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How to Use Links to Drive Thousands of Visitors to Your Site Everyday

Updated on August 24, 2013

If you want to drive the traffic to your website and make the most of your blogging or online writing business, you must be able to understand the role link building plays in driving traffic to your website. Basically, link building allows the search engines to easily find your website or article when a user searches a keyword in the search engines, driving traffic to your website.

The more links you have coming to your website (incoming link) and the more links you have going from your website to another website (outgoing link) , the more likely you will get a better ranking in the search engine results. A better page ranking means an increased traffic which will increase your Google Adsense earnings.

However, linking for the sake of just linking to drive traffic to your website to increase your page rank will not get you far. The mere presence of incoming and outgoing links alone does not guarantee increased traffic or even a good page ranking in the search engines. In fact, having the wrong kind of outgoing link can get your site in trouble with the search engines; it will drive traffic away from your website and result in a lowered page ranking.

Why is this so?

  • When you link to a website you are basically giving that site your seal of approval. You are saying to the search engines that you believe that this website has great content, is versed on the specified topic and is one with which you are proud to associate. So, if the website you link to is deemed sub par by the search engines, and you link to it just simply to create links, you have just destroyed the credibility of your website. The search engines will penalize you for that terrible association and group your website with low quality content; your traffic will be decreased.
  • On the other hand, the search engines will not penalize websites that have sub par sites linking to them as websites have no control over who links to them. While reviewing the web pages, the search engines will instead use several different criteria to judge page rank and you will receive traffic to your website based on these criteria, not poor links.

With everything in life, quality is always better than quantity. And it is no different on the web. Traffic to your website is dependent on the web pages you to which you link. Therefore, do not link to sub par sites that will decrease your traffic. Note sub par websites are sites with low quality content, bad links; they are not developing websites.

Things to avoid when linking

You should never link to a site that has no relevance to the page from which the link was derived. That is, if you have a page that is essentially about the health benefits of tomatoes, do not link to a web page about filing your tax returns, trying to fool the search engines! It will not work.

  • Also, do not link to other websites you may own unless the content is relevant to the link. Having three different websites and linking to them without relevancy will get all three sites blacklisted by the search engines.
  • Always keep the reader in mind when creating links. Outgoing links are supposed to enhance the readers’ appreciation for your site, as one that not only has great content and but also one that refers great content through its outgoing links.
  • You should avoid having one too many links on a given web page. Too many links send a signal to the search engines that you do not have too much content to offer your visitors and will make you look like a spammer. Besides, you do not want to create too many avenues from which your visitors can leave your site, especially if your site is commercial.
  • Do not try to cheat the search engines by creating hidden links that are the same color as the background. The search engines will ban your site for this behavior.

Should I link to a site that does not return the favor?

  • The answer to this question is yes, provided that the site is relevant to your readers and is also credible. Linking to a relevant, credible site without it linking back does help to get your website optimized by the search engines. By creating great content over time and building a reputation, that reputable site may very well add you in the end. Remember, the more established site also fear the association with lesser known sites. However, if you create great content for your new site, an established site may very well link to you right out the gate. So, remember the essential role great content plays in driving traffic to your site.

Should I use a link exchanging program?

There are many reputable link exchanges and link building sites you may join that helps to increase traffic to your website. You can check out these articles on the best link building sites that can guide you on what exchange programs you can join to increase your web traffic through link building:

How can I create free links?

You can submit your article/web pages to:

  • Article Directories
  • Search Engines
  • Relevant Forums
  • Theme-based Hubs
  • Social Bookmarking Sites
  • Social Marketing Sites

Using link building to drive traffic to your site is easy if you understand how the system works. In time, and with hard work and effort, you will see your web traffic start to increase with the responsible links you have created or exchanged.


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    • Victoria Lynn profile image

      Victoria Lynn 6 years ago from Arkansas, USA

      That makes sense! I can see the importance now. However, I'm with linsm76 in that I would like to know HOW to do the linking. Do you have a hub on that? Or perhaps a link (haha) to another hub on that? Thanks for the info. That does help!

    • profile image

      linsm76 7 years ago

      I wish you explained more about linking, but I did learn something worthile to help me.


    • IvoryMelodies profile image

      IvoryMelodies 7 years ago

      This has made more sense to me than anything else I've read so far. I'll be working on this. Thanks!