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How multinational companies can utilize rural marketing as a tool for business growth?

Updated on February 2, 2009

Yes, big industries/multinational companies can use rural marketing as a tool not only exploiting opportunities existing in rural areas but see that along with selling their products in rural areas, they help the people develop themselves without being exploited by any means.

One idea is for soap companies selling their products in rural areas. They can sell their products in rural areas with first low cost and good quality, then see that they convey few messages creating awareness on health and hygiene that could be on the top of the soap cover through small pictures or easily understandable messages in regional languages like:

  1. Everyone should take bath daily.
  2. Everyone have to wash hands after going to toilet.
  3. One has to wash hands, legs using soaps after bathing animals/ cleaning animals, feeding them etc. Also saying our soaps could be used in all these places and it takes care of you in keeping clean and healthy.

Thus soaps are sold and also ensuring people maintain better health. Soap companies have do a lot of feasibility analysis over these matters and also Health Ministry, as they can take steps such that these types of messages are printed on soap covers and baby products, etc.

The government should attempt to bring to everyone's focus the major role of rural marketing for bridging the widening inequality between the rural and urban economy in India. The government should re-conceptualize rural marketing and should highlight the real need for dual perspective, i.e., producers empowerment and strategic marketing with broad-basing this domain in order to cover a lot of market relationships that are the part of this growing rural-urban links.

This difficult task could be achieved with the help of rural producers who can compete in marketplace with comparative and competitive advantage and consolidation of rural enterprises and agriculture.

So rural and agriculture enterprises are in dire need to be linked together to urban and/or rural markets, minimizing the market resistance to the rural products and also maximizing the market orientation of the rural enterprises.

One more point to add is rural marketing cannot be separated from rural development; rather it is a tool, with which the rural resources can get a better exposure of the larger markets. Many development initiators often forget the point of marketability of resources produced through various skill upgrading schemes and programs they plan. Any kind of production activity, without proper market linkages will not succeed or sustain in the long run. What the rural population need is proper intervention on forward and backward linkage fronts. Let the development initiators think on this line. Be an opportunity seeker first, then cashing upon those opportunities, let the beneficiaries be the communities you serve

So friends think in all angles of the practical situations in rural market and contribute your ideas so we, young blood of India, can successfully serve rural market and make Indian villages happy with all facilities and also ensuring growth of business through rural areas.


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