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How do I Add AdSense To My HubPage? SEO Bot

Updated on May 26, 2011

Tutorial: Integrating AdSense with Your HubPage To Make MONEY!

Step One: You will need an AdSense Account. Please go to to sign up for an account. Generally it takes about 2 business days for your application to be processed.

Step Two: Create a Hubpages Account and publish an article. Ensure that your article is not flagged as a duplicate as you will not be able to earn any money from that Hub.

Step Three: Once you have been enrolled into the Adsense program; you will need to find your Publisher ID in order to link it to Hubpages. This is located at the Top Right of the Adsense Window and looks like this: “pub-xxxxxxxxxxxxx”. Copy this code then login to your Hubpages account.

Step Four: Once inside your Hubpages account, click My Account, located at the top of the window. Then under the “Your Account” column click “Affiliate Settings”. Now paste this code under the “Google” row in the “Affiliate Code” field.


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    • EditorsTopReviews profile image

      Steve Pardo 5 years ago from Crystal Lake, Illinois United States

      Step 4 above may have changed - I was originally rejected for Adsense the Hubpages , but got my Hubs Approved for Adsense and now Adsense is telling me to Place the Tracking Code on my Sites ?

      I dont see how that is possible ? Can anyone assist ?

    • Ferdinand1987 profile image

      Ferdinand1987 6 years ago

      Robephiles, To your question "Do I need to own my own domain to get an adsense account or did I just enter the wrong url?" Yes, you need your own URL to be able to get your application approved, if getting one will disturb you now you can use, write informative article and use it to apply for adsense within a week you will be approved,

    • Robephiles profile image

      Robephiles 6 years ago

      I have a question. I was rejected by adsense when I used hubpages as my site. Do I need to own my own domain to get an adsense account or did I just enter the wrong url? They sent me an e-mail explaining it but it is confusing.

    • Chris Low profile image

      Chris Low 7 years ago

      Thanks for the great explanining.