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How Helping Others Can Actually Help You

Updated on October 15, 2015

As an individual, helping others is one of the core values of a human race. No one has lived in this world living their life without any of help from other people. There will be instances like disaster, serious accidents or natural catastrophe that will come to a certain person’s life following the scenario of those who help others eventually will inspire more to do the same.

Offering one’s help happens every day. As you may all know helping others does not always mean a noble thing to do but rather it is significant to know that this is also a way of helping yourself as well.

When you lend a helping hand to someone, they will be more likely to benefit you. It is much effortless to seek help when someone knows that you would actually do the same thing for them. Helping someone and other act of kindness will reward you in return when needed.

Karma often told as the idea of “if you do bad stuffs, karma will come find you” but it actually goes both ways too. When you do well and help people then good things might happen to you. Even a slightest gesture can make a wonderful impact to others. Besides you will feel better and more positive towards yourself rather than a negative one.

Study shows that helping others is good for your health too. The smallest acts of good deeds still have the power to make a positive change for others. Not only by doing that you will be me more happy and content but research says there are physical benefits also. People who tend to be helpful to others show better health status than to those who don’t and those who do volunteer works might actually live longer.


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