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How To Make Your Hubpages Shine

Updated on October 10, 2011

It is not only about wriitng

A 100 rank is not just about writing, you can see that just by looking at the hubs published by people who rank at the top.

1. You need to add images to each text capsule. An image counts as 1000 words, so each image you add to the text capsule adds 1000 words.

2. Add an Youtube video to each text capsule. A video is worth one million words and it is a great way to learn with almost no effort. A video related to the text capsule works the best.

3. Add links to pages related to the hubpage. The best links are those which link to another hubpage.

4. Write long articles with more than 3000 words! Longer articles rank higher on Google, Hubpages and also increases your hubscore.

5. Add keyword links to the text. Each link should go to another hubpage.

6. Add at least one unit of each kind on Hubpages, you should have a text capsule, an image capsule and a poll capsule and a video capsule.

7. Add more than once each capsule. I find that the higher the count, the higher my ranks are. For example, try to add 5 text capsules with 5 images 5 videos and also 5 polls, each poll for a different cause.

8. Make as many links as possible to other hubpages. RSS is a great way to make 8 links instantly. It will also give your readers the very latest content!

Networking works

I found out that commenting on other people hubs increased my rank.

I do not know why, I just know that it works.

If you search for good content and comment on other people's hubs you will also get a link back which is very useful to get more readers. You should spend an entire day of the week browsing good content and commenting.

Follow interesting people, this way content comes to you easily.


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