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Needing Extra Money to Fight off Student Loans? Try Using HubPages

Updated on March 14, 2022
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Andrea has a background in Myers-Briggs and Western astrology. She mostly writes about relationships.


HubPages is a game of numbers. The more work you put into it, the more chances you'll have to see your bank account grow.

I recommend writing a little bit here and there for your first year, and don't expect a paycheck that first year. It takes awhile to earn enough money to actually have it sent to your account. So how do you start getting money?

Content is king. You need to write constantly, the more hubs you have the more eyes are seeing it, and the more clicks there will be on advertisements. Think of it like a mansion, and the more doors you have on the mansion, the more likely you can get to the money inside the mansion. Maybe my mansion metaphor isn't so great -- but I hope you're getting it anyway.

You need to be a writing machine. Don't expect to be getting an extra $100 to $200 for awhile to pay for those groceries, bills, and other expenses.

Make Your Hubs Evergreen

Don't just write for the sake of writing. The key to good content is answering questions everybody has, but maybe hasn't been answered all that well on the Internet yet. People will find your hubs through Google primarily. If you are offering them content to answer that golden question, then you are 12 steps ahead of everybody else. People generally have similar goals. We all want: a great family, relationships, money, and the like. Think about what people actually want vs. what you want.

I sometimes step outside of writing about relationships -- it's a hot market. But rarely when I write flash fiction or upload one of my old graduate student papers do they actually garner enough views for profit.

After awhile of creating content, you should start to see a couple of hubs take the lead and be your money makers. I suggest creating similar content with that star winning content that's getting you closer to having a real paycheck. Getting to that first paycheck is half the battle.

HubPages is nice and gives you goals on the side, which you should follow. Evergreen content is considered to have 1250 words, 3 pictures, and 2 supplemental pieces of content. Make sure before publishing that you achieve these goals.

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Write Beautifully, Wonderfully, and with Zest

Before publishing your hub, do some self editing. This website actually has editors that will go through and polish up your stronger hubs. But it is smart to have an interesting writing style, have excellent grammar, and to reread what you wrote before hitting "publish."

I have definitely written hubs in haste and just published them for the sake of getting the content up. You'll get lots of negative comments this way... but don't let that dissuade you. You can always edit hubs later if you need to do so. For some readers, bad grammar is a major turn off. You don't want to lose your audience simply because you wouldn't go back and read for grammar and spelling errors.

Think above and beyond when it comes to strong writing. Avoid cliches, unoriginal ideas, and too many simple sentences. HubPages is a great place for you to practice and improve your writing while also... making some money on the side. It takes a long time to make substantial money here, if that's even really something you want to put the time into doing.

A Game of Numbers

HubPages is all about numbers. I suggest keeping a calculator handy when looking at your account. You should track daily how many views you are getting -- and you should give yourself goals. If you want to make $500 dollars a month, then you need to know how much you make in a day and how many views that equals for you.

Goals you should have are:

1.) How many hubs you should create in a month -- can you do 30 in one month?

2.) Page views. If you have 4,000 views you should try figuring out how you can double that number.

3.) How many page views you are getting a day. After awhile, I have found that the most page views I get per day are from my older hubs, 3 year old content to be exact. Your hubs will take time to grow and you won't see the fruit of your labor... for an eon. That's why you should constantly be writing more and more hubs, because they could end up being huge in the future.

4.) Keep track of how much you are daily earning. It's important to know if you are on a streak of getting $10 a day, or if it's all over the place. The longer you are on this website and with more content, you should see this number consistently rising. Know how much you're making a month and what that translates into per day.

5.) Use other social media to increase the number of eyes looking at your hubs.

6.) Know which of your hubs are not growing at all and which ones bring you the most views. If you have duds in the bunch, these can be learning lessons. Don't reproduce work that doesn't get you anywhere. Try different strategies. Do try replicating what does bring you profit.


You may have signed up for this website hoping for quick money in the bank. That's not generally what happens. This is a website program that slowly builds upon itself. You'll have growth spurts, and sometimes may go a touch backwards from time to time. Don't expect that you'll be making loads of money anytime soon, but with diligence and a strong work ethic to write -- you'll be able to start paying off those pesky student loans, buying nicer groceries, or your own vacation. It takes a lot of time to create content, so you have to be lenient with yourself.

Just because you're not getting anywhere after a few tries -- don't give up. Try to get at least 50 hubs before you quit. And you should only quit if you haven't met the earning requirement for a paycheck. By 50 hubs you'll sure have made a strong enough footing on the website that you'll know what is your writing niche, what is your audience, and how you can grow it. Write what you know. Be an expert, or at least learn how to be an expert. This is a great website because you earn as you go, get to interact with other writers, and learn what people actually want as opposed to what might only be a unique interest for yourself.

Try Different Strategies

I really encourage trying different strategies. You can try getting lots and lots of followers, writing a myriad of topics, and attaching different videos and images. You want your audience to be engaged, so try polls and quizzes. There are lots of videos out there, and usually with some digging you can find a video that will match your content to a key. The nice thing about HubPages is you can stop writing for a month or two, and you'll still be earning money from your previous work. Don't expect your online writing to become your full time job. This is more for supplemental cash flow, which is a great boost to your own personal finance needs. You don't go into the negative with HubPages, you only grow and profit from putting yourself out into the global audience.

Don't limit yourself to one writing style or one niche group. You are a varied person with lots of interests, so change it up, look around all of HubPages to see what hubs get loads of comments. Those will be key in discovering what kind of hubs pop and what kind of hubs are duds.

This article is accurate and true to the best of the author’s knowledge. Content is for informational or entertainment purposes only and does not substitute for personal counsel or professional advice in business, financial, legal, or technical matters.

© 2016 Andrea Lawrence


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