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How To Customize Your Hubpage's Look

Updated on December 5, 2012

After going through people's Hub's, I noticed they were still pretty much all the same.And when I went to recheck everything before publishing mine. I thought to myself, "I need multiple page divider's".All of my content was stuck together, and I couldn't handle it.

So, I want to help everyone else by showing you how to customize your hub with banner's and page divider's.

Did you know that having a page divider can increase your traffic? Not only did they increase my score, but they help you get returning visitor's.

Follow me if you would like to keep updated with stuff you can add to your hubpages.I update ALL of my hub's atleast 3 times a week.My content is always fresh.

You can use these wonderful little banner's to show your Capsule Subtitle.You must leave the text field empty.

To make one:

  1. Open up paint on your computer, and make a large white banner, then save it
  2. Go to, open the white banner
  3. Use the font feature, and put multiple "title's"..The one's you are going to use for your hub
  4. Now, save the banner..Then crop the small banner's one by one. (I crop one, save it, then use undo so I can do the next one)

Banner's can be used for many thing's on your hub.

  • To make capsule title's
  • To personalize your hub
  • To promote something

I like to think of banner's as the middle man of a photo and page divider.

For example, you can put a big banner at the very top,saying welcome, and a smaller one at the bottom saying Come back again.


Page divider's help separate your content.The brain can often pass important information because it get's tired after a few paragraphs.

It's important to use thinner divider's between your content.

You can add a divider by using a photo capsule between your text capsule's.


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