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How I Got to Be on First Page on Google – Yet Again!

Updated on March 12, 2013
Google Results - Indian Food Chains
Google Results - Indian Food Chains
Google Results - Curtain Choosing Basics
Google Results - Curtain Choosing Basics
Google Results - Foreign tourists in Kashmir
Google Results - Foreign tourists in Kashmir
Google Results - Height Weight Chart Scale
Google Results - Height Weight Chart Scale
Google Results how to use BP Apparatus
Google Results how to use BP Apparatus
Google Results - Punjabi Interiors
Google Results - Punjabi Interiors

The proof of the pudding is in the eating, they say. So here’s the proof. Check out the pictures on this hub – they speak for themselves.

Here I'll illustrate six of my hubs/articles that are currently on the first page of Google, and that too in the top five.

Indian Food Chains to Die For - Number 1 on first page of Google for keyword 'Indian Food Chains' from 30,100,000 results.

Curtain Choosing Basics for Your Living Room - Number 2(in picture), Number one on Google at the time of writing this for keywords 'Curtain Choosing Basics', from 3,480,000 results.

Conflict in Kashmir Valley : Why Foreign Tourist Are Avoiding Kashmir Travel - Number 3 on first page of Google for keyword 'Foreign Tourists in Kashmir' from 16,900,000 results, and for 'Conflict in Kashmir Valley' from 931,000 results.

Height Weight Chart Scale - Know Your Ideal Weight - Number 3 on first page of Google for keyword 'Height Weight Chart Scale' from 91,800,000 results.

How to Use BP Apparatus - Blood Pressure Meter Sphygmomanometer - Number 3 on first page of Google for keyword 'How to Use BP Apparatus' from 6,540,000 results.

Indian Home Decor - Punjabi Interiors For Your Home on the blog 'Indian Selections' - Number Two(in picture), Number 1 on First page of Google at the time of writing this, for the keywords 'Punjabi Interiors' from 1,260,000 results.

And I’ve achieved this not just this once, but over and over again over the years.

The latest page view reports are just to check out that I haven’t lost my touch.

So what makes me tick?

The answer lies in something a lot of people have, but do not apply. I apply it. That’s all. They call it Search Engine Optimisation, SEO, and it works very well! Never mind the internet marketers who’ll make you believe Google has changed their algorithms yet again, and you need to buy their xyz course to get around it.

Here’re the step by step actions that I take to consistently be on page 1 of Google.

Step 1 - Write Quality Content

Google looks for quality. And I enjoy writing. Together, it makes a lethal combination of original, high quality written work. Whatever the topic I choose to write on, I first go ahead and write the whole thing. Sometimes I do step 2 first, so the keywords stay fresh in my mind while I am writing and am able to intertwine them naturally into my article.

Using Google Keyword Tool for my Articles to be on First Page of Google

Keyword Tool results - Height Weight Chart
Keyword Tool results - Height Weight Chart
Keyword Tool results - Kashmir Conflict
Keyword Tool results - Kashmir Conflict

Step 2 - Use Google Keyword Tool

The keyword tool of Google is a wonderful asset. There have been reams written about it, so I won’t go into details here. You can check out this hub How to Use Google Keyword Tool by Snake Eyes that gives out the step by step process of using Google Keywords tool.

While looking for the right keywords to use, I first use a short phrase that adequately uses the gist of my article. Eg; for my article on Indian Food Chains, I used just those keywords – Indian Food Chains. The keyword tool throws up a whole lot of related keywords. Then I pick the ones that are more popular(at least 5000 searches monthly, preferably over a 100,000), so there are greater chances of people looking it up. Never mind the competition – I’ll give them a run for their money all right.

Step 3 - Interweave the Keywords

The title comes first, and is the main thing seen by the search engines, as by the readers. So I use the exact words in the title, sometimes twice (slightly different words) so as to catch the reader’s eye. Eg; my hub Conflict In Kashmir Valley : Why Foreign Tourists Are Avoiding Kashmir Travel, I use two popular keywords thrown up by the keyword tool – ‘Conflict in Kashmir’ and ‘Foreign Tourists in Kashmir’. The article now shows up on page 1 of Google for both these terms, and gets me consistent views.

Without spoiling the essence of the article, I now interweave the keywords into the article. Since the article would be having a number of variants of the particular keyword anyways, all it needs is a minor tug or a twist here and there. For instance, in the case of my Indian Food Chains article, I’d replace the naturally occurring words ‘great food’ with ‘great Indian food’, or ‘great Indian Vegetarian food’.

Take care not to spoil the meaning of each sentence you change, or else your readers would feel cheated, and you would end up losing them double fast.

And yes, do use the oft repeated wisdom of using the keywords at least once each in the summary, the first and the last paragraphs. The search engines love this bit.

Step 4 - Submit to a high ranking page directory

Most people do not know this, but the page rank that Google assigns to the article directory you are adding your article to, has a major effect on the final positioning of your article.

Highly popular article directories that contain quality, original content like hubpages, ezinearticles, buzzle etc are rated highly by Google, and the content submitted to these directories stands a much higher chance of coming on page one of Google than less popular directories or blogs that are still finding their feet. You can easily check the Page Ranking assigned to a particular website by using the Google PR tool. A page ranking of 5 or over is given only to the best, so that is what you should be looking for.

Step 5 - Enrich your Content

Adding relevant pictures, videos etc to your article will make your readers enjoy it more. It also helps that they spend more time on the page, which the big boys of the search engines keep noting down somewhere.

Hubpages gives an excellent forum for all these add-ons, and it is no wonder that the articles rank high up on Google.

A little trick here – when I give the names or headings of the pictures and/or videos, I use the relevant keywords here as well like I do in the title.

Step 6 - Come back!

Once the article is up and about, I give it some time to go to its destined place on Google. Once in a while, I spend a few minutes repeating the steps above and give it a little tweak to ensure it retains its top space. Mainly change/add some words in the title, some fresh keywords in the body, and so on.

Well, this is how I get my articles on to page1 of Google. I know many so called SEO experts are selling this knowledge for a considerable fee, but its my little free gift for my fellow hubbers.

For the love of writing, and getting to first page on Google. Amen!

Do give your comments in the column below - your own experience, did you get success, what you do etc.

I'd love to answer any queries as well.


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    • Jasnav profile imageAUTHOR


      5 years ago


      One can never stop learning in the online world, and if you get your SEO right, you've won half the battle. Your experience with getting top position with just a couple of words says it all about using the right, precise keywords.

      Thanks for the comment.!

    • krisaclark profile image


      5 years ago from California

      Way to go on that first picture, being number one with 30M results! Of my 12 published hubs I think I rank on the first page of Google for 3 or 4 different keywords. My best one is ranked in the number 2 spot and is 4 words long, but the one I am most proud of is ranked at the #3 spot with 19M results and contains only 2 words!

      Unfortunately they aren't really hot topics or things that bring a ton of traffic, but I am definitely going to incorporate some of your advice into future hubs!

    • theryanpride profile image


      5 years ago from Indiana

      Good hub thank you for sharing.

    • kellyteam profile image


      5 years ago from Michigan

      Thanks I will.

    • Jasnav profile imageAUTHOR


      5 years ago


      Thanks for the vote!

      Hope the information comes in handy in your work as well :)

    • Jasnav profile imageAUTHOR


      5 years ago


      First page on Google is what will get you traffic, so aim at getting there. Just think how many times do you move till page 4 looking for something?

      If you don't, unfortunately neither will your readers!

      Do try out the steps and update us all about your results - only don't expect instant results, give Google a couple of weeks to pick up your hard work!

    • Ratihegde profile image

      Rati Hegde 

      5 years ago from Mumbai, India

      wow Jasnav .. .amazing tips being shared & that too without any ulterior motive .. great going :) am voting it as useful.

    • kellyteam profile image


      5 years ago from Michigan

      Great hub. very informative. Before writing this comment I checked on a couple of my hubs on google and one did come up on page 4. So I plan to look at my hubs and apply this SEO using your tips. thanks for sharing the information. Will update you later. Thumbs up and useful.


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