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How To Make Heart-Shaped Paper Clips For Valentine's Day

Updated on January 8, 2017
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Jean has a passion to create beautiful artwork, jewelry and home decor items which she sells online. She also loves to teach others how.

Valentine's Day Is All About Hearts And Flowers And Heart-Shaped Paper Clips

The ad that was playing all through Christmas in our town was “What do you get for the guy that has everything?” The answer of course was paper clips. That's not such a bad idea because there are some really different paper clips now that you can even make yourself. These days most of the paper clip colors and sizes are rather ordinary. If someone you know uses paper clips why not make them some different ones like heart -shaped ones for Valentine's Day? Today I'm going to show you how to make three different kinds of heart-shaped paper clips.

What Are The Best Type Of Paper Clips To Use?

Plastic coated paper clips are by far the easiest to work with. They look like this.

and this:

and this.

All metal paper clips like this tend to be very brittle and break easily, not to mention how hard they are on your fingers.

You can bend the plastic ones with your fingers but if you are bending a few of them you may want to use a pair of needle-nose pliers like this.

Heart Shaped Paper Clip Number One

This is a very simple single bend in the paper clip. You can copy the picture below. Orient the paper clip like the picture.

Place your needle nose pliers about the middle of the wire on the left hand side.

Bend the wire up and to the right like the picture.

Orient the bent paper clip so that it looks like this.

Heart-Shaped Paper Clip Number Two

There are two ways to make this type of paper clip. The first is to use the paper clips that you have straightened and the second is to use 24 gauge craft wire from the dollar store or a craft store. The craft wire gives a cleaner finished product as it is sometimes difficult to get the paper clip wire perfectly straight. For this paper clip it will be easier of you have a pair of round nosed pliers like this. If you don't have any, regular needle nose pliers will be fine.

So the first thing is to open up a paper clip and cut a length of craft wire the length of the paper clip wire.

Using the pliers bend a small loop at each end of the wire. The loops should face inward in the same direction on each end of the wire.

Using your fingers or the needle nosed pliers bend each side of the wire inwards towards the middle trying to keep the curve of the wire even on both sides so the back side of the loops are touching in the middle, just like the picture.

Heart-Shaped Paper Clip Number Three

You have now made heart paper clip number two. For paper clip number three you start with a similar piece of straight wire.

Bend the wire in half like so.

Using your fingers or the pliers to form one loop on either side that bends behind the straight sides of the wire, keeping the loops even on each side.

You can now wear your heart on your sleeve! And give some paper clip Valentines to the person who has everything.


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