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How to Not Get Scammed over the Internet

Updated on September 2, 2011
do NOT fall for scams!
do NOT fall for scams!

It is out of the question how internet has changed the lives of a massive number of people in this world. However, while the internet may change people’s lives positively, it may also change their lives negatively. Sure there are endless opportunities on the internet that may help people get rich. Nonetheless, on the other hand, there are endless scams as well that often cause people to go bankrupt or broke. This is why it is of utmost importance to know how to avoid scams since scams often turn out very attractive.

Fact of the Internet

It is true that the internet holds endless legitimate opportunities to help people earn money. In fact, the amount of money people can earn over the internet is often unpredictable. All they know is that they end up getting rich.

Some Legitimate Opportunities

Some examples of legitimate opportunities include writing, online tutoring, online desk support and a lot more. Let’s look deeper at one of those examples, such as writing, to start with. By writing articles, blogs and product descriptions among other things, people can earn quite a considerable amount of money each month. Better yet, if they are hardworking enough, they can work for more than one service buyer. That way, they can earn money from multiple ends when payday comes. As a result, making ends meet shouldn’t be a problem at all. However, this is only possible once the writers have found a reliable partner.

However, even though writing online is a legitimate job, it is necessary to be careful. There are some service buyers out there that simply aren’t willing to pay for the work delivered to them. As a matter of fact, a writer may lose hundreds to thousands of dollars if they happen to work for such a service buyer. Fortunately, there are things writers can do to avoid this situation.

What’s the Catch?

To start it off, if a writer encounters a prospective service buyer, the writer will have to pay detailed attention to the terms and conditions proposed by the buyer. Some buyers always mention that they will not pay until the total project has been completed. The rule of thumbs here is to turn away from such a buyer right away due to a huge scam possibility.

At times, this kind of service buyers – who are scammers as well – will offer writers higher rates compared to the average rates available. Nevertheless, a writer shouldn’t be tempted at all by these high rates.

Safer Options

Yet, if a writer is too afraid to take the risk of working for other people via the internet, he can build his own blog or website instead. To earn money by means of his blog or website, the writer can take advantage of advertisements. Google AdSense program is one very ideal choice in this case. Or, the writer can try affiliating with Amazon in marketing the products sold by Amazon.

Other Chances of Scams

Of course, writing is not the only chance people may get scammed over the internet. There are various offers for earning money that people often encounter while they are surfing the internet. Unfortunately, most – if not all – of these offers are too good to be true. Well, that’s one typical factor regarding scams. They are often too good to be true.

Another occasion when people should be wary of scams is when they want to buy stuffs via the internet. If a seller demands a prospective buyer to send him the payment prior to the delivery of the stuff itself, the buyer should be very careful, especially if the buyer doesn’t support PayPal. PayPal is a safe means of payment and it protects buyers should the sellers turn out to be scammers. Therefore, it is recommended that people shop online only if the sellers support PayPal.


By complying with everything mentioned earlier, hopefully people won’t have to suffer from losses due to scams anymore. After all, scams may cost people an arm and a leg. So, hopefully, by complying with those things mentioned earlier, people will be able to save their money and know when the legitimate opportunities come that may help them become rich.


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