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How many hubs should you create before earning good from Hubpages?

Updated on January 11, 2011

I'm New To Hubpages What Should I Do?


How many hubs should you create before earning good from Hubpages? I’m sure this is the question on the minds of all the newbies to online writing with hubpages and I am going to do my best to answer the question as honestly as I can to help out.

Hubpages Income Potential
Hubpages Income Potential

When I First Started Writing On Hubpages


When I first started writing on hubpages my writing was all about having fun because it’s something that I have always loved to do and every once in a while I do part-time freelance work. Writing on hubpages is very different from writing on other sites because there are various topics you could write about and one can also enjoy reading many of the hubs created by other hubbers like themselves.

Did You Sign Up Just To Earn Money?


If you signed up to hubpages just to create an income from Google AdSense, eBay, and amazon affiliate programs that is very possible because I earn real well on a monthly basis here. I have learned that creating good content is more than just high paying keyword researching, back linking, and niche topics because many of the hubs I create are just something that I woke up one morning feeling the need to share and are not all packed with high paying keywords or even linked. In fact I have several hubs that have made the Front Page of Google and I honestly didn’t put a lot of research or keywords into them to get them there. The little 2 cents or 5 cents can really add up if you have many people interested in the content you create when your content is unique and not rewritten content that everybody online is creating. People like to read different things, not the same things just worded differently. There are even some who would go as far as to pay other writers to create articles for them. People you should know that readers prefer good writers who actually create their own content because the content sounds more honest and unique. I draw lots of visitors on most of my topics just automatically, in fact my content could be a mess and not that high of quality but find that if I’m open with my thoughts people still are attracted to my writing.

So How Many Hubs Should You Write?


Back to the question of the day how many hubs should you create before earning good from hubpages? It’s simple write every day and write unique content.  I have 141 Hubs and my earnings are really good monthly but there are people who have more content which might not be earning them anything at all because readers get a feel that these other peoples content were created by robots. With my 141 Hubs I earn hundreds per month from Google AdSense I am not sure if I can say the exact amount but my earnings come only from AdSense and not from the EBay Affiliate Program or Amazon Affiliate Program. In fact all I have managed to earn from Amazon out of 19 months is $4.

A Few Simple Hub Creating Techniques I Use


I have also learned out of all my time writing on hubpages that the best page setup is when you create a page with a photo at the top of quarter size and text box of a few sentences then another text box that follows for the rest of your content or breaking up the content but using the strategy above you will have a better chance of more ads showing on your hub. You can even place your photo at the very bottom of your hub in order to have more ads shown on your hub. It’s also good to use video from places like YouTube just to give people reason to stay on your hub pages especially if you’re writing about music or software. As far as the linking it’s okay if you do it but typically the search engines will pick up on your hubs eventually and the traffic will either keep coming or fade so if you want to link you can link to your other content as well as others on the same subject you have written about.

I’d say you can earn decently from hubpages if you have 20 hubs or a hundred because it really does not matter how much content you have if it’s worth someone reading but its best to have more content because more content only equals more earning potential. So write, write, write because nobody can really ever answer your question of how many hubs should you create before earning good from hubpages, its only because they simply might not be earning what they’re telling you they are themselves.


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    • profile image

      optislelt 5 years ago

      I employed to obtain on top of life however lately I've accumulated the amount of resistance.

    • DarylnCochrane profile image

      Darylen Cochrane 6 years ago from New York, NY

      Thanks for the information. Bottom line - good writing is the key to this whole thing!

    • msshandriaball profile image

      Shandria Ball 6 years ago from Anniston

      very useful info.

    • nicregi profile image

      Reginald Chan 6 years ago from Malaysia

      Appreciate that. Good writing and definitely something that I could use in the future.

      Thank you again.

    • Keeley Shea profile image

      Keeley Shea 6 years ago from Norwich, CT

      Your hub gives me just what I need to keep going and feel confident that I am on the right track! I like to write about lots of things and knowing that writing a lot of good content is key is wonderful news! Thanks!!!

    • Night Magic profile image

      Night Magic 6 years ago from Canada

      I'm just new to Hub Pages so appreciate the above info. I need to set up a schedule & get going as I guess I will need quite a few more hubs if I want to make a decent amount of money each month.

    • JaneDough101 profile image

      JaneDough101 6 years ago

      Since I am just getting onto Hub Pages this info is very useful and helps me to know that others are doing just what I would like to accomplish! Thanks for sharing

    • keeponfalling profile image

      keeponfalling 6 years ago from Somewhere, under the Sun :)

      Nice tips like you said quality not quantity :)

    • tvpuram profile image

      tvpuram 7 years ago from India

      The problem with me is that my adsense account has not received approval yet.

    • brandonfowler66 profile image

      brandonfowler66 7 years ago from EveryWhere USA

      Thank you izettl Im just trying to let people know not to wear themselves out with all the keyword researching and backlinking because sometimes that takes the fun out of writing and if you write about what you love instead of trying to follow everyone going after some niche topic you will suceed regardless.

    • izettl profile image

      Laura Izett 7 years ago from The Great Northwest

      very useful. I was going to ask this question because I've recently been thinking about trying to make serious money on hubpages, not just a little check here and there.

    • Rhonda Waits profile image

      Rhonda Musch 7 years ago from The Emerald Coast

      Very good useful information. Thanks