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How Much You Will Earn From Google Adsense for Contents for Every Click

Updated on September 9, 2011

Google Pays 68% Revenue To Adsense For Content Publisher

Google has been secretive with these information on how much Google Adsense publishers earn from every click from Google Adwords ads displayed on your blogs and articles. This information is no longer secret and Google Company has disclosed what publisher is getting from advertiser’s bids. Now as a publisher you will be able to know how much you will expect from any particular keyword you are targeting and this gives you more information on how to analyze your keyword for profit.

The following are how earning are shared between publishers and Google

  1. Google Adsense for Contents

For those that are new with Google adsense for contents, these are the Google ads that appears on your blog as advertisement from Google, they place these ads based on the content of your blog, so if your blog is concern with making money with Google Adsense online your blog will display how to make money advertisement which you can you will be able to see on your site. The owners of these adverts pay Google based on the number of clicks the adverts received from your blogs and Google shares this money with you. The ratio of how much this money was calculated was kept secret until recently Google made it clear on how much you get from each click. Google will pay you 68% for any visitor that clicks on its ads. If the advertiser paid $2 as Cost per Click then you will receive 68% of this amount

“AdSense for content publishers, who make up the vast majority of our AdSense publishers, earn a 68% revenue share worldwide. This means we pay 68% of the revenue that we collect from advertisers for AdSense for content ads that appear on your sites. The remaining portion that we keep reflects Google's costs for our continued investment in AdSense"...

With this information you are at a better position to know how much your intended keyword is going to pay rather than not knowing how much to get per click. As a publisher the higher your CPC you target the better your earning will be and the lower CPC you target the lower your income will be

With this information you will make more informed choices that will improve your Google Adsense earning, or even when getting started with Hubpages there are ups and downs as it happened to me How I made $50 from Google Adsense with 50 hubs. This was my first year and the traffic was not coming until I learned about the Top 4 ways to drive traffic and earn more, my earning and traffic have been steady month after month as you will find out on My Google Adsense Monthly Earning Journal”. Taking part in the30 Day hub challenge” is the

most turning points in my writing career when I was able to see the potential of making money on hubpages by writing some useful 30 hub in 30 days. To increase my earning online Twitter came just at the right time and getting backlinks and making money is no longer an uphill task

Getting started with Google Adsense as a publisher you need to know all about what happens when you write articles with less keyword rich text, Google will display Public service Ads on your articles and this will earn you no money, learn more about Google Public Service Ads and How to Avoid them.

Other than Google Public Service Ads you need to know about Google Smart Pricing, Google Smart pricing will cost money if you are targeting high ranking keywords but you are not providing enough text to your article, read more and how to avoid Google Smart Pricing here: Google Adsense Smart Price and What You are Missing

Writing good and informative hubs is the best way to earn continuous online passive income from Google and any other affiliate programs like Amazon, find out the 4 ways to earn passive income online while writing at Hubpages here: “How Hubpages Writers are Earning Passive Income” .

Many new hubbers quit quite early before earning any money online from the 4 methods of affiliate programs offered by hubpages namely: Google Adsense, Kontera, Amazon and eBay and other Google Adsense Alternatives. There are so many reasons why most new hubbers can’t wait for at least one year before getting their first checks as you will find out why most hubbers fails to make money writing


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