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How To Make $500 Per Month As A New eBayer

Updated on June 26, 2016

From $0 to $500 In 30 Days

How To Make $500 Per Month While Building Your eBay Account

I've been selling on eBay for years. My main account has very strong feedback, over 3500 positive reviews. I also have a high sales rank in all the major categories I sell within. I kind of forgot how challenging it is as a new eBay seller trying to break in.

Recently, I started a new business and launched a new eBay store. Despite my items being not only better, but more competitively priced than my competition I'm running into the problem of my items not selling. This is because not only does this new account have little feedback, I also don't have any sales rank in the categories I'm trying to sell in. This is a huge obstacle to overcome for new eBay sellers.

In the past something I've done to overcome this is price my items ridiculously low and sell at a loss to build up some feedback and sales rank, or to buy popular selling items, and again, sell them at a loss to build up my account.

Those days are over. I now use a method where not only do I build up my account, feedback, and sales rank, but I make over $500 a month while doing it. Read ahead to learn how I do it.

FREE Inventory

Flipping topics for a second were going to talk about selling on Amazon. Amazon is a competitive market. Similar to eBay, Amazon sellers need sales rank personally, but they also need their products to be well reviewed so that they can A. show up in search, and B. in turn sell their products.

Because of this Amazon sellers give away free and discounted products in return for buyers leaving an honest review of the product on their Amazon page. We are going to leverage this into helping us make money on eBay.

There's a host of sites like ReviewKick.Com and AMZReviewTrader.Com. These sites are basically shopping platforms where Amazon sellers list their products which they are offering for free, and you can request them. The seller will approve your request and send you a code which you will plugin during checkout which will make the product free.

Now all in all there's well over 40 sites and e-mail lists where buyers like you and I can signup to get free products. You can see the entire list HERE.

Now assuming your already signed up as a seller on eBay your next step will be to start requesting free products from Amazon sellers. Once you get the product test it out and leave an honest review for the seller. The item is now yours and you can list it for sale on eBay.

Now don't expect to get the full retail value, and keep in mind anything you make is 100% profit. The goal is not to get rich off selling these items, though since it's all free, it's fairly easy to make around $500 a month reselling these items. The ultimate goal behind this is to build your account as a new seller to the point where you have feedback and sales rank which will in turn help you rank higher in searches when you sell anything on eBay, whether it's free items or other items you've chosen to sell.

Now why is this method so valuable? As I mentioned, in the past to build up new eBay accounts I've actually had to spend hundreds of dollars basically giving away products just in order to get picked up by search and sell. Several years ago when starting a new eBay account I actually bought 150 iPod remotes. I knew they were popular and would sell. I bought them for $5 a piece. I listed them at auctions for 0.99 cents with free shipping and no reserve. While some did sell for $8 or $9, many sold for 99 cents. I didn't really care at the time as my goal was not to make money, just build up the account. The point is however, you don't need to spend your hard earned money to build up your eBay account. By leveraging these free Amazon giveaways you can get free products to resell on eBay. Not only are you building up your sales rank and feedback and building up your eBay account, your also making money while doing it.

Hope this helps out you new eBay sellers out there struggling to break in and sell!

How to get FREE eBay inventory to sell!
How to get FREE eBay inventory to sell! | Source


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