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How Youtube Works: Showing Videos on on Your Site

Updated on January 24, 2011

If you have ever wondered why sites such as Hubber encourage you to add videos from sites such as Youtube, Revver and others, but won't allow you to upload your own videos or host them on your own site?

If you wish to display a video within your hubpage article you will need to embed a video which is hosted on another approved site such as Youtube or Revver. Hubpages does not allow you to upload your own video. There are two main reasons for this:

  1. It saves on bandwidth and server resources. Because the video is hosted elsewhere, the hosting website such as Youtube uses its server resources and bandwidth to display the video on your hubpages. This is good for Hubpages because it does not require as many servers or spend as much money on hosting.
  2. The most important reason is that it offloads the work of screening for inappropriate content or copyright infringement to the site that actually hosts the video. Sites such as Youtube have people who view each video uploaded by users to screen for objectionable or illegal content. Also, they respond to objections by copyright owners and remove and videos that infringe copyright. Because hubpages does not host the videos all this is unnecessary which allows hubpages to lower its operating costs.

This is a business model which is a win win for the large, well funded sites such as Youtube as well as the smaller sites that use their content. By offering content free of charge and incurring all of the costs associated with hosting that content, Youtibe and its clones gain backlinks and ad revenue. Each time that you place a video from youtube on your site or blog, the video creates a link back to Youtube - it also hands a piece of your website over to them so that they can display advertising embedded in the video. So that whenever someone visits your site and plays their video, they watch one of their ads and then possibly follow the link you created away from your site to theirs where they can show more ads.

How Youtube really Works


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