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How To Make Money Blogging On Hub Pages

Updated on September 14, 2015

Know Who You Are Writing For

The First thing you need to understand about making money on HubPages is you need to be very focused about where your traffic is going to come from and how to write for that traffic.

There are three “main” sources of tragic you could target when writing for HubPages.

  • Direct Traffic = The HubPages Community
  • Social Traffic = Pinterest, Facebook, Twitter, etc. (Social Communities)
  • Organic Traffic = Traffic from Google, Bing, and Yahoo etc, (Search Engines)

A good hubber targets at least one; a great hubber targets at least two; a prolific hubber targets 3 or more, but the fact is, the majority of hubbers barely know how to even target one. knowing which traffic source you want and how to target it is the most important factor.

Writing For Direct Traffic

Type “HubPage Demographics” and look at the first two results to get some kind of idea of who the community is, but to summarize it a bit for you, They are:

Located In: United States, India, UK, Canada, Australia

Age Group: 18-34; Majority Women; College Educated; Have Children; Make less that 50K a years; Conservative; Interested In Beauty & Fitness, Leisure, Hobbies, Science, Home and Garden.

This is still pretty broad, but it’s a place to start, and if you think you know what these types of demographics like to read and you feel you can create awesome hubs about it, by all means go ahead.

Just know that you will have to take a “throw the spaghetti on the wall” approach and see what sticks until you figure out which of your hubs are the most popular and start producing more of that type of content. FYI: According to an email I received after publishing my 10th Hub, only 6% of hubbers make it past 10 hubs.

You have accomplished quite a feat; you have published ten Featured Hubs! And guess what? You are in the top 6% of Hubbers who achieved this milestone. Nice work!

Make sure you have interesting titles, and pictures, because when these hubs become visible to the Hub Pages community, that is what they will first see. That last suggestion goes for any writing, but it is more important for “Direct Traffic”.

Writing For Social Traffic

To be honest, I'm no guru about writing for social traffic or how to get that type of traffic, but I know some prolific writers on Hub Pages who do know how, maybe I’ll get them to write up a hub in the near future, but what I do know is that:

It’s best if you already have a social presence and followers, it is not necessary if you know how to use titles, tags and some social strategy.

You need a RFP (Ready For Pinterest) pictures for your pictures which can take a bit of time. And a catchy title, and of course, you need to write engaging content that will have lots of shareable content (Pictures, info graphs, etc. because your main source of traffic is social and the more shares the better.

This type of traffic can be viral one moment, and dead that next, or somewhere in between, again, you will have to take a ‘Throw the spaghetti on the wall and see what sticks” approach until you know what people want and start focusing on that type of writing.

Writing For Organic Traffic

This is my preferred method of focused writing simply because you already know there is some kind of demand for it because of googles keyword planner tool and if you do it right, you don’t have to write too many hubs before you start seeing results, but you have to make sure you do your keyword research properly.

If done properly, traffic is more or less consistent, and is not a “throw the spaghetti on the wall and see what sticks” approach. And there are a lot of Search Engine Benefits we have as hubbers being part of an already strong domain ( with untapped subdomains ( available to us.

Please note: I am not saying one method is better than the other, especially if you love writing and taking pride in your creative abilities. As I said before, a prolific hubber will know how to target all three traffic sources with engaging, shareable content no matter what the circumstance.

However many people are not blessed with those natural abilities, and I do believe there is one obvious winner If you goal is to make money in a reasonable amount of time. And that is by having a laser-like focus and knowing how to write and create hubs for your traffic source.

Finding content to write about does not have to be a labor intensive and creative task. The Hubbers approach to keyword research can help you uncover niches you never knew existed and lead give you some ideas to start writing about.

What source of traffic do you want to write for?

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