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How to Use Quiz Module to Write a Better Hub?

Updated on March 14, 2013

Sometimes, you write an hub and feel confused to answer yourself this question: "are my hub detailed enough?"

It happen sometimes when you publish many hubs or articles and do not have time to make a summary of them all before writing. You have a good tool in hub tool that may help you a lot, it is called quiz.

A quiz is a kind of exam where you answer questions to earn points or to prove that you got it right. For Huber, it have two crucial importance. It will be a great way to make your article interactive but also it is a way to make a quick summary of your hub content.

Quiz as an interactive tool

It is more comfortable for tutorial and how to article or articles where you want to teach something to your readers. They may choose to pass the quiz, depending on the score, they will notice if they catch your point or if they might read your articles again. User side, Quiz allow you to get more attention. Some readers will take the quiz for fun but at least they will remark a bad score, they would want to clear the point and take your article seriously.

It increase the time on site which will increase your article ranking on searches engine.


Quiz as a summary tool for huber

As a tools for writing an high quality article, quiz is better than as interactive tool. You will create the quiz and write the article to explain all the questions you asked so readers must be able to answer. You will have a list of things to explain and each time you feel that a point is not too much cleared for the user, you will make changes accordingly.

If you use it well, your article will be clear, easy to be understand, and clearly formatted as you will want to make a paragraph for each question so reader can read again if they fail in the quiz.

It is also important in video hub, as it is not separated into paragraph, you will ensure that your users watch the video completely. Also, it will help reader to get an idea about your video content.

When you write an article everyone will understand, it will help you to:

  • Gain readership as people will want to read you again
  • More comments where people can get an idea of your article content just by taking the quiz
  • time on site increased
  • traffic from your in article link to other hub as user read natural

Here is by example my quiz for writing this hub. I could remove it after if i did not want to make it public. So, you may use quiz just to get a global idea of the final result of your hub. Enjoy


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    • Randy Horizon profile image

      Randy Hirneisen 3 years ago from Philadelphia

      Informative hub, thank you. What does the get this widget button do? I put a quiz in one of my hubs and could not figure out to use the widget.