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Higher Hubpage Quality, over Looking that of trying to get more views

Updated on February 10, 2012

The Single most important factor

Research on how hubpages works, prior to publishing

  • Also do your research, because many new hubbers will spin off into the wrong direction, not learning a thing about true quality, and workmanship, by thinking they simply have to draw more traffic from commenting quickly, and many other actions they partake in here.
  • Having great tooling can make or break your hub writing experience, and no matter how long you've been on the network.
  • Hub Quality is king here & on the search engines, and will out stand any temporary scheme to get more views just by writing a poor quality hub or hubs quickly & a bunch of keyword loaded & stuffed hubs as well.

Looking for higher views

Improve your Hubs Quality

- Try to improve your hubs overall quality, because that's how your going to get more views by others as well as all the SEO & usage of networking tools for sharing,

- What's going to be somewhat permanent and consistent at the same time will be improving your delivery and presentation of your hubs, if everyone were to do so, I'm sure the search engines would be instantly alerted.

- Go back look at what you've written, and placed into them capsules there.

Reading Hubs

- While reading hubs try to notice the pattern of good quality hubs from the poor quality ones, & the average ones as well.

  • This can be easily detected by looking for originality of authorship, layout of capsules, by looking for usefulness, overall beauty, interest, humor, or out right awesomeness.

Learning from the best hubbers, hub of the day etc...

Look at the highest ranking hubs, to see the difference, there's a definite reason why hubs get ranked so low, thus aren't getting much traffic & why others get ranked very high & receive the most traffic.

"Each hub has a score directly next to it, ranking it among all the others here, and even your own."

  • Hubscore - Many factors come into play here, mainly the time factor, and how you target your viewers with relevant content, or outright use of bad conceptions being rendered & or delivered to the screen in haste.
  • How to improve it - By being consistent, and making earnest patient efforts you can achieve lift off here, with each and every hub published, make sure to proof read, & edit frequently along the way.

Hubpages is a Community

Think about it as a huge social gathering on the web, be mindful that we all are all here to help one another on hubpages, its actually a massive professional networking community of over 220,000 writers worldwide.

Try to refrain from writing selfishly, overly promotional, or too personal, meaning by only providing your views in things only, (relevance & research needed).

Give credit where its due, especially if some other hubber has inspired you to write that very hub, or you researched and used content from outside references & web locations.


**Copying material is directly prohibited here on hubpages, so if you looking to end your membership swift and quickly, then go right ahead and copy stuff, that also includes, from actual books, because most books are already on the web today. The community responds to all infringing material by means of flagging as well, besides the powerful hubpages system of auto detection for copy written material, and other factors of violations. Read the hubpages rules & regulations or terms of service (user agreement).**

(Don't forget link referencing to factual sources outside of hubpages (Backlinks), it helps to alert the search engines of your relevant info, and will make the difference as well in web page ranking.)

Create a unique Profile Icon


Timing & trends are true boss on the web changing all stats

The variables remain arbitrary for the most part in terms of hubpages statistical data, but the one thing that's true is timing.

If you publish a hub during a moment when hubpages is recieiving low levels of hubtivity overall (Major holidays), than expect your hub being released to also get low views, no matter the quality level, and so don't get all uptight.

Just try to understand that the timing of a hubs release to the public is paramount, and watch whats trending to create higher quality topics, themes, and titling.

Finding hubpages was Destiny

Its was destiny to be a writer

I have discovered the truth about hubpages, and that is it pays to work hard here if you looking to earn or attract more people to your creative hub writing.

  • This is done by being original and sincere with your writing efforts, communications, and also by being real with yourself here while writing, as well as with others while sharing anything, Q&A, hub reading/comments, forum submissions, hub answers, etc....
  • You can grow & learn to become a better writer on hubpages, don't forget to proof read all your hubs, over and over again till you weed out the errors, some are obvious, and many aren't. Good Luck!

Words of advice to new Hubbers & those looking for a new start or boost in overall views or Fans, or hub ranking

Just try to realize that hubpages is a system on the web, that is based on given parameters of networking, and its all based on the volumes of intial traffic you can get from the community within hubpages at first, which gives a single hub enough boost to start a chain reaction onto them search engines.

Sharing & sharing tools

I also try using sharing tools outside of hubpages, immediately after I have published my hub, it seems to work wonders, because I've already established networking communications outside of hubpages.

Share with your fans, its imperative to read other peoples hubs while using hubpages, to get that extra boost starting out.

Look at the hubpages feed, hit the home link above to get there, see what's trending and start interacting, forums, Q&A, recent hubs, & the fan following your favorite hubbers as well as reading from their hubs.

The don'ts of fan Following

Don't just follow people expecting to beat the system to gain more fans, your hub score will suffer for attempting such a thing.

Trust me the hubpages system knows every trick in the book, so by being ingenuine your hubpages career can end quickly, or wither away for a long time, wasting precious efforts, and some hard pressed digital creative works for some dedicated writers.

Insightful Comments - Feedback

All form of commenting on hubpages needs to be insightful, and don't just try to fake the funk with a quick catch phrase, the system frowns upon that as well. Read and share folks, its the truest way to be a hubpages super hero, and will help your traffic levels increase indeed, besides the other things mentioned earlier.

New to hubpages, here's a helpful video from a fellow hubber

This hub is under Quality control Maintenance Construction

Come on Folks, get them Hubs proof read, and ready for high views with awesome content, images, video, products to offer, lets go!
Come on Folks, get them Hubs proof read, and ready for high views with awesome content, images, video, products to offer, lets go!
Many People need a Construction team it seems, LOL
Many People need a Construction team it seems, LOL

Very Important Fact - Search Engine Optimization

One of the most important factors to the search engines optimization (SEO), besides key words is content levels & overall quality by relevance. Search Engines all are designed to rank our hubs or any web page, on how much time is being spent on that web page, also known as social ranking.

Meaning the longer you can keep a user occupied with great interesting content, the higher social ranking one may receive, which is continuously being judged by the search engines for page rankings, and also the hubpages scoring system for hub scores.



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    • CloudExplorer profile imageAUTHOR

      Mike Pugh 

      7 years ago from New York City

      Thanks folks for providing such insightful feedback, this is a prime example of awesome hub loving activity, also known as hubtivity. I learned this quickly on hubpages, but I also knew prior to joining, that by being in-genuine people will simply ignore you.

      Thanks @ Millionaire Tips, @ Pinkchic18, & Zainnisar for sharing with me.

      I appreciate the time you all have spent here in giving my hub a chance, and by engaging with me in convo. Welcome to hubpages Zainnisar, its a powerfully cool place indeed to communicate any and all efforts on the web as well, I guess I'll add that part soon, about presenting a great profile, or maybe into another hub.

      Nice profile pic.

    • Zainnisar profile image


      7 years ago from Little Island, Heart.

      I am just getting started at HubPages and its most challenging work I have ever done, Your Tips were a very precise refresher Thanks for SHARING.

    • Pinkchic18 profile image

      Sarah Carlsley 

      7 years ago from Minnesota

      Awesome tips and very important points! This will be very useful for those just starting at hubpages. Well done!

    • Millionaire Tips profile image

      Shasta Matova 

      7 years ago from USA

      There is lots of important information here CloudExplorer. Writing quality hubs is paramount, and reading quality hubs do help you figure out attractive layouts and wording. Joining the community is also very useful.

    • CloudExplorer profile imageAUTHOR

      Mike Pugh 

      7 years ago from New York City

      Yes indeed @ Brett.Tesol, quality is one very powerful thing on the web, and many new hubbers simply miss that true point & premise naturally speaking.

      I like to think of a hub as a sort of art form on the web today, because it takes much more than writing alone to get the crowds of people viewing and criticizing it all.

    • Brett.Tesol profile image

      Brett C 

      7 years ago from Asia

      Voted up and useful, while it is important to get your hubs seen, for long term traffic they need to be of a decent quality level and preferably include relevant keywords. With today's search engines, quality is key!

      Thanks for SHARING.


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