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How I Survived 3 Years on HubPages

Updated on December 11, 2014

A hubbin' I will go...

Over three years ago I became a member of HubPages. My membership was a spur of the moment thing. I was on Google searching for information on an article I was working on. I came upon a handful of links that looked interesting.

One article in general caught my attention (sorry, I don't remember the article, but consider it yours and I thank you!) Before I knew it, I was on HubPages.

From link to link or hub to hub, I began searching and reading. My curiosity took control. Maybe I should say I was out of control.

I was very curious as to what a hub was. Before HubPages, hub was a nickname for my husband...hubby, hub. Needless to say he no longer has that nickname due to my hubbing addiction.

Yes, I am an addict. Actually I was an addict. I've been to rehab and I have learned to better control my habit. Mind you, I have many addictions so I had to give each of them a fair amount of time.

I used to spend an excessive amount of time on HubPages...

I was pondering about my next hub while sitting on my pet rock.
I was pondering about my next hub while sitting on my pet rock. | Source

You know the drill...

1. House no longer gets cleaned.

2. Family no longer gets fed.

3. Water bill is cheaper, due to less showers.

4. Pets have taken residence in your bed because you no longer sleep there.

5. Your butt starts to expand.

We've all been there. My family began an intervention. I tried to escape and hide out in the garage. Our family dog sniffed me out.

I proceeded to put my foot down. Unfortunately our pet rabbit was lounging underfoot at the moment, talk about a funny bunny...I never saw Cupcake hop so fast! Anyway, she's fine! No need to panic and call animal services. Regardless, my family learned to adjust to my addiction once I pointed out their addictions. Sunshine is a slick chick!

I survived my three years on HubPages because of the amazing and wonderful friends that I have discovered here. We lift each other up, when need be. We give each other a nudge, when needed. We laugh together, pester each other and challenge one another.

Some even kicked me to the curb. Yes! Me! Sunshine! To the curb. Regardless, they weren't real friends, more like enigmas of sort.

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Cancer Advocate

My main objective when I first joined HubPages was to reach out to others. As a cancer advocate I wanted my voice heard. I wanted to save lives.

For the past six years I have challenged myself to convince at least ten people to have their PSA tested or to have a colonoscopy. I have succeeded each year.

If I haven't convinced you yet and you intend to have either preventive test done, please let me know so that I could put another notch in my cancer post.

I have survived HubPages because of the endless emails, Twitter messages and Facebook follows I've received during my time on HP. I realized I'm making a difference and HP is helping me do so.

How could I stop now? I can't! I'm a woman on a mission.

I might not be a medical professional, but most of us appreciate real life, hands on stories more than just a white coat with a prescription pad. We want to feel trust.

HubPages vs Therapy

I've survived because HubPages is my therapy. This community is a lot cheaper than a therapist and much more fun. I don't have to lay down on a cold, leather couch.

I get to sit in my comfy chair. I don't have a time limit of one hour, I can purge as long as needed! Nights, weekends, holidays...HubPages is there for me.

I did consider taking up drinking. Being the addictive person I am, I opted out, since that could have been trouble. I also had a few fellow hubbers suggest against it. That's what friends are for.

I've survived because I love humor! I have the gift of being able to laugh at anything at anytime or at anyone. My fellow hubbers are a hoot and holler! When I need a giggle or two I just hop on HP and I enjoy the ride.

I've survived because HubPages satisfies my hunger for learning. It's guaranteed that I learn something new every day. Whether it's by reading a hub or researching for a hub. New data will be entering my memory.

I am blessed with having become acquainted with so many talented, witty and sincere fellow hubbers. Cyber friends. Best friends. Friends for life. We understand each other and appreciate one another.

Spreading the sunshine

I survived three years on HubPages because I've learned that when you get burned out just walk away. Take a break. A day, week, month or year.

Priorities first, everything else comes next.

1. Houses need to be cleaned.

2. Families need to be fed.

3. Pets need their own lounging area.

4. Bathing is vital for survival.

5. Learn to do butt crunches in a seated position.

See how simple that is!

HubPages isn't going anywhere (we hope!) the community will be here when we return (we hope!). I've learned I'm not going to get rich writing here. It's never been about the money for me.

It's never been about writing a zillion hubs. It's never been about being most popular or number one. It's always been about spreading the sunshine and making a word at a time.

Thank you my fellow hubbers for being the amazing people you are. No matter what corner of the world you live you continue to touch my heart in one way or another. You continue to thrive and make Hubpages the best writing community on the web.

Thank you HubPages for giving us this outlet to have our voices heard. To make a difference. To teach others something they might not already know. To become friends with wonderful writers we might never have known.

I've survived this many years on HubPages because as we all know, time flies when you're having fun!

Happy Hubbin' Hubbers!

Destiny's Child - Survivor

© 2013 Linda Bilyeu


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