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Getting Interviewed on HuffPost Live

Updated on August 28, 2014

It started with an email...

Have you ever wondered how regular people find their way onto TV and other news sources like HuffPost Live? I found out the answer to that question one day when I got an email from a HuffPost Staffer. The subject line of the email was simply, "HuffPost Live segment today." I nearly deleted the email because I thought it was spam. Then, as I read the email a second time, I realized it was the real deal!

Hi! I hope this e-mail finds you well. My name is _____, and I work at HuffPost Live, the Huffington Post's live online video streaming network. I am contacting you because I'm currently working on a segment for today at 4:30pm ET and I was hoping you would be able to join us as a guest via webcam. I saw a post you wrote about how the summer can make people irritable and uncomfortable. I thought you would be a great guest for this segment. Let me know if you're interested and available to join us for the 20-minute live conversation. Thank you and looking forward to your e-mail response!

Seriously... me on HuffPost Live? Because of a Hub I wrote a few years ago and forgot all about?

The Huffington Post, an online newspaper, also runs a live-streaming, online news network called HuffPost Live. HuffPost Live features short, real-time interviews in a fun atmosphere. The interviews on the website often feature regular people, rather than the pundits and politicians usually seen on prime-time news programs. It's more relaxed than the "regular" news, but... would I really be able to pull off an interview there?

The HuffPost Live team!
The HuffPost Live team!

HuffPost Live Read My Hub?

In all honesty, it was a little embarrassing to be noticed because of my Hub. I was proud of my writing, but I was worried that it came across as whining. You see, I wrote a Hub about Summer Seasonal Affective Disorder (otherwise known as Summer SAD). This is a serious disease that many people struggle with for months of the year. It can tremendously affect their daily lives, and cause everything from a slight case of the blues to full-blown depression.

In my case, however, I just wrote about how I really, really hate summer. I don't suffer from serious depression in hot weather; I just dislike the months of June through August. They're sweaty, they're sticky, and barbecues are a heck of a lot of work. My Hub was informative... but it was also whiny. It was complain-y. What can I say; I wrote it during summer!


Video check... sound check!

Once I realized that the email was for real, I quickly decided to go for it. What did I have to lose? I fired off an email to the HuffPost Live staffer, and she quickly wrote back. Would I be available for a video and sound check in an hour? Uh... sure!

I was pretty nervous as I opened up my Skype account. Fifteen minute after our video check was supposed to begin (news people are busy!), a young woman's face appeared on my computer screen. It was the HuffPost staffer, and she was obviously in the control room of the studio. So cool! She helped me adjust my location so the light was better. I felt a little embarrassed about sitting on my couch, but my apartment doesn't exactly have any professional looking areas. Oh well!

This is what a HuffPost Live interview looks like.  See the "regular person" Skyping in?
This is what a HuffPost Live interview looks like. See the "regular person" Skyping in?

Three, two, one... You're on air!

The actual interview was really fun. It was also extremely surreal! Because of sound issues, every "regular person" guest (there were 3 of us) had to use cell phones rather than our computer microphones. Even so, I could still hear everyone else that was talking, and I could hear the host asking questions. It all sounded so professional! I practically cracked up a few times just thinking about the bizarre coincidences that had led to this moment. A few hours earlier I had practically deleted an email that I thought was spam, and now I was a guest on HuffPost live as a result of a Hub! It was an exciting and humbling experience, and it reminded me that we never know what far-reaching consequences even our smallest actions may have.

Watch the Video!

Participating in a HuffPost Live segment was lots of fun. It also solidified my desire to express my thoughts through writing rather than on television! If you'd like to watch the video of my segment, you may do so on the HuffPost Live archives.

My real name is Angela Nilles, and yes, it's true... I hate summer!

HubPages: The Little Website That Could (and Does!)

How about you? Have you had any cool or unexpected experiences as a result of HubPages? Please share your experiences below as encouragement to all of us Hubbers!

© 2014 hazelbrown


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    • zacharybrown profile image

      Zachary Brown 2 years ago from Seattle, WA

      What a cool occurrence that came from a forgotten Hub! Thank you for sharing the experience!

    • Brie Hoffman profile image

      Brie Hoffman 2 years ago from Manhattan

      Awesome. I had a reporter from Reuters who interviewed me for an article about living a credit card free life. I thought it was pretty cool to be interviewed by Reuters based on a hub I wrote a long time ago as well. I also thought it was interesting that he couldn't find a single sole that lived without credit cards.

    • hazelbrown profile image

      hazelbrown 2 years ago from Central PA

      Thanks zacharybrown and Brie!

    • Kathleen Odenthal profile image

      Kathleen Odenthal Romano 2 years ago from Bayonne, New Jersey

      how incredible and encouraging! congrats on such a huge accomplishment! voted up and pinned!

    • hazelbrown profile image

      hazelbrown 2 years ago from Central PA

      Thanks, Kathleen! It was really fun!

    • Dreamhowl profile image

      Jessica Marello 2 years ago from United States

      That is so awesome, congrats on the interview! HubPages really seems to help build an online presence over time. It is an encouraging thought. :)

    • hazelbrown profile image

      hazelbrown 2 years ago from Central PA

      Thanks so much, Dreamhowl! I agree, it's amazing what HubPage can do. After years on HubPages with nothing much happening, I'm just beginning to earn (a little) money. The work is finally paying off!

    • Turtlewoman profile image

      Kim Lam 2 years ago from California

      Awesome opportunity! Congrats!

    • hazelbrown profile image

      hazelbrown 2 years ago from Central PA

      Thanks, Turtlewoman!

    • susi10 profile image

      Susan W 2 years ago from The British Isles, Europe

      Wow, that sounded like an amazing experience! All from one hub. The HuffPost team are always scouring the net, looking for new content and you were one of them. Congrats and well done!

    • Torrs13 profile image

      Tori Canonge 2 years ago from California

      That's so awesome! It's amazing how writing can pay off even after it has been published for a few years. I'm glad to hear that there are still shows that want to talk to real people rather than celebrities or politicians. Awesome work and keep on writing!

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