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Hnam Mobile created the online community craze on the sale price of 10,000 iPhone 6S

Updated on March 29, 2016

Recently, the retail chain's price dropped iPhone 6S cause users to boot crooked excited! iPhone 6S is now no longer a fish is too "expensive" as time has launched again. However, the price dropped to only 10,000 as at Hnam Mobile is really ... incredible.

According to information from retail systems technology Hnam Mobile genuine, this is the 10th anniversary of the foundation: since Hnam Mobile is a small business phone application settings until becoming Systems Retail genuine with 16 retail stores and 2 service center professional repair today. In Hnam Mobile anniversary - 10 years 1 this way, Hnam Mobile has gifts for all loyal customers; while all guests to purchase on this occasion were presented gifts and lucky draw HTC One A9, F1 Oppo, Vivo Y51 ...

Particularly actually damage the iPhone 6S rumors genuine selling price of VND10,000 on April Fool's Day, Hnam Mobile remains fairly closed information. Of course, once a year 1 - April Fool's Day joke everyone has the right, not knowing Hnam Mobile will "do it" or ... "made a spectacular trick" ???


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