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How to Become a Successful Graphic Designer

Updated on December 25, 2015

A career in graphic designing handles multiple areas of visual output. Graphic designers work with colour, letters, illustrations, patterns, information, photography and physical materials to create a lot of things from corporate reports to logos, diagrams, maps, albums, book covers, product packaging and digital interfaces .

Graphic Designing as a Career

The advent of computers has led to a wave which has swept every possible field. The Information and technology industry has become huge and the internet has further escalated the need for everyone to be present on the web. With so much information available on the net and ultimately on our computers, the demand for better designs, layouts and displays has grown many folds. This has directly led to a magnum rise in the demand for quality graphics designers.

Graphic designers are specialists who dabble in visual communication. They have expertise in Drawing, Typography, Layout, Diagramming, Lettering and Photography. Usually all this is done on computers and needless to say that the main element in this field is creativity.

Almost all graphic designers are versatile and can use their knowledge of visual composition and elements to work in many diverse areas. The basic element needed in this field is creativity and a bent towards arts in its varied form especially applied arts. The basic job is to present the required information in an attractive and presentable way.

Scope of Graphic Designing

Graphic designing as an industry is huge and covers everything from designing logos to art works, portfolios, brouchers and web pages. One can work with countless software and design development companies, publishing houses, media houses, film industry, or start one’s own freelance work. This is a field where in one can make a good living even by working from home. A little bit of networking is all you need and you are good to go!

But as the demand has increased, so has the rush to be a part of this bandwagon. Unlike other professionals, graphic designers can often trade on their creativity, ideas, talent, and portfolio as much, if not more, than their formal qualifications.

That is why thousands of students opt for this field every month, resulting in stiff competition. The situation is such that you can find graphic designers a dime a dozen in every nook and corner of the country. Having said that, one should not underestimate the demand which is huge and still growing by the day. So, the question that pops up here is how to become a successful graphics designer in this huge sea of competition?

How to become a successful graphic designer?

To start a career in graphics designing, one needs a degree or a certificate from a decently reputed institute. There are countless institutes which offer these courses. But one has to do a thorough research while choosing one as some of these institutes are in this business just to encash the rush. Even the teachers in these institutes are ill equipped to impart quality education. To becoming a successful graphics designer you must undertake a degree or a certificate program from a reputed institute which not only provide detailed knowledge and education but also helps in getting placements.

Institutes like MAAC, Frameboxx Animation, WLC College, Arena Animation Academy, and Reliance AIMS are some of the top institutes which offer courses in graphic designing. The best part about them is that they have branches or franchises in almost all the parts of the country, be it north, south, east or west.

Besides these private institutes, there are government institutes like National School of Computer Arts, Mumbai, National Institute of Design, Ahmedabad etc where these courses can be pursued. The basic course in graphic designing is usually clubbed with animation and ranges from 6 months to 1 year certificate programs. However, to get a thorough knowledge about the field a 3 year degree program is offered for undergraduates, by some colleges like WLC.

The basic designing is done in Adobe or Corel as they are some of the most widely used software for graphic designing. A master of these software is bound to go far in this field. One must remember that nothing beats experience in this field. The more years you have put in, the more qualified and attractive you are for companies wanting to engage a graphic designer.


To start a career as a graphic designer in India, one needs to complete a Graphic Designing course. Bachelor of Fine Arts (BFA) is one such course which has duration of 3 years. Candidates have to be a 10+2 or equivalent to apply for this course. There are also other 1 year or 2 years programs for candidates with 10+2 qualification. But aspirants who apply for these courses should be creative and should have a genuine passion for graphic designing.

Career Prospects

In today’s time, graphic designing is quite popular as a rewarding career option in India. A student can choose from a melange of courses and kick start their career as a graphic designer. This industry offers the opportunity to dabble in various job profiles like graphic designers, creative directors, art workers and more.

The skills Required to become Graphic Designer are:

  • Having an in-depth understanding of branding and brands
  • awareness of styles, trends and a history in graphic designing and the visual arts
  • creative finesse using imagery, typography and layout
  • an aptitude to utilize design software

This industry has reached newer heights and coping with the demands of the varied public and private sectors in the field has become the need of the hour. The scope in this field is huge and one can get the desired professional edge with just the right grooming.


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