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How to Insert Yourself in a New Genre

Updated on August 11, 2010

I find the world

Of writing is best experienced by examining what you should do and do well rather then worrying about mistakes you will make along the way. The more you concentrate on not making mistakes, the more hesitant your pen will be. It may come as no shock that some of the things that you should do are pretty cut and dried but how I have learned to apply them may be still worth your time.

There is nothing worse then reading someone's first attempt at writing in a genre only to have to wade through fact after fact that are inaccurate or out of context. Every subject has its jargon, its specific language of expression. You can be original if you try to create a fantasy world but even then, trying to make up all of the parts of a ship from scratch or trying to find some new way to describe the steps to a fencing session really isn't worth any author’s time.

While one is on the subject of fantasy, you shouldn't leave your world half developed. It works much better if you have written down somewhere the laws of the universe you are working with in your new world and then even if you never specifically go into any of that in your writing make sure that you don't violate those laws without good cause.

Have fun creating good causes though. There isn't a writer alive that hasn't accidentally written themselves into a corner in the world of fiction. Writing your way out can perilous but fun.

It is always good advice to have read enough work in the field you are proposing to write in so that you understand what has been done and what hasn't. You don't want to accidentally blunder into being referred to as someone's hack understudy even if you came up with your material all on your own. Creating original manuscripts takes hard work.

While speaking about being original, it s probably worth noticing that you need to be true to your voice and way of seeing things. You may come to revere certain authors or points of view on the new subject you are attempting to encompass with your pen but don't make the mistake of starting to sound like them. Read your inspirations and compare them to your own work and make sure that you actually do yourself the favor of always explaining every term and idea in your own words even if you understand the wording of someone else. It will lengthen your work and save you from accidental accusations of plagiarism

Another thought about being original is to try to break new ground even in an old subject. Find something that you feel isn't discussed clearly enough or hasn't been expressed even if you find that in attempting to do so that there is a good reason why people avoid expressing it. You may find a life's worth of work that will help many people if you are willing to do the grunt work of understanding the tedious and communicating it in a way that people in general can understand.

Have a personality that you defend regardless of the critiques. When you are done with your book or work you may find that some people like it and others hate it. I have written many things in both categories but whatever you do ignore anything said that has to do with your manner of expression unless they are talking about your habit of profaning but even then only make sure that you are profaning in ways that are key to your mode of expression. Many things may need changing but you must never change you as it applies to the way you come through in the story. People may not like you but that’s the breaks, still be you.

Have fun with your new project. Make sure to make your new venture fun every time you sit down. This may be harder then it sounds as there are many aspects of writing that are quite tedious but if you cant express your joy in your journey through your pen you will have invented a new sleeping pill on paper.

Try new things always. As someone once said, "There's no point in living if you can’t feel the life." Trying something new can be difficult but it will spread your mind and versatility. Heaven knows in this life of easily bored twits you can't afford the vice of self indulgent writing.


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      Prudy 3 years ago

      A bit surpirsed it seems to simple and yet useful.