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How to Make Money on Hubpages!

Updated on September 9, 2009

How to Make Money on Hubpages!

Well there are many other Hub's out there that are similar in telling you exactly how to make money using hubpages. I am making this hub due to the fact that there are some simple ways of increasing traffic and stuff that people do not mention. I also have a few little strategies i wouldn't mind sharing to try and help people kickstart their Hub traffic and make sure that it lasts. Most of the tips that I will post are simply ways to gain traffic and perhaps a few clicks. The more hits and traffic you are able to get, the better off you will be in trying to get to that #1 google search spot.

The way that you make money on hubpages is through Google Adsense. You get money anytime people click through on some of your ad's. This hub will help you gain more traffic to get more clicks, and give you some general tips on how to make more money from these clicks that you do get.
The best way to get traffic is to get on Google's #1 search page though, so this will throw you a few keys on how to get to page #1 in order to gain you more traffic.

Using Twitter/Facebook

Well the first thing I will tell anyone out there wanting to make money on hubpages is to go and make a Twitter/Facebook account. If you spend a few days on Twitter like I did, you can get a few thousand followers. Twitter is great because the more time you put into it, the more payout it will have due to the fact that more people will follow you, and therefore you will get more traffic and clicks on your hubs once you start tweeting about them. All you have to do is go on Twitter, and follow as many people as possible who have lower numbers of followers. I found that typing in uncommon names worked well at getting people with low numbers of followers. I started to follow anyone with under 200 people following them and many of those people followed me back. After you have your followers, you must stay active in Tweeting. If you just log on once every few weeks to tweet about one of your hubs, not as many people will go to check it out since they get annoyed and see you are just advertising. I tweet a few times a day, and then every so often I throw in a tweet about one of my hubs. The best tweet's are ones that are slightly disguised like this one that I used:
"heading to starbucks and found my perfect drink at"
This specific post was made my very first day on twitter when I only had 43 followers, but it got me a total of 28 clicks. So I got just over 50% of my followers to click. Now that i'm at over 2000 followers, If these same stats are true, I can get around 1000 clicks each time that I tweet. I don't get quite this many from one Tweet anymore, but I do get 500+ each time. This is very nice when I first start a hub to have an instant 500 views to certain hubs. This raises traffic, and can get your hub a very high hubscore meaning it can be shown more often on the website and keep your traffic up quite a bit. If you alternate your Tweets between different hubs, then you don't look like you are just advertising one thing, and will be more likely to get views from these people. The people on Twitter who are clicking on this link are usually interested in the topic, and therefore they may be interested in related ad's which can get you some money on Adsense clicks. Facebook does work the same way slightly, but it is a little harder to find friends since most people do not add random people where as on Twitter you cannot control who follows you unless you put a lock on the account.
So this is my first method on getting some fast views on your new hubs that you post, or keeping views every so often.

Using Hubpages Forums/Questions

Well this is one that some people may not realize, but it is a very good way of getting traffic to your Hubs, even if the people checking the hubs out are not the ones who will be clicking on your ad's. The main way to get views here is simple. You must spend as much free time as possible on the forums and the Questions section of hubpages simply answering forum questions and looking for Questions related to your hubs. If people are asking questions about something you have posted, then it's simply a matter of linking your hub to the Question. Then anytime people search for the question that was asked and see the question, your answer pops up first and therefore you will get a few more clicks. This is the reason you should be using the questions section. It is quite simple really. As for the forums again though, the more questions you answer and things you post about, the more the active hubbers on the forums get to see your name. If you are posting often, you usually gain a lot of fans and therefore when you post new hubs they all see it and often visit it if they are interested in the topic. This is not a huge deal due to the fact that most people from hubpages don't click the ad's of other as much as random people from Google will, but still it helps to increase traffic and perhaps drive you up on the google rankings a little bit.

Use Google Phrase Research

Well the most important thing I can tell you is to do proper Google Phrase Research in order to find out which phrases pay the most amount of cash. You can find the Google Tool here and once you are on the Google tool, you can kind of click around and try a few different phrases or keywords and see what they pay.
Try typing in similar topics such as "Weight Loss Tips", "Dieting Tips", etc. Check out which of these pays better, and then you can incorporate the same thing into your hubs that you make.
Simply changing a few words in a sentence can make the payout much higher if the companies are paying the advertisers higher for using those different words. Try and find the best CPC you can relating to your hub, and try to change a few words to get the best profit for your clicks.

Try to trigger relevant ad's

Well the key to getting clicks on your Google Ad's is to have Ad's that are relevant to your topic. If you are writing about a certain topic and people google that topic and find your hub but all the ad's are about something completely different, the odds are they will not click the ads. If your ad's are relevant to the topic they are searching, the odds are they are interested in the specific topic and therefore they will be more likely to click on the relevant ad's and click around on the site a little bit which will translate into more clicks. The way to trigger relevant ad's is to place specific keywords as much as possible throughout the Hub without making it sound bad. If you place the keywords in specific areas such as Headings or the URL or make specific Tags relevant to the ad's that you want shown, then you will begin to get more related ad's about your hub. The key is to just try and place the keywords as much as possible inside your Hub, Title, URL, and inside your Hub Summary. The more key places you are able to place the keywords, the more likely they are to trigger specific ad's relevant to your Hub. Do this, and your ad's will start getting many more hits.
If you are concerned that your Ads are not relevant, simply wait a while and Google usually sorts it out and begins to post more relevant ads. One example is when I first posted my Hunter guide. Since it is mostly related to Hunting, the ad's that were shown up when I first posted it were 100% about hunting. Only after a while did the hub start generating relevant ad's to what it is actually talking about. Now it is on track with the ad's and has begun getting more Clicks.

Knowing When to use Amazon

Well some people simply put Amazon in every hub in order to try and get a few clicks on there and have a chance at someone buying something. My personal opinion however is that unless you are talking about specific products or giving a product review, Amazon will almost never make you cash. There are some exceptions however when some random person will buy something from your link and you will get some cash, but this is extremely rare. If you do not post those Amazon ad's on the side of your hub or at the end, often times this space will simply be filled with ad's or it will not be as visually cluttered which means that the nice blue ad's will stick out more than they will against multi-coloured Amazon ads.
So in conclusion, unless you are mentioning specific products that should be used or doing a product review, you shouldn't be adding too many Amazon products. The most effective use of Amazon capsules is to place them right next to the item you are mentioning. Like if you are writing a long hub about cleaning, and then about halfway down you mention an amazing vacuum which has helped a huge amount, it would be good to split up the text into a couple different Text capsules and place an Amazon ad selling this vacuum right next to where you are talking about this vacuum.
I have used this technique when writing my review about Vibram Five Fingers. It is a product review, and therefore I made sure to add an Amazon capsule for anyone interested in purchasing a pair after reading this review.

Breaking up text Capsules

Well as you all know, the way to make money using hubpages is to use Adsense. In order to make money using Adsense, then you must have as many ad's as possible that are relevant to your topic in order to try and find one that appeals to the reader. So by simple breaking your long hub into a few separate text capsules, you are able to place a few ad's in between these capsules which breaks up the text nicely, and adds a few more opportunities to gain some clicks.

Insert Pictures/Video's in your Hubs

Well one way that Google gauges where it places you on it's search list is by how long people stay on your Hub. So in order to try and get people to stay on your hub as long as possible, it only makes sense that you should add some nice pictures for people to look at or to add a few video's for people to watch in order to stay on your page a little longer. If you post a 5 minute relevant video, then anyone who watches this video will be on your page for an extra 5 minutes which will help Google place you a little higher on their list. This higher placement on the search engine will result in many more clicks from people surfing google, and these people have searched the specific topic, and therefore they are likely to click on some relevant ad's that stick out to them.

Get Your hub on Google's first Page

Well this is the last thing that I am going to comment on. I have posted only a few hubs at this time, but almost all of them are on Google's first search page when searching the topic, otherwise they are extremely close to it. There are a few general rules that I found that are supposed to be used when writing a hub in order to get it on the first page. The list of things that should be included in a hub to get it on the front page of Google has been shown a few different times in separate hubs, but for those of you who have not seen it before, here is a general list of rules that should be followed to try and get your Hub on the first page of Google searches:

-A minimum of 1500 words of your own content, which has not been at all copied from others.
-At least one Video Capsule (To increase time spent on Hub)
-A few relevant non-copyrighted images
-At least 10 relevant, helpful links to other sources, each with a brief description
-At least 15 relevant tags, including some common misspellings or spelling variants (if any)
-Maximum of 150 words in your Hub summary (Done by choosing your own summary rather than letting hubpages calculate it)
-Must be extremely aesthetically pleasing and look very nice

If you follow these few steps, you should be on your way to hitting the first page of Google searches in no time!


Well the main way to make money from Hubpages is to try and increase your traffic. This is done my letting people know about your hub, and making a great hub to begin. Posting 1 hub that is extremely well thought out and well written is much better than posting 50 hubs that were simply thrown together and posted in a couple hours. The more time you take editing, rewording, researching, and changing phrases to more profitable ones, the better the Hub will perform, and the more Traffic you will receive which will increase your Clicks and your earnings.
If you have any questions, please feel free to comment!


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    • mbyL profile image

      Slaven Cvijetic 

      7 years ago from Switzerland, Zurich

      I didn't know twitter can be this useful. I certainly learned some methods and will remember that hub to come back. Shared Vote up and Useful!

    • lorddraven2000 profile image

      Sam Little 

      8 years ago from Wheelwright KY

      Great stuff. I really learned a good deal.

    • xrocker30 profile image


      8 years ago

      Great Hub! I like the twitter idea.

    • Art West profile image

      Art West 

      8 years ago from Indiana

      Nice hub. Thanks fir the information.

    • nadp profile image


      9 years ago from WEST PALM BEACH, FLORIDA

      This has been really helpful. There is so much good information here - I will bookmark it so I can come back to reference some of these pointers again. Thanks!

    • profile image

      Bryan Eaddy 

      9 years ago

      Very informative hub, Thanks!

    • ElGringoSalsero profile image


      9 years ago from Palm City, Florida

      Real straight talk! Thanks for the refreshing, well-written article.

    • profile image

      RS Junkie 

      9 years ago

      It's the first page, 4th or 5th that appears if you search "Runescape Hunter"

    • profile image

      RS Junkie 

      9 years ago

      Yea they appear on Google. If you search Runescape Hunter on google you can find mine within the first 3 pages. All of mine show up on google somewhere it just depends on which page. My highest one is the Hunter one, so search for that and you should see it.

    • Eddy2106 profile image


      9 years ago from Chicago Suburb, IL

      another question how do you activate your website on to google? i put the url and the code at the bottom but i need to activate it by putting some code into my website how do i do that.

    • Eddy2106 profile image


      9 years ago from Chicago Suburb, IL

      so when i make a hub page will it appear on google when someone searchs about my topic (modern warfare 2), and if so which of your hubs are found on google?

    • Lea's Life profile image

      Lea's Life 

      9 years ago

      Thank you for the great inside pointers. I am only two days old on hub pages and have much to learn! I really thought I had just stumbled on a site that was an outlet for my writing and then began seeing more and more about making money as well.

    • profile image


      9 years ago

      Thanks for a very well thought out article.

    • profile image

      Dominique Teng 

      9 years ago

      Thank you for this amazing article! I am new to Hubpages and am trying to figure it all out. The most important thing to me is to share the knowledge and make my stuff popular. I twit and share my articles on my Blog and on Facebook. I have a story with Google that did not end well. I had a website, made some money, but wasn't paid at all... I skip the adsense this time.



    • gonnawantseconds profile image


      9 years ago

      I am super new to hubpages and I really appreciate the great advice you gave here!

    • wolfpack5 profile image


      9 years ago from Alberta Canada

      Very nice hub great info

    • profile image


      9 years ago from A very special place

      This was pretty helpful, thanks a lot. By the way, though, you put "well" at the beginning of every paragraph...avoid bad writing habits :)


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