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How To Make Money With Hubpages 2014/2015

Updated on July 11, 2014

Making money with HubPages is very possible but how do you make it happen? There are a lot of people who have been looking for opportunities to earn extra income, especially when they do not have anything much to do. Others would also prefer to work at home during their most convenient time of the day and this is the reason why several online jobs or home-based work are available right now. Millions of people surf the internet everyday checking different posts from sites or doing some research about things that we want to know more about. The good thing about the availability of the online network is that you can create your own blog site, share your thoughts or posts that tell the world about your hobbies and other topics you find interesting.

HubPages is a community!
HubPages is a community! | Source

What is Hubpages?

In terms of blog sites, there are countless of them that exist right now. However, not most of the people are aware how our posts can actually help us earn extra money even when we are at home. Hubpages is actually a website that has given good opportunities for a lot of people worldwide. It has been at the top of the list of the most trusted websites wherein you can publish your own articles online. Articles or blogs that you posted on websites are often called as hubs. This innovative idea of creating money out of the things that you write about is really a great opportunity for everyone who needs not to be a great writer to excel in this field.

Topics in Hubpages actually depend on their writer's mood. It could be anything that goes into your mind that you feel like writing about. There is no limit to what kind of articles you will be writing on the website as long as you think would be interesting or fun to read for other people.

Hubpages would really be a good option for those people who really have the passion to write about their experiences, dreams and passions. Aside from doing the things that you love, you will be paid because of your posts or hubs. It would definitely be a great venue for extra income without going out of your own houses. In terms of legitimacy of the business, Hubpages has been around for quite a long time, so there is really no need to worry if this is a scam or not.

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How do we make money on Hubpages?

The main question right now is how exactly are we able to earn more with Hubpages by just posting our articles on the website. There are several ways to earn with Hubpages and the simplest way is to use Google AdSense.

The use of AdSense on your website allows you to display different ads on your site and you get paid by the number of times the visitors would click the ads. This is where you get your revenue as more and more people visits your site. Online user tools for AdSense enables the users to customize their desired advertisements that would appear on their personal site. You can have Text, Image or Video ads which will of course depend on what option that you will choose.

The AdSense program of Google enables you to have access to Google's thousands of advertisers which would mean that the more advertisers that you get, the greater the opportunity for you to earn more for your revenue. You will also get reports for your site traffic so that you will understand and monitor how your ads are actually doing in the past days or months.

The 10% Affiliate program of Hubpages provides you passive income when you refer someone to join HubPages. This works on the basis that the referral you sign up will write a post and publish it on Hubpages and then they too earn revenue from Google Adsense. From this revenue you will earn 10%! Pretty nice eh?

There are already people who have been earning $1000 - $2000 per month just with the revenues that they get from all their hubs. However, it will take quite some work to do to jumpstart your online writing career, which means that you really need to do some research and readings regarding how to do things the right way. Your hard work will definitely give you the income that you truly deserve.

What you need to create an article which makes money on HubPages.

Good Keyword Research
A Captivating Description
Well Written Content
Original Content
Content Which Makes You Want To Read More
Content Which Makes People Want To Share Your Article
Great Pictures
A Positive And Friendly Tone

Not Sure?

Creating and writing on HubPages may seem daunting but it really is easy. User-friendly and not to mention, a fun experience. Give it a try, you will not regret it!

How to start with Hubpages?

The first step to start with your online writing site is to sign up with Hubpages. You need to have your very own account before you can start writing your own articles. It would take you a few minutes setting up your own Hubpages account for free. You are also given the freedom to choose which design you would want to use for your first hub. Hubpages is very user-friendly and everything is very easy to understand once you are inside the members area. Once you have created your first hub, you need to sign up for your AdSense account and wait for your account approval. However it is probably best you create between 10 and 20 hub posts first so you can show Google you are a serious customer - otherwise you may be rejected.

Hubpages allows you to install your AdSense ID for your account so that you can now start receiving revenue from your ads which will be posted on your site. Once done with all these things, the best thing you will have to do is to do more keyword research and write good quality articles.


Key Things to Remember

When creating your hubs, you need to work on your keywords so that your articles can be easily found on search engines and begin your site traffic in the following days. Keywords are very necessary in improving the traffic for your hubs and you will soon be able to master the keyword research skill as you go better with your skills in writing.

Setting the title for your hub post will definitely be based on your keyword research. This is very crucial in your website's performance for the next few days after your post. Essentially the keyword is what your readers search for in the the search engines.

So, for example with this very post you are reading my keyword phrase is "How to make money with hubpages" Now if I have written a good article and done the correct research I will hopefully be on the first page of Google when people type those words into the search engine. There is more too it than that obviously but that is the basic part of it.

Doing keyword research will help you identify your target readers for your hub and this provides the right keywords or phrases that they might be searching. This is where you need to take advantage of knowing their highest keywords used and start writing your hubs related to your chosen keyword. A lot of individuals failed in the very first step in making the keyword research and this is the reason why there are hubs that are considered unsuccessful in gathering the right amount of traffic to get higher page rank.

What is really great about Hubpages is that it would not be too difficult to get higher page ranks because you can easily get direct links from other sites, thus, giving you more traffic and more possibility of earning from your ads. Always plan out the keywords that you will be choosing since this will be the key to earning your success in Hubpages.

Moreover, we have already mentioned a lot about the big importance of keyword research but other than that, we also have to consider the content of your hub. Choosing the topics for your hubs would depend on you and might as well start with the most interesting topic that you can think of or something that you are very passionate about. You can share some tips or advice for your readers, or try to find answers to some people's questions or solutions to their problems. Doing product reviews for those that you have tried at home would also be a good thing to write about. This is one way of drawing the attention of the internet users into your hubs.

Over the years, Hubpages has been providing good and useful information to the readers with the aid of its writers. A lot of people have already benefitted from joining the pool of writers in Hubpages. Most of them have a really strong passion for writing articles, but the best thing about writing your own contents is that, you also get paid. It may take some time before finally earning a big amount of money. However, with patience, perseverance and dedication, you will definitely be able to reach this point. This will be the job that will suit not just professionals, but also to students, mothers and businessmen. As long as you have the passion to write and you can write well, you can surely create your own hub page and enjoy the various benefits. You will meet and mingle with other writers. They do not just become your friends, but they will also help you improve the way you write, especially if you are still new in Hubpages. This is why Hubpages is one of the websites where you get to work and have fun at the same time. So stop wondering how to make money with hubpages and join up!


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