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How many coats when I apply the wax on VCT tile?

Updated on October 17, 2010

How many coats of wax on VCT tile?

When you apply the finish on VCT tile, it is recommended to apply 100% of solid content of finish. To find out, please check with the manufacturer of the product for solid content of the finish (Solid content refers to what goes on the floor after finish is dried).

It is recommended to apply all 100% of coats (For example: If you finish solid content is 25%, you would need to apply 4 coats) on a same day. However, question was asked by some.

Can I put more coats of finish another day, since I do not have the time to put 4 coats one day?

Yes and no. If you lay only 2 coats tonight and if you wait for a few days later to put another 2 coats, you must do

some scrubbing first before laying more coats of finish.

1: Scrub with white pad and neutral cleaner and clean up the floor 1st.

2: When the floor is completely dry, lay 1st coat.

3: When the floor is completely dry, lay the 2nd coat.

4: Do not let anyone walk on it for 3-4 hours.

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