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Hello Hubpages

Updated on March 1, 2016
Leo in the park
Leo in the park
Emelia looking lovely
Emelia looking lovely

Me and my family

Well what can i say I'm 29 years old and rapidly heading towards 30 i have a wonderful fiancee who i love dearly and have been with for............. nearly 13 years(took me a couple of seconds to work that out), and 2 beautiful children Leo 2 and Emelia 17 weeks.


Well what can i say about this, i work at a Go-Kart track not far from my home and have been there for just over a year after getting laid of from a previous job.

On the face of it the job itself is actually rather enjoyable, but you would not believe the amount of stress that goes with it! watching people drive and crash and drive and crash actually takes its toll and I'm pretty sure I'm starting to loose my hair which is slightly depressing.

Obviously I'm still trying to figure out what i want to be when i grow up. Maybe a Footballer or an astronaut. aim high right? why not reach for the stars? So often i look around at what i have and I'm really not actually doing to bad i may not be rich and to be brutally honest i live pay cheque to pay cheque but i have a home and people to come home to which is probably the most important thing.

Well guys that is me done keep it short and sweet i think. please comment below and follow my hub if you can.

Any advice on writing would be much appreciated as this is really the first thing of its kind that i have tried. My social networking Knowledge extends as far as Facebook and even that took me until the late 2000's to join.


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