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How To Change Amazon Associates Primary Email Address

Updated on October 28, 2012

Amazon Associates

Amazon Associates
Amazon Associates | Source

Few Steps to Follow

I am again here with another post on changing your Amazon Associates primary email address. You can easily assign new primary email address to Amazon Associates. Just follow following given steps:

  1. Log in to your Amazon Associates.
  2. On top right side click on Account Settings link. This will take you to Your Associates Account page.
  3. Now under Account Information section click on option Manage account users and select your primary e-mail address. This will take you to another page.
  4. There under Add a New User section enter your new email address (which you want to make primary) and click on Send Invitation button.
  5. Now check your email (i.e. new email) inbox. You will find an email like Invitation to become an Amazon Associates Central user. Open it and click on the invitation link.
  6. By clicking on the invitation link as mentioned above, you will be taken to a new page where you have to enter your email address (same as in step 4 and 5.). They will also ask you to enter Amazon password. If you already have an Amazon account associated with this email address (new one), then you can enter that there and click on Log-in button. But if not, then click on Create Account button provided there. This will take you to another page. There you can register you new account and click to submit. You will get a code you can just ignore it.
  7. Now again log in to your previous Amazon Associates account. Click on Account Settings link that is provided on top right side.
  8. Now on Your Associates Account page under Account Information section click on option Manage account users and select your primary e-mail address.
  9. On this new page allow access to your new email address. And then drag down to come to Manage Account Users section. There you can make new email address as primary and also you will find an option to delete the previous one. Completed.


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    • profile image

      James Artre 4 years ago

      Here is what I received from Amazon on this issue, it worked!



      We ask all customers to change their e-mail addresses directly on our website, to ensure that the person requesting the change knows the password for the existing customer account. We appreciate your patience with our security measures.

      To change your primary e-mail address on your Associates account, you'll need to change the e-mail address on your retail account. Since the two accounts are mapped together, changing the retail e-mail address will automatically change the e-mail address associated with your Associates account as well.

      Please update your e-mail address online by visiting Your Account (, and clicking "Change Account Settings" in the Settings section.

      Once you see the confirmation screen, you can begin using the new e-mail address to access Associates Central.

      I hope this helps! We look forward to seeing you again soon.

      Best regards,

      Jill R.


      Hope this helps!


    • profile image

      Amanda Hagarty 5 years ago

      You are making things way too complicated. To Change your Associates primary e-mail, all you have to do is change your regular Amazon account email. Go to

    • profile image

      agus 5 years ago

      thank's for your information

    • vermazone profile image

      Amit Verma 5 years ago from India

      Thank you yougotme. I visited your hub page. You are really an excellent writer.

    • yougotme profile image

      Renz Kristofer Cheng 5 years ago from Manila

      Great Efficiently outlined procedures! We'll never know when we will be needing this. Voted up and helpful!