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How to Disable Image Load in Mozilla Firefox

Updated on December 7, 2019
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Mike Uzochukwu writes on many topics, including metallurgy, business, insurance, and the challenges faced by today's youth.


This article is an important guide. You will learn something new from it. I know it will help you get the solution on what you search for.

When I bought my Personal Computer or "PC" new, I found it very difficult to disable loading of pictures or images while browsing with it then because I had little data on my modem. When I met the people I was living with in the hostel, none of the students was able to perform the operation until I Googled it out (browsing for the solution through Google Search Engine). Mozilla Firefox is one of the best browsers used by people to surf the net. For me, it is my best browser.

I decided to shear or write on this piece on how to automatically disable image load in Mozilla Firefox for those who might be having the same difficulty or want to learn. The steps are simple to comprehend. Added in this topic are the advantages of disabling automatic image loading in Mozilla Firefox and also in computer in general.

How can I disable Image Load in Mozilla Firefox?

The straight forward answer to the above question is given below and does not require much skill acquisition:

Double-click on the Mozilla Firefox icon to open

Step by step guide on how to disable image loading in Mozilla Firefox.
Step by step guide on how to disable image loading in Mozilla Firefox. | Source

How to Prevent Firefox from Image Load

Take the pointer to the top and click on the tab written Tools

How to Prevent Firefox from loading Image

Still on the step of disabling the image load
Still on the step of disabling the image load | Source

Image Disabling in Firfox

The next step is to click on options

Screen display for step 3
Screen display for step 3 | Source
  • After the above, click on the tab named Content

Step 4
Step 4 | Source

Then uncheck Load Images Automatically

Step 5
Step 5 | Source

After the last, you are then good to go for the action you wanted to perform is complete. Note that when you want to enable the image load, what you need to do is to follow the above steps and finally check the part named Load Images Automatically.

Advantages of disabling Image Load in Mozilla Firefox or in Computers

What are the advantages of preventing computers or browsers from loading pictures during browsing?

There are many benefits that are attributed to disabling image load in browsers and among them include:

Saves data and money: When image load in browsers are disabled, the quantity of the data consumed by the internet browser becomes limited. The reason is because the browser does not stress itself in loading some images which the page they are opening displays.

There have been many occasions where I hear many students complain every time that their subscriptions finish on time. The worst part of it is that many of these students do not know that there is a simple way of saving their money and their data at the same time. Again, some of them do not even know how they can prevent the Mozilla Firefox they are using as their browsers from loading pictures automatically. But, thank God for tutorial like this which surely will open the eyes of many that have been finding it difficult on how to manage their small data subscription-utility.

In some cybercafés, when costumers come in to browse with the systems set up by the owner of the establishment and decide to prevent the image loading due to the reasons best known to them, it is a pity that some of those working in the establishments like this do not even know how to carry out this kind of function.

Increases Speed of Browsing: Another benefit of preventing Mozilla Firefox from loading images during browsing is that it increases the speed at which contents are being loaded. Because image loading is ignored, the browser loads very fast than usual. It saves internet users the stress of waiting for many minutes for the pages to finish loading, because at that point what is its output is just the letters and not both letters and pictures. It performs one function instead of two at this point without spending much energy.

If you are an office worker and you need certain information so urgently but it happens that the network is bad and as a result of that makes the loading of internet pages very slow, the solution to minimize the problem is by simply disabling image load from the guide given in the above, that is at the beginning of this topic.

Many students have developed hatred to internet because whenever they want to browse through the internet, it takes a lots of time for just a single page to open before they generate the information they need without knowing that when they disable image load in their Mozilla Firefox, that page they are trying to open for the past “one hour” can open in just one minute. That is in line with the Word of God, Bible, which says that “my people perish because of lack of knowledge”.

Saves One from Offensive Images: It is true that internet is very helpful, but at the same time displays certain images which are harmful or offensive to human moral. There are certain pictures displayed by the internet that those who are God-fearing and young children do not need to take a look at them. To save these people from this danger, the best thing is to prevent the Mozilla Firefox or other browsers they are making use of from loading image at all.

In some parts of the world, young children are prevented from having access to the internet because of the kind of offensive pictures displayed by the internet, but disabling the browsers' image load they are using for surfing will go a long way in saving them from taking a look at such images.


This topic is on how to disable Mozilla Firefox, which is an internet browser, from loading images automatically. The simple solution is given at the beginning of this article. Other additional feature that were added are the advantages of disabling Firefox from loading images or pictures.

Note: Firefox may update their browser and image enabling feature lost.

This content is accurate and true to the best of the author’s knowledge and is not meant to substitute for formal and individualized advice from a qualified professional.

© 2014 Uzochukwu Mike


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