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Making Amazon Capsules more Effective

Updated on December 27, 2014

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Finding the Amazon Capsule

WHEN you write and publish a hub, you'll find at the right side of your web page a list of various capsules under the heading "Add Content Capsules" Upon feeling the need of using the amazon capsule, go see this list and click "amazon". It will give a downward running message called "Added Capsule Below". Go to the bottom end of your hub to look for the amazon capsule. This particular capsule shows the following contents- amazon, edit, double arrow, arrow pointing right, arrow pointing downward, arrow pointing upward and the red X, the delete button.

How to use the empty Amazon capsule

To use the empty amazon capsule, click Edit. This button opens and shows the following: save, discard changes, capsule subtitle, background, don't display this capsule, Then there is an instruction which says something like- There are two ways to activate this capsule. Choose names of specific products or key words.

I recommend "key words" for the simple reasons that making key words entail less memory work. Remembering the exact names of products is quite a feat whereas in forming keywords you can use or apply guesswork. So as I recommend, click "key words". By so doing, you'll be brought to a new face of the capsule where the following items are revealed- maximum number of items to display, keyword, product area. preview amazon results and clean everything and start over.

Illustration: Activating Amazon Capsule using "Key Words"

ILLUSTRATION: Let's say you want to display or advertise amazon's anti-H1N1 products. Go to the Capsule Subtitle and type a word or words that has a relation with amazon, H1N1 or swine flu virus. . So you type something like "Amazon Anti-H1N1 products" in the Capsule Subtitle. Since this will be publicly displayed, you and the general reading public will be guided accordingly that these are products against H1N1 Swine Flu Virus advertised by Amazon for sale. Next- go to the keyword. Type in here one or two words that you think is closely related to the products you are going to advertise. Say- "H1N1". So type H1N1 as keyword. Then click "Preview Amazon Results" to view four kinds of products related to the Swine Flu virus. Wrong formatted keywords may show no results or "No Amazon Results Found".

Regarding the number of products to display, we are limited to display only 4 products per capsule. It is fixed. You can display more than 4 products in your hub, if you will use 2 or more amazon capsules.

Use a keyword closely related to product for display

If clicking the keyword(s) produce no result, don't despair. Change and change and change your keyword until you hit the right one. Always see to it that your keyword is related to your Capsule Subtitle. Try to widen your horizon. Be creative. Do experiments. I knew you'll find thrill in this aspect. I recommend using one keyword. One keyword which is closely related to your targeted products for display is more effective but if your objective is to get the precise products, you may use two keywords. As I said. be creative. If you can get better results with 3 or more keywords, go on. There's no law to forbid us from doing so.

While working on your amazon capsule, click to put a check on the "Don't display this capsule" button. This means that your particular capsule is not yet ready for public viewing. When the capsule is ready for publication, click the save button. Be sure to click once more the "Don't display this capsule button " this time to erase the check mark so as to display the capsule publicly.

Click CESO button if not satisfied

When you opt to delete any change after clicking the save button, you can do so by clicking the "discard changes" button.

Set on the right side beside the Preview Amazon Results button is another button called, "Clean Everything and Start Over". This button as the name connotes cleaning or erasing the results that came out after clicking the "Preview Amazon Results. This is subjective on the part of the hubber. If he feels that the result after clicking the Preview Amazon Results is below par or is short of his expectations, he may click the CESO button to erase everything and start all over again until his expectations are met.

Beware of the Red X delete button

Once you're through working with the Amazon Capsule, don't fail to click its save button to save it, Then your next concern is where and how to place it within the entire hub in relation with other capsules.. This is an easy task. The buttons double arrow, arrow pointing right, arrow pointing down, arrow pointing upward are your handy tools to locate an effective place for your amazon capsule. Don't hesitate. Try to click the arrows. They zoomed to the direction where the arrow is pointing.

From my experience, I discovered that capsules located in the second column from the left can avail of the 3 colors which you can choose from as background color. How to do it? Click your choice of color from the Background button.

One very critical button which you must be aware of is the RED X or delete button. Don't ever click it just for the fun of it. It is found in all capsules. Inadvertently clicking a red X button will bring all the fruits of your 3-day or more toil to nothingness. So beware of the red X. Click it only when needed.

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    • nick071438 profile imageAUTHOR


      6 years ago from City of Catbalogan, W, Samar, Philippines

      DjBryle, I find your comment truly delighting and thanking you so much for the visit.

    • DjBryle profile image


      8 years ago from Somewhere in the LINES of your MIND, and HOPEFULLY at the RIPPLES of your HEART. =)

      This is a very helpful hub! Voted up and rated it useful! Thanks for sharing kabayan! =)


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