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Hire A Ghost Writer

Updated on June 27, 2011


Ghostwriters produce books, articles, scripts, novels, screenplays....basically anything that can been written into words. A company may even hire a ghostwriter to blog or promote their business online.

If you're considering ghostwriting as a profession, you will have to be a good writer and interviewer. The more information that you collect from the author, the better the outcome. They may have written manuscripts, notes or voice recordings that will help you piece together the final project.

Most ghostwriters are bound by contract to prevent them from taking credit for their work. Because of this, they're usually paid a flat fee instead of royalties. In some cases when a ghostwriter is mentioned, it's usually as a co author or apart of the acknowledgements section.

Why People Hire Ghostwriters

People hire Ghostwriters are for various reasons. Some are interested in telling a story, but do not have the time or talent to get it written down.

Writing is time consuming. Hiring a professional ghotswriter will help you get your ideas published and available for sell or distribution quickly.

If you're a busy person with awesome ideas to share, then hiring a ghost writer is beneficial to becoming a published author.

With the constant flow of websites,blogs and social networking, ghostwriting has made an impact for the busy professional.

How Ghostwriters Work With Authors


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    • MR.POINT OF VIEW profile image

      MR.POINT OF VIEW 7 years ago from Planet Earth

      This is a great hub and to the point. I will follow you.