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How I received Google AdSense Approval for my HubPages account within a Month

Updated on September 3, 2016
felishiyafiamma profile image

Felishiya started writing at the age of 10. Since then, she has produced various articles in English and Spanish and few in French as well.

Google AdSense Approval E-Mail
Google AdSense Approval E-Mail | Source

Google AdSense is an advertising platform provided by Google that help website developers to earn revenue on the basis of the number of views of advertisements, which are maintained and administered by Google.

How Google AdSense works?

  • The Google webmaster adds a code into the webpages, which is the AdSense JavaScript code.
  • The code helps to generate advertisements based on the type of website as well as based on the viewers’ browsing history.
  • When the viewer visits the page, the owner of the website earns money due to the impression.
  • If the viewer clicks on an advertisement and accepts the service provided by that advertisement, then also the owner earns revenue as referrer.

I have three sections below that talk about;

#1 My Story of Google AdSense

#2 How can you get AdSense Approval for HubPages?

#3 How can you get your Website approved by AdSense?.

Along with the content, I have also mentioned the Highlights of my each section to ease your understanding. I hope it will help you.

— Felishiya Fiamma


  • Account Created: Last week, July, 2016
  • Published Articles: 10
  • Applied for AdSense: Second Week, August 2016
  • Account Age at the time of Applying: Less than a month
  • Account Approved? Yes, at first try.

My Story

I signed up on HubPages in the last week of July, 2016 and then, published ten articles related to the Fashion and Beauty, before applying for Google AdSense. As stated by HubPages that ten quality hubs (articles) are recommended to publish, before applying for Google AdSense.

I was done with my ten hubs in the starting week of August, 2016. Though, few of them did not get featured the first time, I had to read them again and again and do some minor changes. Finally, my all ten hubs were featured and I applied for Google AdSense in the second week of August, 2016. So, it was hardly three weeks, when I started using HubPages.

It was hard to believe that I got my Google AdSense approval within less than two days. I said “hard to believe” because it is clearly mentioned that Indian and Chinese people should apply for Google AdSense only after six months of their signup. Also, if they apply before the mentioned time, then the application, most probably, will not be accepted.

My Profile @FelishiyaFiamma
My Profile @FelishiyaFiamma

How to get Google AdSense Approval on HubPages as soon as possible?

Here are some points that I followed, I hope it will be beneficial for you too:

Before applying, I did lots of research on “Getting Google AdSense Approval for HubPages Account”. There were plenty of worthy results that helped me to understand the in-depth knowledge of the process.


(Important fields to be Filled up before Applying)

  • Profile Picture
  • Real Name
  • Complete Location
  • Biography

Set up your Profile (100% Complete)

  • Add a good profile picture to your account. It is better to add your own picture.
  • Write your real name. (If you are not using your real name, then mention it in your bio. The rest depends on the type of name chosen by you.)
  • Do not forget to fill in your location. It is important.
  • Write a clear and detailed bio of yourself in pure English. Adding a little humour is also acceptable.
  • Include your social media account links (Your social media accounts do not play any role in getting the Google AdSense Approval. This is just to monetize your work, when your earning program actually starts.). If you are adding them, make sure that they are not broken links.
  • That’s all. You are done with your profile set up.


(Points to bring Quality in your Hubs)

  • Give Self-explanatory Title
  • Write Summary without any phrase of the Whole Content
  • Add lots of Capsule, without breaking the sense
  • Use pure English
  • Write at least 1000 words in each Hub

Quality Hubs

  • Your Hub title and content must justify each other.
  • Write a good summary that is effective enough to give the clear idea of what you are writing about in your Hub.
  • While writing Hub, make sure you have added right images with your content as well as other required capsules such as poll, video are also appropriate.
  • Though having quality content matters more than other added capsules, yet they give your Hub a more vivid and precise view, which is good.
  • There MUST not be any profanity or use of wrong English in your content. If you are using some links that redirect to another Hub of yours or to some other websites; make sure they are not broken. This is important to keep an eye on.
  • Other most important point is to write at least 1000 words in each of your Hub. More than that is always pretty awesome, less than that umm... Write more Hubs. If you wish to get approval with only 10 hubs, then it's a bitter truth, but you got to write 3000+ words in your hub. Google AdSense loves content, you know.
  • The Hubs must be free from plagiarism.
  • When I applied for Google AdSense, each of my Hubs had at least 2000 words. Some of them were more than 2500 words as well. Later, I had to cut them short because it was really getting cumbersome.
  • How many views you are receiving per day for each Hub matters the least to Google AdSense.



  • Use languages, only mentioned in Google AdSense Policies
  • Create a file Robots.txt
  • Location of file:
  • Add Analytics API
  • Add Sitemap
  • Add static pages containing at least 700 words
  • No plagiarism
  • Responsive Web Pages

How to get Google AdSense Approval for your Website?

  • Getting AdSense Approval for HubPages is easier than for a website. Since, most of the points are already taken care of by HubPages. But, for a website, you have to do everything from the scratch. Here are some tips that will help you to get your Google AdSense application approved in a short time.
  • Write good and pure English. If your site is not in English, then check out the list of languages supported by Google AdSense.
  • Make sure you have a file named robots.txt in your web folders that should open in the browser with URL Robots.txt file is used by Google Webmaster to crawl your pages.
  • Do add Google Analytics API to your web pages before applying. This is not mandatory, but recommended. It will help you to keep track of the rate of traffic on your website per day and also help to estimate the daily unique visitors.
  • Also add a sitemap to your website, which is a summary of your all web pages and contents.
  • No matter, what type of site you are building, it is mandatory to have following pages:
  1. Contact Us Page
  2. Terms of Use/ Terms of Service/ Terms and Conditions/ Terms
  3. Privacy Policy
  4. Disclaimer Policy
  5. Cookie Policy
  6. Copyright Infringement

If you do not wish to make a separate web page for 3, 4, 5 and 6 and add it in your terms, then also it works fine.

  • Most importantly, you need to make sure that each of your web pages contains at least 500-700 words so that it can be crawled by search engine.
  • Do not forget to leave some space in your web pages to add the Google Ads. It is already known to most of the people that if you are not displaying Google Ads in your web pages, after getting approval from Google AdSense. It can cause your account to get banned.
  • Write plagiarism-free content and the images used by you must not come under copyright infringement. If you are using images, which is not from public domain and do not belong to you as well, then get proper permission from its owner and do not forget to add attribution with it.
  • Also, do not forget that all your web pages must be responsive enough to fit every device screen resolution. This is something AdSense surely considers before approving your application.
  • These are some basic points to be kept in mind when you are planning to apply for Google AdSense.

All the Best…!!!


This video will help you understand the Payment Process of Google AdSense...


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    • Noa Keshet profile image

      Noa Keshet 2 months ago from Israel

      Thank you for a very helpful hub. I'm new to Hubpages, and also planning to complete 10 articles and then apply for AdSense.

    • felishiyafiamma profile image

      Felishiya Fiamma 11 months ago

      And welcome to HubPages, Sherry. Hope you will like this place..!!

    • Sherry Lynn-0311 profile image

      Sherry Lynn 11 months ago from St. Louis

      Most welcome.

    • felishiyafiamma profile image

      Felishiya Fiamma 11 months ago

      Thank you Sherry...

    • Sherry Lynn-0311 profile image

      Sherry Lynn 11 months ago from St. Louis

      That's amazing. Congratulations!

    • felishiyafiamma profile image

      Felishiya Fiamma 11 months ago

      you mean "your passion".

      thank you wastatus

    • wastatus profile image

      Ajay Malik 12 months ago from india

      Getting adsense approval is great .Now you can turn tour passion into money ,Congratulation fiamma