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How To Use Chitika - Sign Up as a Publisher, Create Ads and Make Money

Updated on June 19, 2013
Chitika - Turning page view into profits
Chitika - Turning page view into profits

» Chitika | Premium

"Turning page views into profits."

That's what you, as a publisher, would want for your website. To fully utilize the potential of page views or page impressions you get, and make money out of it. So how exactly does Chitika turn page views into profits? How different is it from Google Adsense or any other affiliate ad program?

Chitika focuses only on Search-targeted Advertising. Search-targeted advertising is another concept of affiliate advertising which uses the method of displaying ads targeted to a search query by a user on a major search engine like Google.

Google Adsense on the other hand uses Contextual Advertising, meaning the advertisements displayed in an ad slot will try as much as possible to match the content on the webpage.

Google's search results of "powered generators"
Google's search results of "powered generators"
Chitika Premium displaying a search-targeted advertisement
Chitika Premium displaying a search-targeted advertisement

» Search-targeted Advertising

There are 4 kinds of Chitika Ads - Chitika Premium, Linx, WhitespaceAds and eMiniMalls. I'll be focusing only on Chitika Premium, as it is the best performing ad type and is most widely used.

Here's an explanation on how Chitika's search-targeted advertising works (using Chitika | Premium).

1. User A goes to to look for generators and enters the keywords "powered generators".

2. The search results show and he clicks the first link - ( is a Chitika Publisher)

3. User A gets directed to and the Chitika Premium ad slot will display advertisements relevant to the searched keywords - "powered generators". You can see the keywords highlighted in yellow below stating "You searched for powered generators".

This is the simple technique that Chitika uses to capture the keywords leading to a web page and then use it to display targeted advertisements in the ad units.

» Sign Up as a Publisher

So now that you've understood how Chitika works, it's time to use it. If you haven't already registered as a Publisher, you may do so here: Sign Up as a Chitika Publisher.

Once registered, Login as a Publisher and you can begin creating your Chitika Premium Ad Unit. If you are familiar with Google Adsense's Ad Setup process, creating your first ad unit will be a breeze as Chitika adopts a similar user interface and ad setup process as Google Adsense.

Chitika Premium Ad Setup
Chitika Premium Ad Setup

» Chitika Premium Ad Setup

1. Click the Ad Setup tab at the top navigation bar.

2. You'll now be at the Chitika Premium Ad Setup page. At the bottom of the page, there's a link "Other Chitika Ads" which will bring you to the ad setup of the other 3 ad unit types mentioned above. Chitika Premium is recommended above the other ad types.

3. Click the Get Code button and you will go to the next step of choosing your ad unit size.

4. Choose your preferred ad unit size and click Continue To Next Step.

5. Now you have to choose a Fallback. The purpose of a fallback is to cater for visitors who land at your website not from a search engine or in short, for non-search traffic. You can pick 1 out of the 3 choices offered. The recommended choice would be Collapse into nothing. This option is good because your regular visitors will not be bothered by the advertisements while transient visitors will have a well-targeted ad. Pick your fallback and proceed.

6. This final step, Customize your ad, is optional but I strongly recommend that you pick a colour theme that suits with your website so that the ad unit blends into the content and won't look annoying or too obvious. Also, it's always good to assign a channel to your ad unit. Channels are generally used for analytical purposes. With channeling, you can know which ad at which page of which website is getting the most number of clicks hence allowing for convenient optimization. Go on to the next step.

7. Now you'll be shown the source code of the ad you have just created. Simply copy and paste this anywhere within the body tags of your web page - <body> [chitika-code] </body>.

Done! You've just created a Chitika Premium ad unit. But how come the ad doesn't show when you preview your web page?

Chitika | Premium preview tool - See how your ads look on your site
Chitika | Premium preview tool - See how your ads look on your site

» Previewing and Testing your Ad

The Chitika Premium ad unit cannot be seen on your web page, if you access it directly, i.e if you access your website by entering its URL in the Address bar.

Chitika Premium Ad units will only display ads to search engine traffic coming from America and Canada.

That's one limitation about Chitika - it only caters to the above 2 countries. But Chitika offers a way for Publishers to preview their ad unit conveniently.

1. Copy the ad code and paste it in your web page.

2. Now, you'll have to input parameters to simulate traffic coming from a search engine. Pick a keyword or keyword phrase, for example "funny cat videos" or "shopping". Then, add it to the end of your page URL using the parameter "#chitikatest=shopping". If your webpage URL is, this is how it'll look like - Note that if you're testing for a keyword phrase, add the plus sign like so -

3. You should now be able to see the ad in your webpage displaying results targeted to your chosen keyword(s). Play around with different keywords to view the different results shown in your ad unit.

So that's it! You're a Chitika Publisher master now. ;-) I hope I have helped you understand Chitika in one way or another. Feel free to ask me any questions if you encounter any issues.

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A Video on How Chitika Premium Works


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