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How to Get Your Hub Featured on Hubpages

Updated on April 23, 2013

Many people wonder how they can get their hubs featured at Hubpages. It is actually quiet simple. Many of my hubs are featured hubs and I guess you can see some of my previous work for samples.

I would say a featured hub needs to have an attractive title and good reviews by the readers. It has to be something catchy and interesting. Possibly something people would come back to over and over again. I find that universal issues often make it into the featured hub category.

I have to be honest though. Although a hub may be featured, this does not automatically guarantee that it is going to get a lot of traffic. Sure, it does make it easier for readers to find your content, however, many of my featured hubs do not get much traffic at all although the content is great. I actually do not spend much time advertising my blogs as I honestly see no point in doing so. The traffic is not steady and it gets old fast. If people just enjoy reading about certain topics I post without me having to shove my work in their face, I am most grateful. Otherwise, I have too many other things to do to preoccupy myself with these things.

So I guess you should not be too obsessed with whether or not your hub is featured. You should simply work to get more traffic to your blog. I have tried many different SEO strategies and most of them have failed miserably. However, I am not giving up. Hubpages offers us a great opportunity to share our thoughts with the world. And why not?


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