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How to Add Google AdSense to Your Tumblr Blog

Updated on August 27, 2012

tumblr with adsense

screen shot on how to enable adsense in tumblr blog
screen shot on how to enable adsense in tumblr blog

adsense in tumblr

adsense enabled in tumblr blog
adsense enabled in tumblr blog

adsense interface

adsense interface
adsense interface | Source

Adsense in tumblr blog

Recently I just sign up with tumblr blog. To be honest, the reason why I sign up is because I wanted to monetized the content of my tumblr blog and maximize my google adsense revenue. I already have some experienced in putting adsense to different blog sites such as blogger and wordpress. Putting adsense to tumblr blog is not a rocket science. Its is just a few clicks away. Please take not that this hubs aims to help others who don't have any experience in basic HTML. This tutorial assumes that you already have an adsense in place. Otherwise, you need to apply for adsense.

  1. Log in to your adsense account
  2. Click My Ads.

adsense code

adsense code
adsense code | Source
  1. Click New ad unit button.
  2. Type the name of the unit
  3. Select the unit type and size
  4. Click Save and get code at the bottom.

You can also play around by customizing the feel and looks of your adsense unit.

Edit theme
Edit theme | Source
Edit HTML | Source
notepad ++ text editor
notepad ++ text editor | Source

Back in your tumblr blog.

  1. Click customized theme. We need to get our hands here a little bit dirty since we will be editing some HTML.
  2. Click Edit HTML.
  3. Copy the HTML syntax to the notepad or any text editor. In my case I used my favorite text editor the notepad ++.
  4. It also a good idea to back up your HTML tags so that you can refer to it when you messed up.
  5. Since google adsense will allow us to put up to 3 ad unit type. We will maximized it by putting ads in the footer of the body, left and right side pane.
  6. Paste the copied adsense code right before the <div class = "cont group"> {Body} </div> tag
  7. Copy the edited HTML and paste it back to your tumblr click update preview. If successful you can now see some google ads from the right side pane as shown below.
  8. Save and re post your blog.


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