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How To Insert Links In Your HubPages Hubs

Updated on July 23, 2013

This is a simple tutorial covering the basics of how to insert links into your hubs referencing articles by other 'Hubbers', external reference sources or links to further reading. All of which should benefit your readers and provide them with additional information.

This Hub will cover:

  • How to insert a link to another Hubpages Hub
  • How to insert a link to an External Webpage
  • I will explain how to use the 'suggest links' option when editing to quickly find other hubs to link to.
  • How to insert an anchor text link to another hub or external page in a text capsule.
  • How to insert a link by using the links capsule when creating or editing your hub.

How To Insert A Link To Another HubPages Hub

The following method using HubPages' 'suggest links' feature is probably the simplest:-

If you look up at the top of your page when you are viewing a Hub you have already published, you will see a black bar with the 'edit' 'stats' 'delete' and then in green, 'suggest links'. If you click this, another box will appear on the right hand side with 'Instructions'.

All you have to do is select a phrase on your hub of up to six words in length (in the same way that you highlight in wordprocessing by left clicking your mouse at the start of the phrase, holding the mouse button down and dragging it to the end of the text). This phrase should be representative of your hub so that if Hubpages finds a relevant hub, it will pop up a suggestion box with one or more hubs that you might like to link to. The title of the hub is highlighted in blue and mousing over the title will bring up a description of that hub so you can decide if a link to it is right for your hub. When you have chosen which to link to, you just click the + sign in the green circle to the left of that hub. When you have finished linking to other Hubs, just go back to the large box on the right hand side of your hub and click the 'stop suggesting links' button.

Using this method of linking to other Hubs will increase your Hub Karma score which is visible when you log into hubpages and which is one of the ranking factors determining your overall Hub Score.

Inserting an Anchor Text Link using the Text Capsule

This method can be used to insert a link either to another Hub or to any external webpage is by using anchor text. (Note: If you are not sure what I mean by 'anchor text' don't worry, you will find an explanation in the hub about anchor text links that I have provided a link to lower down the page).

Select the word or phrase in the text capsule of the Hub that you are creating or editing.

Highlight the word or phrase as described in the section above.

Then click with your left mouse button on the interlinked chain symbol in the editing tool bar of the capsule (there are two blue-grey bars at the top of your text capsule, the lower one has lots of symbols along it - the chain is the fourth icon from the right). You will only be able to click on this AFTER you have highlighted your anchor text, all the rest of the time, it is 'greyed-out'.

When you click on the chain, you get a box come up which gives you the option to link to a URL so you should enter in this box, the URL of another hub or any external web page that you want to link to and you can copy and paste this from the browser bar of the hub or web page when you are viewing it.

This box also gives you the option to search for a hub of your own (or another hubber) that contains the phrase and link to that, or to an Amazon product.

When you are happy, click 'insert' and that is your link created! If you find that you need to change it or delete it, highlight the anchor text again and click the broken chain in the editing tool bar (third icon from the right) - this will break the link and you can either leave it out, or reselect the text and create a new link to a different Hub or other external URL.

Inserting a Link using the Link Capsule

Inserting a Link Capsule into your new Hub will enable you to provide one or more links to other Hubs or external web pages.

When you are building your hub and you get the little add sign, on the left hand side, just select Link from the types of capsules available with the 'add' positioned where you want it to go.

Simple click on the edit button of the link capsule and you will see a box to enter a URL. Paste the URL of the hub or webpage you want to link to and click the 'Add Link' button.

The information for your URL link will appear in a new box, click the 'Test' button next to it. This will verify that there are no mistakes in the link and that it is working correctly.

Now you can edit the title of your link and write a brief description about it if you wish.

Once you are happy that everything is correct, click the 'Done' button.

As soon as you do this, a new, blank box for entering another URL appears above it. If you want to enter another link, enter it here and edit the title and add a description as above if you wish. If you only want one link, just click the save button at the top of the capsule and that is your link done and dusted!

Any time you want to remove a link, just edit the capsule and then click on the X in red beside the link to get rid of it.

Please Leave Me Your Comment

I hope you have found this HubPage on how to create links within your Hubs useful - whether you want to link to another Hub or to an external page. Happy Hubbing!

If so, please would you consider helping me to publicise this hub by clicking the twitter or facebook icons at the top of the page to share it with your friends? Also, please leave me your feedback in the comments section below.


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  • Alison Graham profile image

    Alison Graham 2 years ago from UK

    Hi, thanks for your comment peach purple - just for clarification, the cross through is only visible on my browser window and is due to a plug-in that is used to show all no follow links with a strike-through to differentiate them from follow links. Hope that helps - it is something I should have clarified.

  • peachpurple profile image

    peachy 3 years ago from Home Sweet Home

    i always use the link capsule to recommend my hubs but why do you cross out your hubs titles?

  • StoneCircle profile image

    Susan McLeish 4 years ago from Rindge, NH

    Thanks for helping me out on how to create an anchor text within my hub. Going to keep referring back to this hub to improve on my meager beginnings.

    Thumbs up Interesting

  • kellyteam profile image

    Willette 4 years ago from Michigan

    Thank you for this hub. I have in the past linked to another's hub and could not for the life of me remember how I did it. this is very helpful information and is definitely worth a share. Thumbs up and awesome.

  • Alison Graham profile image

    Alison Graham 5 years ago from UK

    I am glad that you found the content useful Ethan and I hope it helps you to get your excellent hubs to an even wider audience. I have just read your hub about sleep and insomnia - - really helpful and a top quality hub.

  • Ethan Green profile image

    Ethan Green 5 years ago from England


    I have to say a massive thank you for this hub and your others on creating links. I am new to Hubpages, and have quickly realised that it's probably best to learn all this stuff about links early on. So, after much searching, I came across your hubs, and have found them to be brilliant in showing me in an easy to understand manner what I need to do to give my hubs a fighting chance.

    I can't thank you enough!


  • ChristyWrites profile image

    Christy Birmingham 5 years ago from British Columbia, Canada

    Hello, I found your hub very useful and I included it in my newest hub. Thanks for the information you provided. Here is the link to my hub:

  • profile image

    jenubouka 6 years ago

    The anchor text bit I did not know, very good to have learned.

    Thank you!

  • Alison Graham profile image

    Alison Graham 6 years ago from UK

    Thanks @gabgirl12, I am glad to hear that you found the information here and on the referral tracker hub helpful. Your comment really encouraged me as I have neglected my HubPages writing lately and motivated me to get back to it!

    Thanks again


  • gabgirl12 profile image

    gabgirl12 6 years ago

    I actually learned how to work the referral tracker through your hubs awhile back. And your hubs on how to work these pages are very instructional step by step. Thanks for all you do!

  • Emma Harvey profile image

    Emma Harvey 6 years ago from Berkshire, UK

    fantastic hubs. Loads of useful information to help everyone out. Thank you.

  • Alison Graham profile image

    Alison Graham 6 years ago from UK

    Thanks @Au fait - glad you found the information on including links in hubpages articles useful. Good luck with your writing and welcome to hubpages.

  • Au fait profile image

    C E Clark 6 years ago from North Texas

    I am just now thinking about writing on Hubs and I was wondering how to go about inserting a link in the text of a Hub if that were to make sense in one of my articles. I haven't even written a profile or done much yet beyond registering. I'm still trying to learn -- and there is so much to learn! It was helpful to find your instructions and to discover even more information on 'links' than I had even thought to ask about at this point. I'm bookmarking this Hub for future reference, so please don't remove it. Thank you for your good and clear instructions/advice.

  • Alison Graham profile image

    Alison Graham 6 years ago from UK

    Hi Romano, yes you are corrected about the sites we are no longer allowed to link to from our hubs - nevertheless, being able to link to other sites is useful and being able to link to an 'authority' site to add value for the reader may be beneficial for the hub itself in the eyes of google et al.

  • Romano Arnesto profile image

    Romano Arnesto 6 years ago from Philippines

    The link capsule is very useful in HubPages. I've been using it, too, but there are sites that's been prohibited to be linked with HP.

  • Alison Graham profile image

    Alison Graham 6 years ago from UK

    Thanks alzel, glad you found the information on inserting links into hubpages helpful.

  • alzel127 profile image

    Alex Zelahy 6 years ago from Indiana

    Very helpful. Thanks

  • Alison Graham profile image

    Alison Graham 6 years ago from UK

    Hi WoodsmensPost, thanks for your comment and encouragement - I think this is the area that I want to specialise in, trying to provide clear and simple information for those new to writing and earning online about the basic things that can cause so much frustration trying to work out!

  • WoodsmensPost profile image

    WoodsmensPost 6 years ago from Arizona

    Well this was a very helpful hub with a step by step guide to inserting links on hubpages. Very well written and great information Alison. This is a very useful hub for anyone who is in need of understanding how to create links. Great hub !!!

  • Alison Graham profile image

    Alison Graham 6 years ago from UK

    thanks ahsima, no you cannot add hyperlinks to comments. Urls will be linked though (as you can see in the comment you left) - however, unlike in hubs, ALL links in comments are NOFOLLOW.

  • Alison Graham profile image

    Alison Graham 6 years ago from UK

    Hi Maggie, thanks for leaving me your comment. Hope you will find the information useful in your hubbing.

  • Maggie.L profile image

    Maggie.L 6 years ago from UK

    Another very informative hub - well explained and easy for us newcomers to understand. Thanks again.

  • Alison Graham profile image

    Alison Graham 6 years ago from UK

    Hi chspublish, once you have got the hang of links, take a look at my hub about using your hubpages tracker code in links to other hubs (see the link above). Thank you for your comment.

  • chspublish profile image

    chspublish 6 years ago from Ireland

    A great hub for those of us, still finding our way in hupageland.

  • Alison Graham profile image

    Alison Graham 6 years ago from UK

    Terry, thanks for your lovely comment, I just know that you are going to make a huge success of your online marketing. I do enjoy teaching and this is definitely an area that I would like to move into as my online career progresses!

  • Alison Graham profile image

    Alison Graham 6 years ago from UK

    Robert, many thanks for leaving a comment and I am glad my answer to your question has proved helpful. Please check out the new blog that I have started, - it is very new so there is not much content yet but I hope you will bookmark it for reference as I intend to build it into a 'how to' resource for anyone new to online marketing. All the best with your hubs - to your success!

  • profile image

    Terry Bass 6 years ago

    Being one of the drowning suspects that you rescued, I have so much praise to give you, as your instructions of explaining the A to Z of where I went wrong, to how I got it all fixed - proved to be an absolute godsend.

    I can seriously now see how you have written over 100 hubs Alison, you eat sleep and breath this stuff don't you and topping it up with the helpfulness that shone through your helping hand, was something that I believe you just do because it's your nature.

    I never even asked for help, you just read my hub and asked me if you could suggest something and I'm so glad you did. You then went on even further and helped beyond what I had seriously wished for.

    Alison, keep up the great work and as for your help, I owe you big time :-)

  • profile image

    Robert Veight 6 years ago

    Alison, thank you for getting back to me so quickly with this imformative hub. I read the first part and immediately went back and created links to others hubs. Now I'm back reading your second part about anchor links and using the link capsule. Honestly, I'm very new to this stuff, and I'm moving a bit slow. But thanks again!

    Oh, BTW - I have bookmarked a couple of your hubs.