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How I Met and Fell in Love with Hubpages

Updated on November 24, 2014

I remember years ago, I was looking for a blogging platform where I could express myself and at the same time, would enable me to improve myself as a writer. The ideal one that my senses demanded was something that is unique, something that could offer good readership and a community that would support me instead of putting me down. Most importantly, I aspired for something that is different from the blogging behemoths that we all know of.

Expressing one's self is one of man's life goals.
Expressing one's self is one of man's life goals. | Source

A Frustrated Reckoning

I tried hard to recall a few months ago how I came upon Hubpages but I couldn’t remember anything. It seems I was in a situation wherein I was desperately looking for my pen only to find it clipped between the side of my head and my ear then lost it again, only to find myself just holding it, and so on. Lately, I tried to recall still but to no avail. If there were some good hints, they were just fragments that were as clear as moderately diluted mud. I really could not recall how I came about Hubpages. I tried searching again in the search engines using some keywords that could at least guide me to some top-10- blogging-sites thingy, hoping that one of those online articles would contain the word h-u-b-p-a-g-e-s and I could rejoice for having rekindled the moment back then when I clicked open the site and signed up and was very eager to get my self started (Yes, I could be this mad on the internet!).


But I was unfortunate. Then, as if splashed with cold water, I found a wise answer that is fairly comparable to romantic film I just saw lately:


My encounter with Hubpages is an accident with a purpose— a very fortunate happenstance.

With this beautiful word, I was able to calm down the madness within me when I have nothing to do online, but just think back of how I came upon a website. I resolved to just settle with a self- imposed fact and am somewhat contented with the resolution: Sometimes, it’s better to just embrace the beautiful moment and move forward, discovering more rather than go backwards and be stagnant by doing so.

Total surrender

With some fragments of information available in my mind for disposal I recall my first encounter with Hubpages was not the kind when I had hesitations to sign up, a thing which I often feel to most websites and which leads me to request a permanent deactivation of my account just few a weeks after signing up.

In Hubpages, all I had was a total surrender of my will. I was never forced by some external forces to sign up. I just did because my heart says so. As in falling in love, my heart says that Hubpages is the one that I was looking for so I settled to it and started writing my first hub two years ago, followed by some more. I used to have more than twenty hubs, but I deleted those that I don’t feel my readers would want to read.


Being professional and responsible

In Hubpages, I was taught, and I think this is the greatest thing I learned here, how to be professional and responsible especially in citing sources and acknowledging copyrights. I know how it feels when your work is being taken by others as theirs without acknowledging you because I'd experienced it firsthand right in front of me. One of my classmates in college used the very words I had in one of my hubs in the panel discussion that we had in our class. I felt insulted by her actions, so I thought that Hubpages is good for really emphasizing to their writers how to be professional and responsible. I thought that if she had listened to her teacher in her research class or turned to Hubpages, she could have done better in acknowledging sources and she could have not made me feel bad about her.

Thinking about aimed readers

Moreover, I learned to think about the people who would read my writings. When I plan to write something, I make sure that it’s something that people would read because they find it readable and obviously they somehow need it. What I love in this site is that people who came from all walks of life are grouped together with one aim and that is to share something that they think would be of help to others in various aspects. With their array of experiences, others can already have access to something that speaks for and about, enlightens and moves them to action in one way or another.


Warm and accommodating community

The people here could not be overlooked. They are so friendly and nice. I remember when I published a few of my first hubs, I was welcomed gladly by some hubbers and they really read my article and commented insights and realizations that inspired me to interact and write more meaningfully. It is in this blogging platform that I felt the human touch, which let me know that I am not alone as a writer unlike in other blogs I used before where only a family member whom I forced to read would actually read my writings. Here, there is already a wide range of resident writers and readers so one will never worry about readership as long as the article that they are writing is of good quality. In addition, when you ask something, expect quality answers you could choose from.

A culture of strong people

Also, seldom you see arguments here and if there are, you will be amazed of how people handle things without cursing or discriminating the other because of what who said about the views of whom. Hubpages also develops the culture of strong people in a way that they don’t put others down; instead they lift them up in order to feel and become great.


It's not about the money

One last important thing that one could love in Hubpages - which I see as only a side effect of your enjoyment while writing in this great community – is the monetary compensation you get. Our relationship with money is not that sour, right?

Long live the pages!

Truly, Hubpages is up for something. Long live, Hubpages and fellow Hubbers!

What were your experiences with Hubpages?

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    • cianeko profile image

      Cianeko Abueva 3 years ago

      Thank you for the time you spent reading and for your kind words, peachpurple. We're a bunch of strong people here! :-)

    • peachpurple profile image

      peachy 3 years ago from Home Sweet Home

      awesome article my friend. I think I shouldn't think about earning money at HP, after all it is not easy. I like the people here, friendly and kind words

    • cianeko profile image

      Cianeko Abueva 3 years ago

      Thank you very much for your kind words, Sunil Kumar Kunnoth! Hubpages is truly a home.

    • sunilkunnoth2012 profile image

      Sunil Kumar Kunnoth 3 years ago from Calicut (Kozhikode, South India)

      I read this article with great enthusiasm. I too share your views on HP on several counts. It is an interesting as well helping community. The platform here is so wide and it gives us ample scope to write, grow and glow well. You have great passion and confidence. These positive attitude will give you good opportunity to do better here. Keep on writing. All the best. Shared for maximum reach.