroll down.

Screenshot: Minimal Room for Google Ad

The example below shows a screenshot of one of my hubs where I failed to leave enough room at the top of my hub for my Google ad causing it to be pushed right to the bottom of the hub.

Screenshot: Ideal Position for Google Ad

The next screenshot is an example of leaving enough room for the Google ad to fit nicely right at the top of your hub.

The layout of your hub is an important part of your hub planning process, especially if you are looking to maximize your adsense earnings. As it happens below your hub underneath the comments is another Google ad anyway, so you really do not want to double up your ads on the lower portion of your hub. Just remember, the higher up you have your Google ad the better.


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    • vespawoolf profile image

      vespawoolf 5 years ago from Peru, South America

      This is a good reminder, thank you!