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How To Get Indexed By Google

Updated on August 14, 2009

How To Get Indexed By Google

If you follow these steps the end result will be that your WebSite or Blog will be indexed by Google. Step 1. Write a 300 word article about something related to your WebSite or Blog. Step 2. Submit the article to Rank 6) or a Page rank 6) Step 3. Make sure when you fill out the form about the author you link back to your site. Step 4. For maximum effectivness, submit one article to and another entirely different article to If you go through these steps exactly as written Google will follow your links from those sites to your site and will "index" it which means they will then include it in the SERP(Search Engine Results Page). I can not stress more the importance of getting indexed by Google. Besides creating your site this is the most important step. You can have the best Affiliates on your site and the best WebSite or Blog on the Internet and not make any money. Once you are indexed by Google and your site starts to get more and more hits you will start making money. Also be very patient and don't give up. No one, and I mean NO ONE starts out making a lot of money. The money will come as long as you stay the course which means UPDATE DAILY with ORIGINAL CONTENT. As your Site grows you can then start shopping for Affiliates to add to your site which will bring in more revenue.


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