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How To Come Up With A Idea For a Blog Topic or Hubpages Hub

Updated on September 8, 2010

Can't think of what to blog or write about.

Everyone has this problem at some time or another.  I have had this happen many times and pull my hair and go "I can't think of what to blog about".  Their are many things that you can blog about.  Their are some many ways to cure this bloggers block.  I have a 4 step method that will clear your mind and boom you have a new idea.

Clear Your Mind

I go to Youtube and listen to a song or two.  I sing along to the lyrics and it gets my mind turning and helps think of thing some times.  Also singing a long is good way to not think of your blog.  Because if you have bloggers block and you keep thinking about it, it only makes it worse for you.  The more and more you think about it you become frustrated and not able to think then when you do come up with something it's not a good idea or you can't think of enough to write a good hub on it.

Read a Blog

Reading some one elses blog is a good idea for ideas or even to calm your mind down.  My favorite two blogs are

Take a look around and write.

Looking around your office or room that your are in will give you an idea for your hub. Like right now i'm sitting in my office looking at my fish tank next to me and decided to write a blog and hub on how to breed my fish that were breeding at the time. So it was easy because they were breeding right in front of me and made it easy to write without thinking. The easiest things to write about are things that jump out at you. Say you have a cat or dog write about something funny they did or even take a video of it. People always love dog or cat stories. It's something people can relate to.

Think of Money. Let money run your mind.

When you can't really think of what to write about think about money.  Yes I said it MONEY!!!.  This is a motivator for anyone when you think about money it can give you all sorts of ideas for writing and people love it when you write about money, how to make it, where to make it, how to make more of it and so on.  So this is my last thing i think of because it never seems to fail when it comes to motivating me.  People say money makes the world go round. Well it makes your mind go round to with ideas.  Theirs nothing wrong with making a little money from your ideas.  I like to try to invent things or make a service people love.


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    • RealHousewife profile image

      Kelly Umphenour 6 years ago from St. Louis, MO

      Great hub! Thanks for excellent ideas:)