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Helping new Hubbers learn how to hub

Updated on November 30, 2014
By marc falardeau
By marc falardeau | Source

This hub is for all new comers to hubpages

Hello Jakefrost and all other new comers, welcome to hubpages

I just got your message today, well if you really want to do well on hubpages, than think about researching how to implement SEO, or search engine optimization, there's loads of resourceful hubs here written in the hubpages learning center for community members here both old and new, to help us all learn how it all works.

Many hubbers have also written all about it including me, and it’s the single most important factor that cannot be stressed more than anything else. (Useful Hubpages community resources is provided below towards the end of the hub as well.)

Communications on hubpages is key

Learn how to comment effectively on hubs after reading them entirely, I know its quite time consuming, but insightful commenting helps a great deal in people getting to know how your mind functions, what kind of guy or gal you are, and so on and so fourth.

Once people decide to connect with you from your commenting, you will be able to grow a true following, many will follow you as time goes by, and if you begin writing powerfully presented, and well though out, relevant, resourceful, high quality articles written with great grammar, and informative content, as well as great imagery, videos etc... They shall remain devoted to you over time, don't be afraid to form friendships on hubpages as well.


Note: if your looking for cool images that are legal to use, try using Wikipedia Commons, or Flickr Creative Commons, these two locations are very useful, but when you generate the images onto your hub don't forget to provide a link back for attribution purposes to the location from which you chose to use it from, it is mandatory to do so, or else you may be charged by Hubpages, and Google for infringing on copyrights, unless your the originator and official owner of such content. Read Hubpages terms of use to learn more.

Learn to Network with hubbers

If you like you can also join folks on Facebook, but before you start posting and posting, and posting stuff to share, get to know folks in them Facebook groups, so that they know you’re a real sincere person who cares for peoples digital works, and or livelihood in terms of fair sharing, potential friendships, partnerships and collaborations purposes.

Then you will begin to truly see how networking with others works, and all of this takes a great deal of time, but it’s worth it in the long run, and by being true to yourself, as well as others you network with, a whole new experience shall arise from out of such an experience.


Use the Q&A area frequently

You can ask questions in the Q&A area on hubpages, make sure they are relevant to writing in specific hub topics mostly, because its meant there to stimulate answers in the form of complete hubs, if you generate enough viewers, you will also soon grow a following from even question asking, and as well as question answering, if your answers are extremely accurate, and complete to the point.

You can answer questions there in the form of a hub, there's an option to tie your answer into the question as a complete hub to be written as an answer. This helps your information to get broadcast-ed to an even wider audience as well, and so even more followers pore in, and if your great at answering questions, well you will even score with the search engines as well.

Wise Usage of the Hubpages Forum area

Start your very own forums, but be advised to play by the rules there in that area, because many hubbers have been reprimanded for violating the terms of use there in the forum section, and I myself don't use if often, I use it sparingly, but many hubbers have learned to master the forums section, and grow an even larger following from it.

All this intense activity will be directly related to receiving more hubpages communications from your fellow hubbers, and is considered to be known as Hubtivity, or hubpages activities people choose too participate in, in the hubpages community.

Look to the right of the screen to locate the capsules area

When you start a new hub by clicking the 'start a new hub' tab, you will notice a screen hub editor will appear, look to the right for hub capsules you can utilize to implement into creating more content to add to your hubs
When you start a new hub by clicking the 'start a new hub' tab, you will notice a screen hub editor will appear, look to the right for hub capsules you can utilize to implement into creating more content to add to your hubs | Source

Use of image capsules help bring out visual affect to the page


Utilize all capsules that are relevant

Capsules are something you need to get familiar with as a hubber, and they are located on the hub editor towards the far right of the editing screen, and as soon as you decide to create a hub.

The basic requirement is to fill out the text capsule initially, and if you have any images to provide beginning with a single image that will become your hubs screen pic in search engines, on the hubpages feed, and on your hubpages profile as well. When you decide to network your hubs using any hubpages RSS feeds, or if others choose to do so for you by sharing it all, it will also show up elsewhere on the web using this image you placed onto your hub (Make sure it's a high quality image), as well as in posts on per say Facebook.

Hub summaries also will be the info provided to explain what your hub is about, and can be located on your hubpages editor capsule area, just look for the link option there to click to fill out that summary section. If you decide not to create a hub summary, it may do harm to your hubs SEO standings on Google, and other search engines, so be wise to satisfy this condition. A letter 'A' indication will appear on your my account section next to your newly made hub, if you also chose not to create a hub summary, or simply haven't located it on the capsule area.

Positioning capsules counts more than you think-

Using multiple capsules all throughout your hub need to be sensible, and formatted in such a way to appeal to your readers, white space is the most important thing about positioning capsules so that ad's, maps, text, images, and video etc..... do not confuse the reader.

Plus each hub you release to the online world by hitting the publish button is getting judged quite thoroughly by many individuals, search engines, and hubpages bots for purposes of filtering out the low quality articles, and allowing for the more higher quality ones to take precedence and leap forward in terms of web stats, and web page ranking overall.

Create white space- this is done by clicking enter towards the end of your text you've chosen to type or paste into the text capsule, and it highly important when it comes to your hubpage being visually appealing to the reader and easy to navigate through.

Learn to use the sharing features and creating links

Linking hubs to other hubs is actually part of the sharing factors on hubpages, and as long as you create relevant links to other peoples hubs, as well as your own your doing a wonderful job at helping efforts.

Your hub will become a resourceful hub to navigate to and from other hubs using relevant links, they should be able to provide your users with much more insight for the viewing and informational purposes, giving readers who may be looking to get around on hubpages by using your articles information as a sort of web utility.

Now if you use the link capsule it makes this job of creating resourceful hubpages links work even better, and its easier for you to accomplish such a task, due to the fact of hubpages providing automated tracking tools, and suggestive links to help locate relevant links already built into the hubpages system.

Sharing is caring, and doing it on social networks works wonders for us all today!

Never over do it though, while your sharing posts of your works or others in terms of sharing hubs socially

How to share on hubpages socially & on other networks

  • Simply look for the Facebook, Pinterest, Tweet, and also Hubpages Followers buttons towards the top right of any hub, click them to share.
  • Sharing hubs actually benefits us all, and boost your hubber score too.
  • Linking hubs to your hub boost hub karma, and the more relevant the better.
  • Make sure to have accounts on those social networks mentioned above.
  • Sharing on hubpages is caring, and helps the hubpages community get known even more elsewhere outside of the network here, and brings more traffic back to all of us.
  • Your social profiles will show a history of your sharing activities, and it can inspire others to do the same, and follow in your digital foot steps, this is a powerful way to make efforts for yourself and others.
  • Share wisely, and fairly, because over doing it by sharing to much is considered spam.
  • Just think smartly and realize when enough is enough for a single days helping.
  • I never post more then 10 times a day at a single location on the web, that's pushing it.
  • On Facebook groups my minimum is 5 posts per day, per group, but I got it down to about 2 currently.
  • Join facebook hubpages groups, it helps you effectively share with others, and to make friends outside of hubpages, with hubpages members.
  • Voting and flagging of hubs is not mandatory but helps the system here on hubpages to account for your activities, and provides useful feedback for each hub in which you decide to read, hub hop, or share for other here.
  • This also counts as a huge factor and part of your overall hubpages score, and helps to either increase it or decrease it, if your more active or less active on hubpages as a reader and supporter of fellow hubbers.

Bonus Video! Considering to join hubpages, our writers network is awesome! Earn a passive income writing what you love.

More on linking using the suggested links option

Hubkarma - This is a huge factor in your overall scoring of your hubs, and it is pretty much the score of how freuently you've chosen to create links to relevant content here on hubpages for your hubs and others.

To learn how to create quick relevant links you can use the suggested links tab on the top of any hub you've created, its highlighted in green, and so by clicking it, it will allow you to use its functions to highlight and locate more relevant links on hubpages for making the quick connection to other hubs. To do so use your right mouse click button, highlight a relevant keyword, and the system automatically detects the relevant link for you, then accept it and presto its done. This earns you a higher hubber score in the end, and satisfies the condition of making your hubs a resourceful article.

Note: The all new! hub hopper is far more critical in terms of rating hubs by fellow hubbers, so keep in mind you will need to build up your hubs overall quality to satisfy as many conditions on it that the hopper covers. It allows us all to critique every single hub that's released into the hubpages system after publishing, and can make or break your hubs standing on the web period, and especially on hubpages, if not adhered to.

So try your best to work hard on your hubs effectiveness, titling/sub titling, accuracy of wording, spelling, grammar, overall content quality, content levels, appearance, social relevance, and SEO, as well as resourcefulness, and loads more that's all detailed there in the rating scales made optional for our scoring and judging of hubs there on the hub hopper.


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    • CloudExplorer profile imageAUTHOR

      Mike Pugh 

      7 years ago from New York City

      @rfmoran, yeah its good every once in a while to go through your hubs and check too see if you've complied with many of the things that will give them a better chance on the web, and on hubpages as well.

      Thanks bro for the support here as well as all the other hubs you've been visiting of mine.

    • CloudExplorer profile imageAUTHOR

      Mike Pugh 

      7 years ago from New York City

      @kellyteam, I'm so happy you found this hub of interest and use to you, it is tough on hupages to go for it all alone and without assistance, and so it was paramount for me to help out my fellow hubbers in such a way.

      Good Luck, much success and welcome to hubpages Kelly.

    • rfmoran profile image

      Russ Moran - The Write Stuff 

      7 years ago from Long Island, New York

      This is a great Hub Mike. I've been on HP for about 6 months, so I'm not exactly new, but your hub was a terrific review for me. I never thought too much about the RSS feeds but I am definitely going to look at it.

    • kellyteam profile image


      7 years ago from Michigan

      This is great. Very informative, detailed and well written. Lots of information for a newbie hubber to get off to a good start. No trial and error learning. Its all spelled out here for them. Love it! Great job! Two thumbs up, awesome and a share! Keep on hubbing!!

    • CloudExplorer profile imageAUTHOR

      Mike Pugh 

      7 years ago from New York City

      Thanks Josh, I still can't figure out how you and Bill end up being the very first ones to visit my hubs, y'all dudes are too much, LOL.

      I will figure it our some day for sure, and when I will, you better watch out because I will try to do the same, and maybe I can show you two up, nah just kidding that would be impossible you both are super hubbers, and I cannot compete on your levels of being supportive to us all.

      Awesome stuff bro! You know I find differing ways to try to repay you both, I'm spread so thin it may never be possible though.

    • josh3418 profile image

      Joshua Zerbini 

      7 years ago from Pennsylvania


      Awesome hub! Wow, so much information here buddy! How do you dinf the time to publish so many hubs! LOL

      This is an awesome hub for all the newbies out there. Someone who is new can learn a ton from this hub. The section I enjoyed the most is the one on the power of leaving insightful comments. What you said is so true. You can learn a lot from a person by the quality of the comments they leave.

      Thanks for sharing this awesome hub for the new hubbers joining us every day! Very thoughtful of Mike! I am sharing, and have a great day bud!


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