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How HubPages Rescued Me from Facebook

Updated on March 21, 2014

My Theory

I have a theory and it is only a theory. I don't have any facts or statistic's to back it up but I think it is true anyway. Mark Zuckerberg the founder of Facebook was so lucky. His timing was spot on, talk about being in the right place at the right time; this guy must have had a stopwatch.

I think that the rise in Facebook coincides with the rise of the laptop computer. As laptops reduced in price and came within the reach of the masses, so did the rise in popularity of Facebook. Suddenly people could sit in front of the television set, with a laptop on the arm of their chair and keep one eye on the world around them.

I know I will probably receive a little stick for this but I am going to write it anyway. Most of those people are women. Yes women. Before laptops came along, households would have had a desktop pc and in general it would have been the domain of the man of the house, not because men had claimed it as their own but because the women of the world had a load of other things that they could be doing, rather than sitting in front of a computer all night.

I don't actually think a lot has changed since those days. The only thing that has changed is that the lady of the house probably has a laptop beside them as they watch television, whilst sat on a nice comfy sofa, in front of a nice warm fire. While the hubby is still sat in the other room in front of the desktop on a saggy, uncomfortable, back aching chair that has been discarded from someone's office.

I know for a fact that if I walk into the lounge now, my fiancée will be connected to Facebook while watching the TV. At the same time, talk about multi-tasking. Woe betide me if I was to try and turn the channel, my life wouldn't be worth living.

Why I Joined Facebook

I eventually succumbed and signed up to Facebook. Not to be nosey, looking into other people's affairs, Oh no. I fancied playing the games that was available. I had never heard of Zynga till Facebook came along and I liked what I saw. Mafia Wars and Poker, I couldn't get enough of them.

I am a bit old fashioned and I don't really want to know other peoples business and I certainly don't want them to know mine so I signed up using a pseudonym. My profile picture changes constantly (at the moment, I am Marilyn Monroe) and I never say what's on my mind.

After a few days of playing Mafia Wars, I had friends from all over the world. People I had never heard of just couldn't wait to send me cyber gifts. I received cars, guns, and money by the barrow load and soon my mafia was booming. It becomes addictive, collecting cash from your properties, doing jobs to raise more money and onwards to the next mission. I went on holiday to Ireland It's not a long way to Tipperary and even from there; I was logging on daily, just to collect my money.

In Zynga poker I used to wind up the lads by changing my profile picture to a gorgeous brunette eating a banana. I remember one occasion when two Italians tried flirting with me. They each took it in turns to chat to me, when one of them asked me how old I was. I replied that I was a little older than my teeth. The poor keys on their keyboards took a hammering as they chatted to each other about what I had said and then one of them asked me

" So baby. How many teeth do you have?" I nearly cried laughing. If only they knew I am really a short, fat, bald bloke from Lancashire.

After a year or so I was getting bored. The routine mundane acts of doing the jobs, collecting money by the billions became boring. The poker was never really the same as when you are playing for real money. People just going "All in" even when they only have a queen high. Pathetic.

I was getting bored, bored, bored. (That’s what my teenage daughter used to say).

I know I don't use Facebook the way it is meant to be used, but come on. Clicking on friend’s photographs from a night out is okay but when they post them week after week it becomes dull. How many people sit in front of their screens thinking, "What should I post. I have to post something. What can I post" I bet 90% have done it at some time. My love affair with Facebook was coming to an end.

Then suddenly, one glorious day, I emerged from the darkness and stepped into the light (Symphony Orchestra strikes up in the background ) and I found HUBPAGES.da da de da da daaaah.



I came across this site completely by accident. I was just surfing, clicking on links subconsciously. From one page to another and then I came across a page written by Lis Sowerbutts (I think it was the name that attracted me). I noticed a heading which read "How I make money from Hubpages" I woke up and started to take notice. I read her blog then I signed up to Hubpages. I don't know why but I did, then I got tired and went to bed.

The next day I had completely forgot about it. It wasn't till around three weeks later when I was clicking on anything and everything that I came across HubPages again. I thought this looks familiar but I couldn't think why. I found myself at the Sign-up page and started to sign up again. Then it suddenly occurred to me that I had already enlisted. (Dizzy is not the word) I put in my username and I was in. Simples.

I began to read and read. I read in the forums, I read the questions and I read what other hubber's were writing. I began to feel a real sense of community with helpful hints and tips on everything. You are encouraged to write, whether it is to make money or just for the joy of writing. Nobody is going to put you down unless you are deliberately courting controversy. Encouragement abounds, with comments, which can inspire you.

I wrote my first hub on the 13th December 2010 entitled Drink and Driving. It's not Clever. Within a couple of days I received a couple of encouraging comments and I have been writing hubs since. It's like waking up from a long sleep; I am working my brain like crazy. Everyday I see things or hear things that give me ideas. I can stand on my soapbox now and shout to the world. If anyone reads my stuff is another matter but I do know that I probably won't get a bigger stage than HubPages to perform on.

Did I mention that we could earn money here? Did you notice the word earn . That is what you will be doing, earning money because it isn't a get rich quick scheme. It is hard work and you will certainly put the hours in to earn anything like decent money. The satisfaction I feel though, when I have put some effort into my writing is usually reward enough for me.

I won't try to explain how to make money on HubPages; there are plenty of hubber’s who are far more qualified than me, who will help on here. One bit of advice I can tell you is too read, read and read more. All the information you could possibly need is right here in HubPages.

By the way, my chair in front of the desktop pc rocks backwards and forwards. Handy for when I am thinking of what to write next.


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