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How To Start A Blogging Career

Updated on November 14, 2012

This write-up is basically for newbies trying to start a blogging career but don’t know how and where to start. By the time you finish reading this write-up, I am very sure that you will find your way on how to start a blogging career, so adjust your reading glasses very well and read on.

Blogging is one of the lucrative careers you can start with little or no money and grow it to become a successful business. A blogging career can liberate you from being unemployed or underemployed, if you give it your best.

I recommend students start to develop a career in blogging because being a student will even give you an edge in the blogging business venture, how? Because you won’t be under pressure to monetize it, and you will have a lot of ideas and people to share your blog with whilst growing it for a better future even without knowing.

I started my blogging career as a student, and today, I can proudly tell you that it has been a profitable decision so far, and for that, I would like to encourage every student, youth and adult passionate about writing and discussing issues about life, to please start a blogging career.

I am very aware that so many people may not be comfortable with the idea of counseling every student to start a blogging career, maybe because they see it as a threat to their own blogging career, or because they believe it may lead to over-flooding of the blogging business venture. But I want to assure us all that the business of blogging is too large to accommodate every one of us comfortably. In order words, if you know what you are doing in terms of blogging, believe me, you don’t need to worry about others joining the business because creative people will always stand out in life.

Now, enough of the sermon, how do I start a blogging career?

How Do I Start An Online Writing Career?

Before you can start a blogging or online writing career, you must first of all understand what blogging is all about, so let’s first look at what blogging is.

A blog is an electronic journal where the owner (blogger) shares his or her views on any topic about life- love, romance, relationship, celebrity news, photo sharing, travel, vacation, education, employment, family issues, religion, animals and pets, wild life, military, literature, business ideas, marriage, etc. Therefore, the act of sharing your opinion, views, or ideas on any life topic or situation, using an electronic journal or simply a website, whether as a third party user or as a sole owner, it’s called blogging.

I started my blogging career as a relationship and romance writer, and fortunately for me, one of my write-ups drew international attention and won so many readerships online, to the extent that it made Google search engine first page with over 500 readers’ comments.

Now, one advice I have for you as a newbie blogger is this: be natural, write what you know and believe, don’t try to impress people and hence writing from other people’s experience and opinion; write your opinion in a very interactive approach that will carry your readers along as they read through. Also, be elaborate in your write-ups, and if need be, reference any source where you got some of your information, so that your write-up will look more appealing and authentic to readers. Try and avoid plagiarism at all time, and if you must copy from other writers or bloggers, please reference them as the original source of your information to avoid breaking copyright laws and to also avoid low ranking by search engines.

Choosing A Blogging Platform

Now that you know what blogging is all about, you need to also understand what a blogging platform means. A blogging platform is simply a website that allows users otherwise known as bloggers or freelance writers, etc to register an account that will enable them post their individual articles or write-ups on any topic of their choice for people to see and read over the internet network via search engine results, forum recommendations/posts, social network sharing, or direct visit to the website.

We have lots of blogging platforms as at today, but not all of them are user friendly, plus the fact that some of them makes it difficult for newbies to use, either as a result of the way their tools are arranged or the difficulty in understanding them.

Some blogging platforms or article sharing websites makes it difficult to get traffic or simply visitors to read the articles you post on their sites, and for this reason, you will be required to do extra promotion of your article pages online using different internet platforms like- forums, social network sites, social bookmarking sites, emailing of friends, etc to publicize your blog or write-ups to get readers. One of such platforms includes and not limited to:,,, etc.

As for me, I started with, and believe me, hubpages is one of the best platforms to start your blogging or article sharing career online, you know why?

Because it is user friendly, have an active forum where you can get help and guide easily, and they make easy for a newbie to start, hubpages also makes it easier for you to get readership the moment you publish your write-up on their site, and lastly, it is a lot more easier to make money posting your articles on hubpages than on most other blogging and article sharing platforms you can think of.

Pictorial Guide For Newbie

Starting Your Online Writing Career On Hubpages

Now let’s assume you want to start your online writing career with hubpages for the start, see the pictorial guides for a guide on how to go about it.

On your browser address bar, key in:, something that looks like the picture above will come up, follow the big red arrow direction in the picture and click on “join now”,

when you click the ‘join now’ tab, another page will come up as shown in the next picture below the first pictorial guide picture capsule titled: "Hubpages New Member Registration Page"

Fill in the required fields in the form including the correct CAPTCHA verification words, and when you are done, follow the big red arrow shown the picture and click on “sign up” to register for free.

After clicking on “sign up”, a page similar to the pictorial guide below titled: "Signed In Page' will come up, CONGRATS! You are now registered as a member on hubpages, which now qualifies you to be a hubpages contributor otherwise known as 'hubber'.

Hubpages New Member Registration Page

How To Start Publishing Your Write-ups On Hubpages

Once you have registered as explained above, and you are signed in, click on “start a new hub”. To achieve this, follow the big red arrow in the pictorial guide titled: “How To Start A New Hub” below for a guide.

When you click on the “start new hub” tab as shown in the pictorial guide below, another page will come up, and it should look like the next pictorial guide with the title: “Publish New Hub”.

Enter the title of your article or write-up (otherwise known as ‘hub’) into the provided space for title of hub, as shown in the pictorial guide below.

To guide you, I have entered the title of this article: “How To Start A Blogging Career” into the provided space for hub title in the picture. After entering the title of your write-up into the space provided for ‘hub title’, you will be required to select the category of your write-up, for instance, I have decided to categorize my write-up as ‘business and employment,’ with a sub-category of ‘E-commerce and How To Make Money Online’ as shown in the pictorial guide below. You will also be required to select a sub-sub category for your hub, please go ahead and do that to complete the process and then move to the tag section, where you are required to enter tags or phrase or words that best describes your write-up based on the words you used in the entire write-up itself.

How To Start A New Hub

Start New Hub

Choosing Tags

Please when choosing your tags, otherwise known as key-phrase, phrase or words as used in your write-up, don't make the mistake of bringing in a foreign phrase or word or group of words that were not used in your write-up or one that isn't related to the topic you're writing on. If you fail to adhere to this rule, your hub may stand a greater chance of being flagged down as substandard or Spam.

For instance, I am going to use the following tags in this my write-up: ‘how to create a blog’ ‘starting a blogging career’ ‘freelance writing’ ‘blog’

Note how the permanent link changes as you enter your hub title into the provided space, see below 'hub title' and you would see 'permanent link’, and then observe how it is changing as you type in your article or hub title into the provided box. That permanent link will serve as your article or hub link or URL in case you want to refer friends, families and anybody to your article, just give them the permanent link after you have successfully published your hub.

Let's stop here for now so you don't get overwhelmed with the whole process, we will continue shortly, just keep a date with me for the next edition of how to start a blogging career.

For now, start inspired, cheers!


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