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How to Make Real Money on Hubpages. Using the Internet for Extra Online Income

Updated on March 27, 2015

Does it cost anything? What's the "Catch"?

There are WAY too many scams out there. This is legit. It doesn't cost ANYTHING..EVER! No catch either. It works by the sight (HubPages ad program) and Google placing ads within your article. You make money through the ad program and Google Adsense. You can also customize eBay and Amazon links into your article, or "Hub". Depending on how many articles you write, and the quality and interest of the articles. It DOES take time. As the search engines crawl the internet it somehow determines the value of your articles and either lowers it in the search results, or raises it. You can Sign up HERE.

Current Earnings
Current Earnings

Is it Possible?

I can say that it certainly is. I will be posting some screen shots of some of my stats throughout the article. I will start by saying that I am currently making around $25.00 per day through the Hubpages ad program with only 33 Hubs. Many of those hubs are not featured, so in reality I am making this money relying on only about 20 Hubs.

I can't count the number of times that I have read posts that claim it is a waste of time or for example, "I have 400 hubs and only making pennies per day!". I can tell you that the AMOUNT of hubs are not the key to success here, so lets talk about what is...

Content, Content, Content

Most of my Hubs are informational Hubs on Do-it-yourself swimming pool care and maintenance. I have both the experience and knowledge to write very useful hubs on this particular subject. So why does this make a difference? I understand not everybody can write about pool care. For example, I am not much of a gardener, so I won't write about that subject.

Let's look at eBay for a minute. Why did they become so huge? Simply because the average consumer figured out that they could save money. People want to save money and so now many people turn to the internet for this reason. In my case, I would charge anywhere from $200.00 to $800.00 to clean up someones green pool. If equipped with the right knowledge, a consumer with a green pool could do this themselves for less than $100.00. You see what I am getting at here? My articles are valuable to the average consumer.

So What Content Should I Write About?

From what I have seen over the last 4 years on Hubpages, or on many other blogging sites as well as search engines, it seems that webpages and articles that are designed to save people money are by far the most popular and the most searched or sought after. Do you have some knowledge of a particular trade? (Electrician, auto mechanic, concrete, painting, flooring, gardening, child care, etc...) Just a few small examples. Are you an expert on social media? Do you know some things you can do with Facebook that most people don't? Are you an expert on MS Office or any other kind of program? Are you in the medical field? How about the stock market (something I know nothing about and search for often so I can learn). You need to think..."What are people searching for?" Not everybody is searching for a certain poem or short story. I actually once saw an article on hubpages titled "How to open a door", no offense to the author but really?

For those of you who write just for the love of writing without any expectations, I admire you to the fullest. That is the truth. To be honest, if there was no money to be made on here, I probably wouldn't have a single article. That's just me though.

Daily Traffic
Daily Traffic

Titles and Search Engine Optimization

Your title is very important. The way it is worded makes a huge difference in your rank on search engines. If you look at some of the titles of my Hubs you might notice some may seem a bit garbled. There is a reason for this. Hubpages used to have the "Title Tuner" If they still do, I can't find it. I now use Google analytics. You need to know what keywords have been used to land on your sight and include as many of those keywords as possible in your title without making it sound too ridicules. Even though Google and other search engines will highlight some keywords in your article during a search result, the title is the MOST important keyword search within the outcome of search results. When I published my first Hub a few years ago, I would type in the entire name of the hub and try to find it on Google. When I finally saw it (about 30 pages into the search) I was excited just to see it. Then I would type in the entire article name and add "hubpages". Then it was only like 5 pages in.

Many of my hubs now are first page on Google with very general keyword searches such as "green pool" or "high stabilizer" or "set pool timer" and "Why is my pool green" gets me on first page of Google. I am above wiki how, yahoo answers, and most all other pool related sites. I no longer need to include the name of my hub or type in "how to...." in order for it to show up on page one of Google. Go ahead! Search for "green pool"

Google values high traffic web pages. Keep in mind that my articles are very seasonal as they are mostly about swimming pool care. I do not get this kind of traffic during the cold season, but I'll bet an auto mechanic or an electrician or any "do-it-yourself" hubber does well year round. But as I said, It doesn't HAVE to be a trade like this, as long as it is something very valuable to MANY average consumers.

Click HERE to sign up!

I searched for "My Pool is Green" You can see I am the second article on the first page of Google. Go ahead...try it!
I searched for "My Pool is Green" You can see I am the second article on the first page of Google. Go ahead...try it!

Get the Word out. Social Media and Back Linking

Use everything you have in your arsenal as far as social media goes. Post links to your hubs everywhere.. Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, wherever. Place links to your other hubs on all of your hubs. Be careful though not to place TOO many backlinks as it may start to seem "spammy" Search engine crawlers also recognize this, so use backlinks in moderation. In my hubs you will notice that on all of them there are links to my other pages “You may also be interested in…” As you can see on the photo to the right most of my traffic that morning was coming from direct Google searches, but only 7 from Pinterest. Well, I am not a social media expert and don't have a lot of "friends" on social media. But what I DO know is that I wouldn't have ANY traffic from Pinterest if I hadn't joined. Some of you will probably do way better than I can using social media to attract traffic.

It Takes Time!

Last year my traffic was not nearly what it is this year, and the year before last wasn’t as good as last year and so on. It's taken nearly 4 years to get to this point. Ironically, the very first hub I published is the one that gets the most traffic. Keep in mind if you're somewhat new (less than a year) Don't get discouraged. Sometimes Googles "Panda" updates can throw us off. Lucky for me, this year Google has found value in my hubs, and the update actually skyrocketed my traffic.

Find your niche. Write about what you know about and are passionate about. Again, I think service type of hubs are going to bring more income, but if you are a poet, then be the best and make sure you are the best. Search for poetry, what is coming up first? How was it titled? Why is it coming up first on search engines? Use search engine optimization techniques to get your article higher on the web ranking. I have seen many awesome articles on Hubpages about SEO (Search engine optimization) Take advantage of some of the talented writers on here. If it wasn't for the HP community, I would never have had the opportunity to write this article.

SIGN UP FOR HUBPAGES NOW! It's Free, Never a cost to write and publish articles!


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