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How to Create An Autoblog

Updated on May 20, 2011

What Is Autoblogging?

Autoblogging is simply the internets latest gold mine, plain and simple. The term simply describes the way the blog is generated. It is a web blog that is automatically updated through the use of an autoresponder that automatically updates the blog or website with the latest information. The concept simply suggests that you create a website or weblog, install an autoresponder, and simply forget that the website or weblog in question is even in existence. This type of blogging tends to be the most profitable, and also tends to produce a significant amount of web traffic. Some autoblog weblogs or websites that tend to generate large amounts of revenue or webtraffic are news sites, how to sites, weight loss sites, finance sites and health and beauty sites. Some sources have reported a significant increase in their sites revenue and traffic trippling its normal production. I myself have yet to generate an autoblog but don't worry I intend on creating several if they are as profitable as everyone is mentioning. Before an autoblog is created there are several steps to be taken to insure it's success.


Obtain An Autoresponder

 In order to auto blog you must obtain the proper autoresponder or automatic email responder. If your like me then your probably wondering what is an autoresponder?
An where can I get it. An autoresponder is a computer program that automatically responds to emails, and automatically generates a list of email addresses to reply to or solicit others. This is a great feature for the production of a business.  Autoresponders used to  be very simple in composition but to date they have gotten very complex. There are several internet guru's who have become millionaires through the use of autoresponders. They have come complete with great features such as the automatic submission of ebooks and helpful information to websites on a daily basis. They are the primary source of autoblog, as they are being used to automatically deliver the proper updated info to websites.  This helps to save time, gain revenue, and gain more web traffic.

Autoblogging or Autoresponder Software

 There are  numerous types of autoblogging software available. Some of them at more reasonable prices than others. Some of them are totally free. However, there are some restrictions with the free autoblogging software. An some free autoblogging software limits your revenue gaining. There is an old saying, "you get what you pay for", which in this instance seems to be true. However, I can't elaborate on what autoblogging software is the best, but I do know that word press has an autoblogging plugin, and an wprobot, however in order to utilize this particular feature on wordpress, you have to have your own website hosting platform. This was very confusing to me when I established a wordpress blog. However you must obtain a domain address, and use to do so, because if helps to establish hosting your blog for free, then you can't run any ads on their free website. Its hard to state the best autoblog software being that I have yet to test any but, I keep coming across several such as, Samurai, WPRobot, Auto Content Cash etc. After testing my website I promise to keep you updated as to which software is the best.

Create your Autoblog

You should first find a good webhosting website, and purchase a domain name and hosting site. This shouldn't be that expensive. But look to spend at least 85.00 for the webhosting and proper security features used to ensure the success of the website. Next you should incorporate wordpress to construct the blog or webdesign. Afterwards you should add the wp plugin. Since autoblogs usually focus on a specific niche, you should be sure to establish a domain name that reflects the focus of your website. You should also use affiliate sites and their ads to generate revenue.


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      Lending Discrimination Attorney Florida 5 years ago

      Excellent post!

    • shaekelly profile image

      shaekelly 6 years ago from Alabama

      Lisa your right, I am going to compile a list of autoresponders

    • lamavridis profile image

      lamavridis 6 years ago from Long Island New York

      Good article it has a lot of information. I am told you really need to have an email auto-responder that it is a key part in your success.